Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Secret Unconscious - The High Priestess

I have been thinking about this card a lot this week. After reading the cards for some time, you start to develop a relationship with them, appreciation for them deepens, and the connections you make between the cards, with life, and with living every day increases.

 I have always found the High Priestess a card I very much identify with, and relate to. This past week, having done a reading where this card came up, it has been at the forefront at my mind. At the same time while I was in Halifax at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, I got to see a wonderful exhibit and collection that spanned a life time of the great Canadian artist Mary Pratt, whom I admire greatly.  Looking back on these events I see this is where I really made the connection to The High Priestess, and Persephone.

Her painting entitled, Threads of Scarlet, Pieces of Pomegranate,  had a room all of it's own in the gallery, as if it was something almost sacred. Mary Pratt's painting of two pomegranates, one whole, and the other split open, revealed it's seeds and juice, as it spilled onto the table they were placed on.

I had a visceral response to the subject matter, and to the way it was rendered, as it was both beautiful, and disturbing on a level I couldn't pin point, until I read Mary Pratt's explanation of her painting, and under what circumstances she created it. Then I began understand.

Threads of Scarlet, Pieces of Pomegranate - Mary Pratt, 2005

She stated this was one of her favourite paintings, and had been done unconsciously, at at time of great emotional upset, after having divorced her husband Christopher Pratt. Upon seeing this painting, of course my thoughts went directly to the High Priestess ( Persephone), who holds a pomegranate in her hand, which is symbolic of both the fruit of the dead, and conjugal love, because of it's many seeds.

In Greek mythology lies Persephone's hidden, mysterious inner world, of the unconscious. Her's is the intuitive world of dreams, fantasy, and visions. Persephone is fertile and full of undeveloped creative potential and does not speak of her secrets.

The inner workings of the unconscious requires patience and the passage of time to reveal the seeds of change and new potential. Not surprisingly, today's card, I drew the High Priestess again.

I found this picture a few hours ago, and it immediately made me think about the High Priestess and Persephone, because she is the intuitive spiritual mother of the underworld, the womb of the unconscious and of the depths of the soul.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What To Do With Nostalgia - Six of Cups

Sitting on a rock, where she first met Eros, and surrounded by the calm sea, Psyche holds the golden cup, which she pensively stares into. In her other hand, she holds her wilting bridle bouquet. She has been abandoned by her husband Eros, and left with nothing, but nostalgic memories. However, not all things are as they appear to be, and this is not an unhappy card.

To be able to learn something about yourself through loss, can be a very positive experience. It can bring peace of mind, a sense of harmony, and contentment. A new found strength through our loss brings serenity, and after the storm comes the calm.

If we can take a realistic inventory of our past, this can transform our future through what we have lost, and gained from our experience. Learning from these lessons is essential, otherwise we may be repeat the same mistakes, which will lead to a state of confusion and chaos.

Living in and longing nostalgically for the past, is a useless exercise. Acceptance and gratitude are always the key to having a happy life in the present.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Ace of Cups - Why Emotion Beats No Emotion

   ' My cup runneth over ', from the Hebrew Bible is what comes to mind when I see the Ace of Cups appear. It is also a card that can symbolize the individual who is almost possessed by frenzied passion, and visceral emotion, an experience where the heart overrules the head. We can be swept away in a sea of emotion that is a force of nature, causing humans to display behaviour they wouldn't usually exhibit, such as jealousy, spite, and deceit etc. These are the more negative aspects of the Ace of Cups.

Here we see Aphrodite, the goddess who initiates the powerful upsurge of raw energy toward relationship, and the love between Psyche and Eros.

I was once described as being ' a ball of emotion ', and ' a bleeding heart '. I don't agree with these derogatory descriptions. I actually learned how to stuff my emotion from the age of 6 years of age. I remember exactly the day this happened. I was in the Toronto Sick Children's Hospital with my parents, and my brother Ralph who was in the hospital bed, because he was unable to walk. He been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at this time.

Understandably I was very emotionally distraught, and when I began to express my emotion, I was told by my mother, not to cry. The statement that resonated was, " don't cry you'll make yourself sick ". I saw no tears from my parents, nor from my brother who was then, 16 years old. I got the message loud and clear as I'm sure my brother did as well, that it was not acceptable to express my emotion, and so I followed suite from there on in.

This emotional shut down continued all though my life, until I began to get serious about my recovery from alcoholism, which is often described as being a ' disease of the emotion. ' Alcoholism was all through my family on both sides, and my family had been greatly affected by the disease. Looking back, I can say I went into survival mode, and I kind of disappeared as the family's focus was completely on my brother and his illness.

Today, I understand how suppressing emotions eventually in time, become repressed, in that we are unaware we even have these emotions, and it becomes very unhealthy. If we do not deal with our emotions, they will deal with us.

 It is much better thing to be able to feel, than to not feel. The disconnection from our emotion makes us less human and we are unable to experience love, or life in a holistic way and directly affects our relationships with ourselves and with others.

Having a high intelligence quotient is valued in our society, but it is my experience that having emotional intelligence is just as valuable, if not more so. If we can manage to temper and balance our emotion with our intellect, then the Ace of Cups in our lives will serve us better, leading to a healthier, happier life, where we can thrive, instead of simply trying to survive.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Secret of Happiness -The Sun

The Sun is definitely the card of happiness, warmth, love, growth, accomplishment and success.

I was very happy after a wonderful trip away to see good friends. Upon return, I was tired out, but am now starting to feel more rested and less stressed.
I went to see a life long friend's art installation of 5,000 paintings he was commissioned to create, for the newly built Halifax Public Library. Wow, was that inspiring! The whole experience left me very reflective and introspective, happy and sad simultaneously, for reasons I won't go into, but in considering this card, it helps me to understand on a deeper level. After all you can't have the light, without the darkness.

 The Sun card is very timely for me to draw, and it makes me feel happy, especially because it mirrors much of the way I am feeling at present, and it gives me a deep gratitude.

 The sun-god reflects the power of the consciousness to dispel darkness, and where the bright light casts away shadows in the dark places of the Moon. The sun-god Apollo dispels fear, bringing faith and hope. The Sun symbolizes clarity, optimism and a renewed trust of the human spirit, moving toward our goal.

The Sun and the Moon are so closely related and one without the other, we would be lost. I am so grateful for both, grateful for happiness, pain, rainbows, and the rain.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Knight of Wands -

I want to apologize to my readers, as I had posted the wrong card October 16th, 2014. I'd meant to post the Knight of Swords, not this card! I'll blame it on my rather impulsive, restless Knight of Wands aspect of my personality! I was wondering why it felt off, and I was puzzled, drawing this card again.
 As Alf the furry cat and pizza eatin' alien once said, "I kill me!"

The Knight of Wands is an explorer, and an adventurer. Restless, impulsive and full of ideas yes, but he lacks the innate nobility, strength, leadership, and larger than life personality the King of Wands possesses. This guy needs to be taken with a grain of salt, as he can be very alluring, exciting, and charming, however not the most reliable. He's always on an never ending quest, and might be a little bit of an adrenalin junkie, or addicted to being in a hyper-vigilant state. He is neither a follower nor a leader, not being the most responsible type, and he'd rather be unfettered to do his own thing, as he is easily bored, and does not want to have answer to anyone.

On the positive side, the Knight of Wands is extremely passionate, creative, imaginative and intuitive in nature, ready to take on the world.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Seven of Swords - 7 Keys To A Successful New Plan

Seven has always been a special number to me, not a lucky number, as I am not superstitious. I think of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.

  • Wisdom
  • Understanding
  • Counsel
  • Fortitude
  • Knowledge
  • Piety
  • The Fear of the Lord

As an artist and a musician, I find it fascinating to think that there are 7 colours of the rainbow and there are 7 corresponding musical tones. Ancient astronomers long considered the number 7 as being symbolic of perfection.

The spiritual meaning of sevens and threes have to do with magical forces. There are also seven beautiful heavenly bodies in our universe.

  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Mars
  • Mercury
  • Jupiter
  • Venus
  • Saturn      

The Seven of Swords indicates a partial success, and relays the message that a new plan may be needed and applying mental energy toward a desired end. Diplomacy, tact and wit will enable one's ends, rather than strong armed tactics.

Today I found this great little on line book, that discusses the keys to success which I relate to so much, as I have found all these same ' keys ' listed to be such useful tools when  making a new plan, and I will certainly be making a deeper commitment to them now and in the coming days.

1. Commitment
2. An Open Mind.
3. Persistence
4. Flexibility
5. Faith
7. Passion

Will Edwards online book, The Keys To Success, you can download for free. I think you will find it very insightful and inspiring.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Death - How Death Can Save Your Life

I drew the Death card this morning, and I was glad, because in spite of it's dark foreboding appearance, and looking like Darth Vader, it is an affirming card, that reminds me to be willing to accept change as being a huge part of life, a card representing acceptance of change, transition or transformation, so that rebirth can occur. The little folk beneath, seem welcoming, one even offers a flower, and they are not running away.

Change is not a walk in the park, as there are always varying degrees of trepidation, and some real anxiety when things happen, as we can feel everything is out of control. With acceptance, making the decision to let go, realizing I am not in control, along with the choices I make, this is what can alter my life for the better.

My whole attitude, and outlook changed twenty years ago, after I chose to live a sober life, and I have been in transition ever since. Letting go of the old self, is a kind of death, because of this willingness to change, letting go of the old life, and embracing my new life, that was what saved me from a dead end road. You don't have to be physically dead, to not be fully alive.

There is much to be learned through this card, and through actual physical death, which contemporary society keeps at arms length. Death has much to teach us about life and it can even save our lives.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Knight of Swords - The Hero


We all need a hero. I have been fortunate and blessed to have had an big brother, who was ten years older than me, and he really was my hero. He was not one like Sir Lancelot, or like the Knight of Swords, and never really rushed in to save the day,  without thinking, except on a few occasions, when I was young. Ralph however was very protective, charming, and everyone who met him, loved him.

 Why I consider him my hero, is because of the example he set for me. He embodied all the characteristics I admire in another, and in those we call heroes. He possessed perseverance, courage, and faith, in spite of all the odds, and was never afraid to show his emotion and affection.

My big brother was the salt of the earth, shot straight from the hip, and his wonderful sometimes dark sense of humour always came shining through regardless of how bad circumstances became. For me, Ralph set the bar, the standard for the way a man and a hero should be, and for that matter, he was an example for anyone.

Sadly, I lost my loving brother to Multiple Sclerosis 12 years ago, when he 59. I miss him more than words could ever express. He will always be my hero. <3

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

King of Pentacles - We Are All Pilgrims

The King of Pentacles is a good fellow to have in your court. He's a tough self-made man, is excellent at managing business, successful at what he does, and has what is commonly called, the Midas touch, referencing to King Midas, in that, everything he touches turns to gold. Not exactly the Donald Trump type, because Donald likes to fire people, and has really weird hair, but the King of Pentacles can be your best friend, and if you are his partner he'll be devoted to you, and make you his Queen..

The challenge of worldly things and manifesting ambition, is what is represented in the King of Pentacles, however there is a warning. Greed, and material goals cannot be superseded by other aspects of life, especially in relation to higher ideals and spiritual values.

In today's world, we are on a very negative course, using up and spoiling the earth's resources and species, threatening out environment with the never ending climb to the top of the corporate ladder and accumulation of wealth. It is easy for many, to turn away from three quarters of those in the world  who live in dire circumstances and extreme poverty.

 We are all just pilgrims I believe, and we are just passing through. Life is very short, and we have an obligation to our children, and our great grandchildren to leave this world a better place, and there is no room for self-serving greed.

I've always had a deep attraction to the Virginian Appalachia because of how historically, the people are rooted in their land, tradition, beliefs and their deep sense of home.

The King of Pentacles caused me to reflect on a song I listened to, at the library in downtown Toronto, where I lived many years ago. It was a song called, I Am A Poor Pilgrim Of Sorrow, from Classic Mountain Songs, sung in A cappella (Italian for "in the manner of the church" or "in the manner of the chapel"). It deeply touched my soul, and has never left me. There is also a song with a similar melody, A Poor Wayfaring Stranger. I found this version by Eric Bibb who is my favourite Gospel singer and here's his version. It makes me reflect on what is really important in life; not money, success or wealth, but our relationships with ourselves, with others, and the God of our own understanding.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Five of Swords - Never Complain, Never Explain

Benjamin Disraeli said " Never complain, never explain." I don't know a lot about Disraeli, but what I do know of him, I'm not a fan. Perhaps this saying, he came by way of a hard lesson learned.

When we complain, whine, dodge, bob or weave with excuses, it is not only unseemly, it really turns a lot of people off. We all have problems, get annoyed by greater or lesser life events. Shit happens! That never changes. But the good news is, we can change, ourselves, and change our attitude, with an attitude of gratitude.

 We all have our limitations, as illustrated in the Five of Swords that portrays Orestes facing the god Apollo, who informs him of his fate, and his obligation toward his family inheritance, in spite of it's unfairness. I'm sure Orestes might be thinking to himself, " If I'd only been born a woman, I'd never have had to face this lot! Why me?

Blaming our sexuality, or whatever our life circumstances on our misery, unhappiness, or being hard done by, by life's messes, fact is, we decide ultimately what we make of our lives, in spite of or even because of our situation.

 I don't believe in a preordained, set in stone destiny, but I do believe I am in charge of my own destiny. If I spend all my energy, and time on complaints, and explanations, I am guaranteed some real good unhappiness. I'll be overwhelmed, and preoccupied with thoughts of 'if only' and 'what if' or why the hell did this happen to me?

Disraeli I figure, must have come up with this slogan for some reason. Perhaps he was getting sick of hearing himself complain and explain and it just wasn't workin' for him. Regardless of his reason, I've found it to be a good thing to remember, when I find myself complaining, and/or explaining.   

Monday, October 13, 2014

Three of Cups - Early Joy

The three water nymphs, or ondines rise from the waters, and are each holding up a golden cup toasting in celebration of the marriage between Eros and Psyche.
Psyche holds white lilies, symbolic of innocence, hope, transitioning, becoming, chastity, purity, among other meanings.

I love this short explanation of the Three of Cups as being ' early joy.' I think we are all familiar the flush, the rush and romance of a new love, or the excitement and perhaps trepidation of a new job. I compare it to starting a new art project, finding a blank canvas in front of you. It all looks so perfect, and a little daunting too, because you don't know what the out come is going to be, but are hopeful and excited with anticipation.

We can approach our new circumstance with hope and optimism or with fear and reluctance. But without risk, and hope we may never know what the gain will be. It is wise to approach new experiences with our eyes open, and not fall into a a blind naivety, as we can set ourselves up for disappointment or failure, with unrealistic expectations.

 Early joy is a wonderful feeling, like when we start a new exercise, a hobby, or when we begin a quest. This heady feeling, when the endorphins kick in, can be addictive. What really needs to be remembered, realized, and understood, is that this feeling of enchantment will not always last.

 There needs to be serious consideration for the effort, time and work, necessary to create, transform and actualize this new found passion into becoming something constant, and sustainable and real in the future.

Joy is the best make up - Anne Lamott

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Emperor - Gratitude For Independence

This Thanksgiving, I am so grateful to be an independent woman. Independence has always been very important to me, and I learned this through the example of my mother. No one gets to an independent state through their own effort. Help, encouragement, the support of family, friends and even those who dissuade and discourage you, can make a person feel even more determined to do it your way, and to stand even more upright, planting your two feet, on solid terra firma. Interdependence is at the heart of independence I believe.

Having had an absentee father for much of my life, my mother, was both mother and father, in many ways. She provided that ethical code the Emperor, that inner father gives, and she imparted spiritual beliefs to me,  fostering a deep self-respect, even though I was years actualizing this in my own personal life, due to my alcohol addiction issues.

The Emperor is an image that symbolizes the experience of fathering, representing our ethical, and spiritual beliefs. We can have material wealth, and success of the Emperor, but it is all in vain if not founded on ethical values of right and wrong, embodied in having an understanding of what it means to have deep sense of humility, and gratitude to those who have generously given to us along our path.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

King of Cups - Where The Nightingales Sing The Sweetest

Early this morning I had a very vivid, lucid dream, that stayed with me. It caused me to have confused feelings of happiness and sadness. I asked a question of the cards, and then drew the King of Cups, which corresponded with my happy/sad dream.

The sad story of the singer Orpheus who was lonely and unhappy, is embodied in the King of Cups. Orpheus was both priest and healer but was unable to heal his broken heart, and was the wounded healer.  He met with a gruesome revengeful death, at the hands of the jealous Dionysus and was buried by the Muses at the foot of Mount Olympus. There, the nightingales were said to sing more sweetly than anywhere else on earth.

Many of us relate to this wounded healer we can heal others, but can not seem to help ourselves. When the King of Cups is manifested in our own relationships, we find ourselves losing the very thing which we most desire, because we lack the trust in our personal lives, and matters, in the realm of the heart, become rather like a self fulfilling prophecy.

The King of Cups ultimately does not trust the world of the unconscious, which he is unable to see. He is reluctant to submerge himself into the water of emotions, as he fears he will drown if he lets go, and gives his heart to another.

When we ask a question of the cards, we may not like the answer. It is better to know, than to have false hopes or illusion, and it is a good thing to accept the reality we might be dealing with, so we can be better prepared. It is not always easy to accept that our dreams and reality are not always the same thing.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Eight of Wands- Motivation

Oh boy, would I ever love to be swimming with the dolphins, like those we see here in the Eight of Wands.
With full sails set, Jason has safely escaped the wrath of King Aeetes. He has faced and triumphed  the over the obstacles, that are now behind him, and he is homeward bound.

I've always been very fond of Wands, but being the 'awefulizer' I am from time to time, this card tends to concern me when it comes up, the sea look rough and it indicates that everything is moving along rapidly, and that if I don't keep up, I could be left behind! Nonetheless, we are urged to be confident in our forward progress, and for me, the Eight of Wands is really a card of motivation.

 An outpouring, and a release of creative activity is implied, after overcoming tension, anxiety and difficulties. Well that's darn good news, and now, play with the dolphins!

Traveling could be ahead, but this is not necessarily a physical journey, but perhaps a kind of inner travel of the psyche, where we are given challenges that enable personal growth. Personal growth often comes to us through difficulty, meeting the challenge of competition and self-doubt. There is a correlation between conflict and creativity, and this stimulates the imagination. As a result our weakness can become our strength, and transform into further motivation, with buoyancy and the confidence to continue the journey.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Three of Pentacles - Completion

I've drawn Pentacles again today, the Three of Pentacles is spot on, in relation to what I am preoccupied with lately.

Professional development is important and a wonderful thing. but it is necessary to be put into a balanced perspective  regarding personal boundaries, taking care of relationships and personal well being, mind, body and spirit.

This preoccupation ruined Daedalus, as was indicated in yesterday's, Five of Pentacles. Here, in the Three of Pentacles we see him at the beginnings of his career. Unfortunately he eventually lost sight of his own limitations and capacities, because he took on more than he could handle, and lost everything, including his self-value and faith in himself.

Daedalus is seen here in the Three of Pentacles, reaping the rewards for the completion of the first stages of his initial work efforts. This project is not finished, and there will be further hard work ahead, difficulty and risk, which will hopefully lead to a permanent reward. This card indicates celebration for a job well done, although it is essential to have full awareness of the work ahead, both professionally and personally.

I see this card as a simple and straight forward message. For me it is the confirmation to have a mindfulness,  to make a conscious effort, in order to apply some necessary changes that are needed to actualize and bring to completion, future goals and projects.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Five of Pentacles - I Can't See The Forest For The Trees

Well now isn't this a fine howdy doo!  I drew the The Five of Pentacles this morning. I admit, my immediate gut reaction to this card, no matter how many times I look at it,  my reaction it always negative. It looks gloomy, dark with just enough impending doom to make me jump into bed and pull up the covers over my head! But that's just me.

When I am experiencing negative events especially fear surround financial insecurity, I can go into a quick panic mode and so I have to consciously take action to resolve whatever it is I am dealing with. So I did this this morning and I am feeling much better now. I reached out only to find there really was absolutely no need to panic. Seems this is a lesson I have a hard time learning because it comes up for me more often than I would like or perhaps it is a life long lesson to be learned.

The Five of Pentacles presents an individual focusing on their own distress and failing to see that help is at hand. Oh ya that's the card for me today!

When I think about panic I always reflect on when I got certified as a SCUBA diver. It was emphatically expressed to us over and over, to overcome panic, because it could kill us. As well, we had to plan our dive plans, and dive our our dive plans. We could make mistakes on our dive plans when being taking our exam to get certified as this would be an immediate fail, because this could kill you too. There is an important life lesson here for me I believe that I need to apply. Breathe deep, breathe in, breathe out, don't panic, and make a plan. Breathing is essential to staying calm, considering we need about 80% of our oxygen for our brains to function properly. It's only when we are in a relaxed state, when we can concentrate and make the right decisions.

Panic ensues when we lose faith in ourselves I believe, not unlike Daedalus did. He confused his self-value is  with his material security, and he lost his sense of direction. When this happens we can start again and reorient ourselves to the outer and inner level.

Next time I draw the Five of Pentacles, I hope I'll see it in a positive new light.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Judgement - Universal Consciousness

The Judgment card heralds a beginning, that emerges out of the past, and becoming one with the universal consciousness.
I feel I've had a life time in pursuit of universal consciousness. If I ask myself why, I'd have to say perhaps it has to do with my faith, that was imparted to me from my mother at an early age. But I always had an awareness of there being a universal force watching over my shoulder, that was greater than anything or anyone in the world or the universe. 

In my young adulthood I began to acutely feel the impermanence of life, after having lost many loved ones to tragic death. We can begin loose our fear of death, because we have an increased understanding of it, through our own experiences. Or we can live in fear and doubt. I chose faith.

I began to feel that the earth was not really my true home, and this was not the end of the journey. I saw myself as a pilgrim, just passing through, and I still believe this to be true.

Judgement symbolizes release, liberation, fulfilment, healing and a new life. How grand is that?
We can see this card as being rewarded for efforts made, that can give us a deep sense of purpose, and meaning.

We can judge ourselves mercilessly, without ever the need of being judged by the Creator. Karma is the judge I believe, and the judge exists within ourselves. I do not believe in a merciless judge, but I do believe there is a day of reckoning in that we do reap the harvest of the seeds we have sown, in one way or another. We are held accountable in some way for what we have, or have not done in life, sooner or later it catches up with us. That said, it is no one's job to place judgement on another.

But the good news about The Judgement card is, we have the free will to choose, to forgive and forget, to do some soul searching, to be our true and very best selves, while we are passing through, on the way to universal consciousness.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Wheel of Fortune - Change

 Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, change is the topic of the day, which was confirmed for me by The Wheel of Fortune, the card I drew this morning.

 We all wish and hope for positive change, however it comes in all forms, be it positive or negative. Depending on how we embrace change, and our attitude determines the outcome. We choose to either react or respond, depending on how we feel or perceive this change.

I am not one to believe in luck or superstition, but I do believe in synchronicity, and that things develop and unfold the way they are meant to, as a matter of faith. The Wheel of Fortune works within the mysterious workings of the unconscious, and the intelligent movement of the hidden Self, bringing a new phases in life.

I definitely am feeling I have reached a new phase as of late. I pray that I can be ready, open to, and embrace change with willingness, and responsibility.

    " The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not of fighting the old, but on building on the new. "
                                                                                                   - Socrates

I found this just now, a quote from Joseph Campbell, and thought it was very appropriate for this post on the Wheel of Fortune on the topic of change.

“We must be willing to get rid of
the life we’ve planned, so as to have
the life that is waiting for us.
The old skin has to be shed
before the new one can come.

If we fix on the old, we get stuck.
When we hang onto any form,
we are in danger of putrefaction.
Hell is life drying up.”

Excerpt from A Joseph Campbell Companion: Reflections on the Art of Living

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Chariot - Fear & Love

 This Major Arcana card, The Chariot is linked to the Moon, and to the astrological sign of Cancer.
 There are strong emotions here, but simultaneously it symbolizes balance between negative and positive, ying and yang, to achieve success in order to control the direction of one's life. It's been said that true love castes out fear.

Today I read a review of a late artist I love and deeply admire. The critic stated the particular artist reflected a constipated terror in his paintings. I thought this was a very negative and offensive thing to say, however I think it is a accurate description of the way fear can make you feel, leaving us emotionally drained, weak, powerless, and out of control,

 We must understand the nature of good and evil. Maintaining focus, attending to details, which can be difficult for many of us living in a hurried, and overindulgent world, particularly in the West. We can get caught up in our own problems, wants and needs, becoming myopic in our perception.

 We can't allow ourselves to be controlled by fear, but need to allow love to direct our lives.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Five of Swords - Acceptance

I have hairy toes! I've never admitted this publically, but I've come to accept it, and no, I am not a hobbit. But even if I was a hobbit, I'd have to accept this too.

We all have to accept our limitations of what we can and cannot do. This is what the Five of Swords represents.
It can be difficult to understand or empathize with another person's struggle in life, unless we have had a similar experience, or unless we have walked their path, or seen the world through their eyes.

 Many of us experience rejection for one reason or another. It may be for the way we look, how much money we make, our race or religion, who we are related to, or what side of the tracks we grew up on.
The worst form of rejection I would say, is not being able to accept ourselves, the positive and the negative aspects of our personality and circumstance.

I have come to believe that acceptance is the key happiness. It enables us to understand, and to come to terms with people, places and things. When we can accept, and love ourselves, we become real like the Velveteen Rabbit.

 “Real isn't how you are made,' said the Skin Horse. 'It's a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.'

'Does it hurt?' asked the Rabbit.

'Sometimes,' said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. 'When you are Real you don't mind being hurt.'

'Does it happen all at once, like being wound up,' he asked, 'or bit by bit?'

'It doesn't happen all at once,' said the Skin Horse. 'You become. It takes a long time. That's why it doesn't happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don't matter at all, because once you are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand.”
― Margery Williams, The Velveteen Rabbit