Sunday, August 19, 2018

The World - Self-Worth - Transcendence

The World card is the mythic image for both God and nature, embodied in one symbol. We see the four symbols presiding over the realms, water, fire, air and earth which await development in the reborn personality.

Lately I came into some extra money. Actually more money than I've ever had. I'm not referring to winning the lottery kind of money or a big inheritance. But simply talking about reaching the age of 65 years which has resulted in modest pensions and then finally managing to sell some of my land.

This has got me thinking today about economic insecurity. There exists 12 Promises in Alcoholics Anonymous. All of these promises with the exception of one, have all been fulfilled in my life. The one that seemed to elude me, was this promise.

Promise 10
Fear of people and of economic insecurity will leave us.

I'll tell you I'm not afraid of people so much any more, especially authority figures and bill collectors and my fear of economic insecurity thankfully has definitely subsided. Being able to effectively pay my bills, no longer having to rob Peter to pay Paul, and now actually be able to put money aside into modest savings, let me tell you it's a huge stress relief. 
That said, when reflecting on where fear of economic and financial insecurity originates from, I've learned that it isn't a net worth problem, but a self-worth problem. Understanding this is life changing. I've now begun to free myself from my fear of economic insecurity.

Believing that we're not enough translates into believing that you don't or won't have enough in this world. We are all programed by our parents program of insecurity, that's learned in our early childhood, regardless if we can recall this or not.

Worldly success, freedom and wholeness is attained through spiritual rebirth, not through an accumulation of money, things, fame or an unrealistic image. Although we'll never reach the ideal, found in the last Major Arcana card, The World, as we're imperfect as human beings.

We may glimpse this state when there is inner healing, which provides a resolution of inner peace through the journey of discovery, restoring belief in living awareness of the True Self.

Friday, August 17, 2018


There's a cosmic, astrological, and terrestrial event that began August 14th  to follow through the remaining days of August, where Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are all going to be in alignment. These planets are pertinent to The Mythic Tarot, in that each planet is associated with a Major Arcana card in the deck.

This is a good time to get our lives in alignment, and here is my interpretation. It strengthens my faith giving me a deep sense of affirming clarity. I hope you will find meaning strength in this interpretation. 

Venus rules the Roman goddess of love and is symbolic of The Empress, the Great Mother, who is beautiful and bountiful suggesting luxury and abundance. We are reminded without this Great Mother within us, we can bring nothing to fruition.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion represents the Wheel of Fortune, meaning fortune, power, movement, sudden change and reminding us of the cyclical nature of life. Jupiter also connected with the Hierophant, the Higher mind, philosophy, and the wise teacher, that reflects an individual vision of the spirit.

Saturn the planet of time, age, decay, death, finance and also represents the goddess of fertility, Aphrodite. The Devil is the Major Arcana card associated with Capricorn, the goat, representing emotional, spiritual and physical bondage. Saturn serves as a model of discipline structure and commitment. It reminds us to work hard and reap the rewards, and to know we can be released from bondage and know freedom through love.

Mars the Roman god of war rules the Major Arcana card, The Tower, which signifies radical transformation.

Here's the down low, from the Old Farmer's Almanac about the alignment of the planets, using the moon as your guide, so you can witness this rainbow of of planets and brilliant stars.

  • Starting with Venus in the southwestern sky, go left and a bit higher and you’ll see the blue star Spica. 
  • Continue left and slightly upward to the brilliant white Jupiter, the highest point of the rainbow. (It’s not quite as bright as Venus.)
  • Go farther left and a bit lower from Jupiter to the bright orange Antares. 
  • Continue left and the next bright star is the colorless Saturn, which is actually a bit higher than Antares, spoiling the perfect rainbow arc. (Saturn is dimmer than the other three planets. Antares twinkles, while Saturn shines with a steadier golden light.)
  • Now continue left and lower from Saturn to finish up with the very brilliant orange Mars, near the horizon in the southeastern sky, shining brighter than Jupiter.
If you counted six “stars,” you’ve succeeded, with four of them being planets, and three (Venus, Jupiter, and Mars) being super-bright. They’re each separated by roughly the same distance from each other. The only challenge is finding a site with an open, unobstructed view halfway around the sky from the southwest through to the southeast.

Follow the Moon as a Guide

From August 14 to August 23, the Moon passes all four planets in the evening sky, one after the other, following the same path!
  • From August 14 to 16, the Moon passes Venus and moves toward Jupiter. 
  • On August 17, the bright object nearest the Moon is Jupiter.
  • The First Quarter Moon falls in the early morning hours of August 18.
  • Around August 18/19, the waxing Moon passes red super giant star Antares.
  • From August 20 to 22 look for the Moon to come very very close to planet Saturn.
  • Finally, on August 23, 2018, the Moon is right next to brilliant red planet Mars. The two pair up all night from dusk to dawn.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Ace of Wands - Pursuit of a Creative Vision

The Ace of Wands is a hope filled, powerful card that hearkens raw creative energy, a force of nature, signifying that there's an adventure to embark upon, in pursuit of a creative vision.

Drawing this card today strengthens, is life affirming, and it's message I need to hear right now. The Ace of Wands instills in me confidence, knowing that concrete limitations can always be challenged and overcome. It's message is a simple, but a powerful one.

"Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light. I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night."
                                                        - Sarah Williams

Friday, July 13, 2018

Queen of Cups - Intuition

The Queen is an influential, calm, stable, intuitive and compassionate figure. I love the description of this card in the hand book from the Mary Hanson-Roberts tarot deck."This queen drinks deeply from the cup of life."

This is one of my very favouite cards and for me I consider it to be an example of how I intend to live my life. For some, following one's intuition rather that their intellect as this queen represents, can be a daunting and frightening way of living, as there seems to be a lack of control and most people want to feel in control of their lives. We can have a modicum of control of our lives, in that we choose and control our own behaviours, no one else's.

I see letting go of control, as being a good thing, when it comes to life generally, because we can't control most things that happen in our lives. This has everything to do with acceptance, and living life on life terms and understanding the one constant in life is change, and we have to learn how to adapt to change.

            " Intuition is the treasure of a woman's psyche."

                                                        - Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Vasalisa The Wise - Egg Tempera - Catherine Meyers

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Seven of Wands - Faith in the Unknown Mysteries

The Seven of Wands is a card of struggle, a card of competition, perseverance and faith. Ok, so there are so many things in life we don't understand, and these can cause us to be fearful if we don't have the right kind of attitude. Faith has been an absolute essential in my life and this in turn has helped me to persevere.

 I'll be honest with you, if I came across this humdinger of a critter in the ocean I'd probably swim for the hills. But I'd also have to ask myself, how can a fish possibly be wearing lipstick? And I might well think I've completely lost the plot. I don't think I'd persevere and go back for a second look.

 This unbelievable creature is not a photo shop creation. It actually exists in the ocean, called the Red Lipped Bat Fish.

Red Lipped Bat Fish

I love this little dude, the Leafy Sea Dragon.

Leafy Sea  Dragon

Today on the radio I learned about what's called the Twilight Zone  , a place that exists in the depths of the ocean, so dark and deep, where no one has gone, until a special pressurized chamber was invented to bring these kind of incredible creatures, safely to the surface for scientists to study and then return to the ocean depths.

Often what human beings don't understand we are fearful of, we can sometimes be jealous, or simply not care less about what we don't understand for what ever reason.
But the mysteries we don't understand can hold so many answers to questions surrounding life itself, and can keep us from hubris, which usually gets us into trouble.

Human beings are not greater than nature, we are all part of nature. We don't need to lord it over nature with power and control.
It's a precarious and delicate balance between humanity, the environment and the metaphysical relationship that exists, needs to be paid attention to and we need not be in opposition with nature, if we are to survive and thrive into the future and the seven generations to come.

Many years ago I got my SCUBA certification. Diving in scuba gear in the ocean left me with such a feeling of awe that never left me. I became acutely aware of a world and ecosystem that I never knew existed. It opened my mind, my heart, and gave me a new appreciation and vision of the ocean, where I live, and my place in the world.

In this world, in this century, it's more important than ever to have faith in the mysteries of life. It's what gives us hope least we live and die without purpose.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Three Of Pentacles - The Strawberry Moon

The Three of Pentacles, a celebratory card is a well suited draw today with this first Full Strawberry Moon in June of Summer.

Though I'm not one to celebrate Canada Day, I'm grateful to be Canadian, and I'm sure there will be many celebrations on this long weekend ahead.

Every where there have been graduation celebrations, proms and the end of the school year, which for some, is a bitter sweet time, seeing our children spreading their wings, flying the nest, when we just wish they'd slow down..

When the Strawberry Moon arrives, we can look forward to enjoying fresh sweet strawberries as this is where the Strawberry Moon gets it's name. Sometimes called the Hay Moon for the first harvest of hay or referred to as the Rose Moon when the first bloom of roses arrive.

I didn't grow strawberries this year, but first thing this morning I motored to town in my new to me motor car, and purchased a hanging strawberry plant and some other garden delights to adorn my flower garden out in my front door yard.

June is a month of Birthdays and tomorrow I will help celebrate two of my dearest friends Birthdays.

The Strawberry Moon is a time when Indigenous woman spiritually cleanse themselves. It's a great time to get our lives uncluttered.

It's a time to celebrate who we are, reflect on our dreams, happiness and success. So go ahead, celebrate Summer and allow yourself the harvest of those sweet strawberries and reap the rewards of your hard work. There is much to be grateful for and more work ahead to come.

Friday, June 15, 2018

The Love of Venus the Evening Star Apparition

The Roman goddess of Love rules the Major Arcana card,The Empress,  representing The Great Mother.

In the night sky, if you look up you'll find the Evening Star Apparition at it's best in years, Venus, which hovers near the crescent Moon in the beautiful twilight. It will be easily seen tonight and tomorrow, as the sun sets and will continually get brighter into the late Summer and into September.

Venus the goddess of Love being in Gemini, my Sun Sign, gives me a deep sense of affirmation and connection to all the elements and especially with the earth.

The Empress, the great goddess Demeter, the Earth Mother ruler of all nature is the protectress of young defenseless creatures. Adorned in her necklace, symbolizing the twelve signs of the Zodiac, she embodies the Great Mother. Without her within us, we can bring nothing to fruition. Hers is the wisdom of nature, which understands that all things move in cycles and ripen at the appropriate time.

All the sun long it was running, it was lovely, the hay
Fields high as the house, the tunes from the chimneys, it was air
And playing, lovely and watery
And fire green as grass. And nightly under the simple stars
As I rode to sleep the owls were bearing the farm away,
All the moon long I heard, blessed among stables, the nightjars
Flying with the ricks, and the horses
Flashing into the dark

–Dylan Thomas (1914–53)

Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Hierophant - Humility, Humanity, Humour

The images of the Tarot deck often depict figures that are half human, and half creature or have both a earthly and a divine nature. This I think is a good reminder of our human state. We are all deeply connected,  are no less, or no better than any other living beings on earth. We have a delicate relationship with nature and are all part of the animal and natural world.

The Hierophant is kind of a funny looking fellow being half horse and half human. If he actually existed people would either run the other way or there would probably be a lot of laughing going on. This spiritual representation of the Centaur with his beard and long hair, suggests the mature face of a priest and a wise teacher. This is Chiron embodied in this Major Arcana card. He is an inner spiritual teacher, an immortal educated by Apollo the sun-god and Artemis the moon-goddess. Chiron affirms the nature of the laws by which we must live in order to be in the right relationship with the divine.

Reflecting on the Hierophant, I'm reminded to use three important tools in life that help me to accept and understand my imperfection. The first one being humility, second to be mindful and appreciative of being a part of humanity, and lastly to avoid taking myself too seriously by maintaining my sense of humour.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Eight of Cups - Happy May Day

Poor Psyche has her work cut out for her and what lies ahead doesn't appear to give her much hope. She's been given the task of  making the descent into the underworld and acquiring Aphrodite's beauty cream. Now that's a hard job and the pay sucks!

In the late 19th century the first of May (May Day) was chosen as the date for International Workers' Day. It's also an ancient northern hemisphere, traditional spring festival and holiday in many cultures, celebrating fertility with dancing, singing and cake.  

The mythological goddess of flowers was Flora. She played an important role in this celebration, and was representing the most beautiful, delicate and fragrant wild Mayflower.

I'm reminded that we all have our work and tasks to perform, whether we like it or not. It's all part of being a responsible and something we have to accept. But this doesn't mean we have accept enslavement or being a prisoner to our work whatever it may be, especially when it becomes drudgery and making us unhappy.

Thankfully things change and we can change, either our work and/or our attitude. There is a time to work and a time to play. Spring calls for us to shake off the Winter blues and to celebrate Spring and the coming Summer. 

This is what happens to Psyche she comes to a point of acceptance, she lets go and shakes things off. It's only when she does this, that things begin to improve and she can once again celebrate,sing and sing around the May Pole. And don't forget the cake!

Primavera by Botticelli - Flora

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Queen of Wands - Everything Is Going to Turn Out Right

In reality there is no superwoman alive, in spite of the ancient image of the 'superwoman' being embodied in the Queen of Wands.

However humans can gain and actualize the kind of exuberance, vibrancy, loyalty of heart and strength of the creative imagination and vision that sustains the goals our hearts choose. The Queen of Wand's faith and loyalty comes from a deep intuitive conviction that in the end everything will turn out right.

If we have a stability and are self-contained we develop a self-confidence that can be influential.

Drawing the Queen of Wands today is a very welcome card and a great affirmation for me.

Yesterday I was really struggling to see my way through the burden of feeling of isolated because I've been without the funds to buy a vehicle. I can't remember the last time I actually had a car.

 I turned it all over and embraced my feelings of sadness, I relayed this to the Universe as I dug in deep to find the source of my feelings. I wrote in my journal.

 "I'm burnt out  due to never having enough money, being without a vehicle,  feeling isolated and out of touch with others, having to always rely on someone else to get me around and worrying over my bills." 

 Two good friends, a young couple I'd worked for, minding their two sweet children. During Christmas they'd lent me a second used car they'd purchased in the past from a mutual friend before Christmas. They said as soon as they had the use of a company car they would sell me this vehicle for a reasonable amount. I was thrilled as I'd driven the car before and I loved it. However things didn't transpire for reasons beyond their control. I just let it go and hoped that things would somehow work out for the better..

Yesterday, just after I'd written all of my feelings down in my journal, embraced them and let them go, I received the most unexpected news from the same couple. They asked if I still needed a car. I said ah...yes. They informed me they were moving to another province and offered me the same car! They weren't lending me the car, but giving it to me!!! Wow!!! I was completely bowled over, gob smacked, out of my mind with excitement and mostly so very grateful for their kindness and compassion!

I know it's not easy to believe and have faith that everything will turn out right, and some times if feels near impossible, but if we do, I believe some how, in some way everything is going to turn out right.

Everything's Going to Turn Out Right by The Isaacs

Don't make no difference what the doctor said
Anything is possible
You're talking bout the man who opened blinded eyes
And even raised the dead
So don't listen to the world tell you hope is gone
Press on, brother, sister
Keep pressing on
Listen to me now

Everything's gonna turn out right
Said he'd never leave you in the dead of night
So fix your eyes on the light of the sun
Don't look back. Walk on.
You can't see where you're going when you hang your head
Got to have a little faith in what the good book said
Everything's gonna work out
Everything's gonna turn out right
You'll see

It don't make no difference what the banker said
Don't worry about tomorrow
You'll never see the righteous forsaken
Or His seed out begging for bread
Just do you best to live the way you should
And he'll take your circumstances
And he'll work them for your good
Everything's gonna turn out right
Said he'd never leave you in the dead of night
So fix your eyes on the light of the sun
Don't look back. Walk on.
You can't see where you're going when you hang your head
Got to have a little faith in what the good book said
Everything's gonna work out
Everything's gonna turn out right
You'll see

He said He'd be near the brokenhearted
He's touched by all our suffering
It doesn't matter what you have to face
He's already covered it with His grace
And His strength is made perfect in me
When I am Me, Me
Everything's gonna turn out right
Said he'd never leave you in the dead of night
So fix your eyes on the light of the sun
Don't look back. Walk on
You can't see where you're going when you hang your head
Got to have a little faith in what the good book said
Everything's gonna work out
Everything's gonna turn out right
You'll see.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Virgins, Unicorns and Fortune Tellers

Gary Larson - Cartoonist

No, I'm not a virgin, not a unicorn, and not a fortune teller!

The point I'm making is, I don't want to represent myself as being something I'm not. The reason this is so important to me being a Tarot reader, is because there is so much misunderstanding and misrepresentation of Tarot and just what it means. I feel very strongly that I have a clear responsibility to those who might be considering having a reading done, clearly understanding what Tarot is, and what it is not. What Tarot IS NOT is fortune telling or being a fortune teller. I loathe this description of Tarot reading and readers. And whenever I hear some refer to Tarot in this way I quickly clarify it for them.

I've also had people relay their own personal experiences with these so called fortune tellers who told them some very negative, disturbing and destructive information. First and foremost the priority of a reader should be to do no harm. So when I hear of people being warned about impending future happenings and the like, I know they've not only been duped and harmed, but need to be told this isn't what Tarot is about.

Discernment is absolutely paramount when deciding to have a reading and you need to feel that you can have confidence in a trustworthy reader. Would you trust any old mechanic to fix your car? I think not. You ask around for an opinion.

So it's important that you do your home work and some investigative research. Find out what other people's experience has been with a Tarot reader, if you can. Do a little home work yourself about Tarot. There are some reputable online experts on the subject. Trust your intuition.

The Way Tarot Works

“ The way Tarot ' works ' in a predictive sense is as a kind of mirror of the psyche. The archetypal nature of the images strikes hidden, unconscious chords in the card reader, and reflects unknown knowledge or insight in relation to the client's situation-thus apparently revealing things which could not possibly, in any rational way, be discoverable. This is why ' clairvoyant ' or psychic ' powers are not a prerequisite for a sensitive reader, but rather, an awareness of the archetypal patterns or currents at work in life reflected by the images on the cards.

Tarot can reveal exactly where you are right now, how you got there and where to best focus your energy. We'll explore opportunities for clearing obstacles on your path by focusing on and activating your natural abilities and capacities. "

The Mythic Tarot is based on archetypes. Carl Jung defines an archetype as being, " An inherited pattern of thought or symbolic imagery defined from the past collective experience" (i.e. Artist, Visionary, Goddess, Healer, Lover, Mentor, Rebel and Warrior)

These archetypes reflect a narrative story and mystery that informs our world and nourishes the soul, something that all human beings long for, and gives meaning to our lives.

The Celtic Cross layout is what I use for my readings. It's one the oldest, most popular and effective spreads, covering up to a six month period of time for the questioner. It can be used to answer specific questions or for general advice about the querent's current life path.

There are many things I love about Tarot and being a reader. But mostly it's being able to work with people and experiencing the reward I feel after having the privilege of doing a reading for someone who is genuinely grateful for having gained more insight and clarity into their particular situation and life journey.  

And if you’re so inclined, I invite you to get yourself a reading.

B. "Hap" Kliban - Cartoonist

Friday, April 13, 2018

Ace of Pentacles - Motivation

Have you ever felt like you're so unmotivated you can't get out of your own way? I think we can all feel this way at some point, for a myriad of reasons, and we all have to find ways to deal with it, hopefully in a positive way.

As a soon to be 65 year old Crone and happy to be one, I've learned a lot about motivation. This isn't as a result of being wise. It's simply because of experience, and learning a number of hard lessons along my path and finding the balance between being overdoing it like an workaholic and trying not to be a sloth. I must say I do love sloths, they're just so darn cute.

I'm an admitted coffee addict. I probably drink too much of it, but it helps me get my mojo workin' first thing in the morning. I'm so grateful at this point in life that I have the luxury of not having to face the work world every day with long hours of highway driving to get there like I did in the past.

I can afford to spend time writing, meditating, contemplating my belly button and involving myself in the creative process everyday while drinking copious cups of coffee.  But all this takes energy, and action and so I have to find ways to keep motivated, especially when I just don't feel like doing what I need to do to live a healthy, creative life.

Sometimes when I don't feel like exercising I fight with myself. Then I simply have to ignore that negative Debbie Downer part of my personality, kick her to the curb and just do it any way. This is probably one of the biggest struggles I have these days, but it's getting better and maybe just a little easier.

Debbie Downer - Rachel Dratch - SNL

So when I draw the Ace of Pentacles that embodies raw energy that all Aces represent and the earth shaking force of nature that the god of Poseidon embodies in the Ace of Pentacles, it's a motivating card to draw for the day and I'm happy that I picked it from my deck.

Ultimately, coffee and sitting around waiting for motivation just ain't gonna cut it. I just have get to it and at it, and that's when the motivation happens and where it comes from.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Page of Swords - Curiousity and Energy

Curiousity paired with energy, represented in the Page of Swords, is a great combination when used for good, and is a powerful force for change in this world.

The mythic figure of Zephyrus, the youthful ruler of the West Wind and brother to Boreas ruler of the North Wind, embodies the primitive beginnings of the element of air. Independent mental activity and the formulation of ideas come together at the forefront.

At it's very core of creativity, exists curiousity, from which energy is generated and actualizes change. Curiousity fuels our passion for learning and cultivates creativity. For me it's the very best way to live, as it enables us to share our own personal stories. This is when we encounter empathy, and understanding can then be imparted to one another, making for a better world.

This Easter season, I pray that there will be a renewal of the human spirit through curiousity, energy and creativity.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Eight of Swords - Bondage Through Fear - Freedom Through Change

Ever find yourself in a scenario where you feel like you're suddenly in a kind of paralyzing emotional pickle? For instance someone seems hell bent on arguing and are looking for you to give them a reason to fight or attack you, or to take you emotionally hostage. When this situation presents itself, I go into a slow motion mode, because I'm kind of in shock and I never feel ready for this kind of thing, as I don't expect it and it can take me off guard. Your left feeling isolated, and trapped. But it happens to everyone more often than we realize, we aren't alone and it's possible for change. There's a way out, in spite of these feelings of being in bondage.

 I can certainly feel the temptation to defensively blat something out in retaliation, but will undoubtedly later regret. On the other hand, I need to keep my dignity in tact. I do want to respond, but in a way that defuses the situation in a positive way, to stand up for myself, calmly and clearly speaking my own truth, without infringing on an individual's right to express themselves. We all have a right to our own opinion, but I do believe this can't be at the expense of the individual we're interacting with. This is more about resentment and vengeance.

I'm certain everyone encounters these typical life situations, creating stress and fear. So I have to stop, step back, ask myself how and what is going to be my approach? This is usually my default now after many years of practicing and refining the habit, and now I feel I've finally come closer to getting it right these days. I've also learned to trust my heart, my intuition, to let go and to not force a solution.

This habit allows me to make an accurate assessment of a situation, in order to figure out what's really going on behind the scenes, or beneath the surface. I have to consider who it is, what are the antecedents that are exacerbating the circumstances. I need to take all of these into consideration before I can decide how best to respond and not simply react, before I can move forward.

Perhaps at times the best response is no response, until the dust settles, because there can be unknown factors beyond our control or beyond another person's control, such a mental health of physical health issues.

Understand I'm processing events that happened in my own life recently, and I'm still kind of working through them, and it always helps to write, because it enables me to make sense of what took place, in order to get some clarity and a clearer perspective.

Today I choose to remain hopeful and positive in my attitude. I also have to ask myself these questions. Can I change this situation? Can I accept those things I can't change? And most importantly, I ask the God of my understanding to help me to know the difference between the two. It's what's commonly known as practicing The Serenity Prayer. The Four Directions Prayer also helps me to find discernment and direction. I've found that these prayers are both preventative and practical to keep the chaos at bay, or to find that serenity in the very eye of the storm.

Drawing the Eight of Swords this morning was no coincidence, and it's just what I needed to reflect upon today. In this card we see that Orestes is frozen in the moment, he's being tormented by the Furies and fear has paralyzed him, preventing him from doing anything to resolve his dilemma. But, he needs to make a decision, even though it may appear that either choice will lead to trouble.

It's so important to come to the realization that we all have to face honestly our own part in the problem and we don't have to, nor is there any need to resign ourselves to the bondage of fear. Once we figure out and understand what it is that we want, act once and for all, then we will find the possible solution and be free from the bondage of fear.


Sunday, March 18, 2018



I've longingly dreamt of having a horse drawn Vardo Wagon to do my Tarot Readings, traveling the countryside. I'm not a world wanderer or even a traveler these days, rather I'm someone who's more of an inner world traveler now.

Realistically obtaining a Vardo is not something that's likely going to materialize. So I've come up with the next best thing. It's a Shamiana which means tent in Hindi, a very popular Indian ceremonial shelter used for outdoors parties, weddings and a variety of events. The side walls are removable with multicoloured external fabric, with exquisite textile designs. The four corners are supported with wooden poles.

Today I did a lot of on line searching and am pretty excited about getting a 12'x10' Shamiana that I've found at a very affordable price. It's second hand, but in new condition. So here's hoping I'll get it, and I'll be able to set up a Tarot reading shop in my Shamiana this Summer!

The history of Shamiana dates back to 1526 with the ancient Mughal Empire and era.

The Empress in The Red Tent
 I won't be exactly The Empress in The Red Tent but it'll be close enough for me!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

There is No Puppet Master!

I took the notion to pull cards for myself this week and do a personal reading based on the question I had for 2018. With this new moon in Pisces coming up on March 17th 2018 and Spring right round the corner it's the perfect time to do my own reading, which I liken to a personal inventory for me. It gives me a chance to take stock of my life and what direction I'm going in. I ask myself what I want and need to change or to improve upon.

Many folks choose not to do their own readings as they might feel or think that it's difficult to remain objective. I don't find this to be the case. That said I'm not frequently doing full 10 card Celtic Cross readings for myself, as this does not enable discernment, but simply creates confusion, instead of real clarity and understanding of myself and my present situation.

Drawing a daily card, I do for study reasons. This daily discipline and practice gives me the opportunity to continue to develop my relationship with each card and I can meditate on it's meaning and how it relates to my daily life. No one should have readings done constantly, as each the reading covers a period of three to six months.

Some folks can become dependent on Tarot in an unhealthy way as a result of feeling we lack control over our lives. This isn't true, we do have control over many parts of our lives. Certainly there are also many things in life that we can't control but we do have control over our behaviour and the choices we make. But the fact is there's no weird puppet master pulling our strings.

This week's reading is an affirmation and a confirmation of the last reading I did for myself in October 2017,  and I was happy and very satisfied with the outcome and what the cards in the Celtic Cross indicated today. I'm sure looking forward to the months to come. However it's very important for me to remember, to really enjoy living my life to the fullest and mindfully in the present moment and to look hopefully to the future.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Ten of Wands - Oppression, Suppression, Repression

Here we see Jason surrounded by burning wands looking very despondent. I ask myself why doesn't he just bust himself out of that inferno, how did he get in there, and who put him in that position?

The way I see it is there could be three answers to this question. 1. Someone who's taken him hostage wanting to do him harm. 2. Someone who's punishing him for something he's done or perhaps not done. 3. He's unknowingly placed himself in there.

All these answers relate to how people can be oppressedsuppressed and finally how we can suppress our thoughts and feelings so much and for so long, that our feelings reach the level of repression and we are left unaware that we've crossed that line. We're completely out of touch with our feelings and are unaware that this has happened.

It's been said many times if you don't deal with your emotions they will deal with you and come out side ways. I know through my own personal experience to be so true, as a recovering person for many years.

If we are being oppressed and feeling over burdened, we have to find a way to change this, whether we're doing this to ourselves or someone else is doing this to us. If we are constantly stuffing and suppressing our feelings, after this eventually leads to repression, which is very unhealthy and can lead to serious mental health issues.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Worm Moon and Hecate

Tonight this Worm Moon illuminates and reveals. We meet the ancient underworld goddess Hecate, ruler of the moon, magic and enchantment. She is the image of the mysterious watery depths of the unconscious. The Moon goddess augers confusion, fluctuation, and uncertainty.

Learning to draw on the force of fierce femininity, I claim my power using my voice, stand up for my myself, deepening my spiritual practice and bring the skeletons out of the closet.

The Moon is all about emotion and the Worm Moon helps me to get in touch with the deep spiritual parts of myself that need processing. It has a purifying effect, like taking a magical bath. I burn sage, meditate on my journey and trust in the process

I made myself a hot cup of Chai tea and count my blessings that I'm so grateful for today and everyday.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Two of Wands - Choose Empathy

Today I heard a wise women, Mary Gordon speak about empathy and a program. The Roots of Empathy that's been developed for children in schools. It's been proven to reduce bullying and aggression in schools.

This program involves parents bringing their own infants into the schools and a trainer enables children the opportunity to interact and observe the baby in order for the children to begin to what Mary Gordon calls "catching" empathy. She describes childhood as being the springtime of life.

When human beings are given the opportunity to discovery empathy this is where real personal growth and progress begins.

The Two of Wands depicts Jason  as he stands before the Centaur Chiron's cave, who is healer, priest and the great wise spiritual teacher, advising Jason to be bold and to know he's strong enough to change his dreams into reality. And like Jason we too must be the same and emulate the spiritual values that enable us to manifest real empathy toward others through an individual vision of the spirit. This vision will guide us as we leave childhood behind however we can still choose to live in the springtime of life watching the flowering of our life continue, and we will then be graced with unforeseen strength.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Seven of Cups - Flights of Fancy and Castle in the Air

I'm an imaginative person I know that, as a creative. I love stories of emotion, imagination, fantasy and myth that teach life lessons.

The card of the Seven of Cups indicates the combination of faith, emotion, illusion, fantasy and imagination, all qualities that are useful to artists and all human beings. However if we can't balance these with reality, that's when it can become problematic, leading us to deluding ourselves with pipe dreams and good intentions that somehow don't materialize or come to fruition perhaps, we loose our way, running from reality and life, causing a complexity of confusion.

There was a time that I ran from reality through the use and abuse of alcohol, that I became addicted to, and left me unable to distinguish reality from fantasy by times. I thank the God of my understanding I no longer need to live my life this way, and have 24 years of contented sobriety, one day at a time, which was something that did not came easy. It was rather like the tasks presented to Psyche by Aphrodite. Psyche had to work hard at facing the challenge of choosing and acting in realistic terms to make those potentials manifest.

I'm so very grateful I have chosen to live an uncomplicated life, grounded in reality. I get great satisfaction from the simple pleasures from a life of balance, paying attention to what makes me feel openhearted and alive, celebrating and connecting with quality of life, not in quantity, every day in a Hygge kind of way.

Today I celebrated by enjoying my fresh ground French Dark coffee beans for breakfast, some home made whole wheat buns and an Italian Frittata for supper. Perfection!

 My very Hygge cat Rusty is impressed!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Magician - Super Blue Blood Moon

I came out of the house last night around 6 o'clock and this is what I saw and it's what made me exclaim out loud, OH MY GOD WOW!
I've always been in love with the moon and I don't ever remember seeing it so large and so brilliantly red orange in colour. It was spectacular and sure stopped me in my tracks. It certainly was a rarity, as the Super- Blue-Blood Moon hasn't been seen in 35 years. Every one throughout the world seemed to be full of excited energy over this remarkable event.

Dubbed the rare 'lunar trifecta' it leaves one feeling like some very magical metaphysical even spiritually powerful event is happening. If not magic, it is definitely an awesome mystery. 
Unfortunately here is Nova Scotia we couldn't see the Lunar Moon Eclipse but my friend who lives in California saw it and was able to get photographs which I've posted below.

Not a magical Major Arcana card, the Magician nonetheless is wonderful, representing the powerful mercurial energy. It reminds us of how the four elements are all available to all of us, as the tools we need to guide our way on our path in life.

The elements of earth, fire, water and air, representing the mind, the imagination, the heart and the body, were all mastered by Hermes the Magician, and he is the inner guide, the spiritual teacher and protector of the Fool offering guidance and wisdom.

 Hermes is the son of Zeus, King of the gods and his mother (Gaia) Maia (Earth Mother) the mysterious nymph and is also known as Mother Night.