Saturday, September 30, 2017

Eight of Pentacles - Deal or No Deal?

Eight of Pentacles - Deal or No Deal?

The Eight of Pentacles can be seen as an ongoing theme of accepting change in our daily lives, whatever hand we are dealt, urging us to let go and remain hopeful.

We see Persephone headed down the stairs to the underworld in pursuit of Aphrodite's beauty cream! She's very aware of the likelihood, that she'll not be returning. She's let go and resigned herself to this and accepted this reality, but all is far from lost.

When it comes to loosing hope, there's really no deal. In desperation we might be thinking we can some how guarantee a future reconciliation, but this isn't relinquishing control. Coming to the realization that we can't bully, plead,  or make with deal with the divine or some how blackmail our way into a solution, is a useless exercise.

When we're at this point on our lives , now's the time to take advantage of the opportunity to educate ourselves, and learn the lessons to be found in letting go. We may feel that we've lost everything, but there is much to be gained.

The truth of the situation must be faced. There's nothing else left to do, and there's no way to go, except to let go. This letting go often is accompanied with depression, sadness and morning. If we can proactively engage in the same kind of positive change and transformation we find in the Death card, we'll find a tangible and real hope that we can apply to our lives in a real way.

Letting go will change us by submitting to that which is greater, the will of the divine, the great Goddess of Love which is imaged in the Eight of Pentacles.

Friday, September 29, 2017


Christine de Pisan - Catherine Meyers

My internet server has been down for two weeks but that hasn't stopped me from writing about 16 blog posts, so please stay tuned, I've been busy unplugged!

The Devil-The Devil Made Me Do It

The Devil - Made Me Do It!

Wearing the world as a loose garment comes to mind when I think about this card. I learned the hard way many years ago, that I'm responsible for my own happiness. It's an ongoing lesson in one way or another that is proportional to my conscious contact with the Creator every day.

This isn't an easy lesson, living in a world that seems to perpetuate the illusion of happiness, to be found outside of ourselves, as we can spend a life time trying to fill a spiritual void with this illusion. I call it a hole in the soul.

It's a perfect card for me to draw today as I contemplate how I'm addicted to the internet.

Addiction is often what's reflected in this Major Arcana card of The Devil or represents emotional, spiritual and physical  bondage of some sort. Pan is the embodied god and the goat figure symbolizes the scapegoat, symbolizing the person or thing that people project their inferior side of themselves on to, in order to make themselves feel better. Being human is about accepting ourselves, the positive and negative, is a necessary life lesson to learn and essential to our happiness.

It's easy to blame this or that, or someone else for our life troubles. But ultimately we are all responsible for our own actions and for our own happiness.

"Write your sorrows in sand and your blessings in stone."

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Ten of Wands - Rug Wrassling and Even My Coffee Needs a Coffee

The initial impression you get from the Ten of Wands is a very bleak one. Jason is in a bad way psychologically. He imprisoned really, surrounded by burning wands, with his grand ship the Argos in the background damaged and run aground on the shoreline.

Jason finally, after all his obstacles struggles, in his quest for the Golden Fleece, is now in his possession. He doesn't however, appreciate his great accomplishments and is feeling despondent and dissatisfied with life in general, wondering what he can do now. You could also say, he's feeling sorry for himself.

We can all feel this way a some point in our lives. The adventure and quest is what is often more appealing to us. The Adrenalin rush that comes from accomplishment can be addictive, leaving us wanting more.  Once the goal has been achieved and completed there can be an anti-climatic reaction, and we're left feeling let down and burdened, perhaps with feelings of self-doubt. a loss of identity and with feelings of self-pity.

Taking responsibility for our attitude, turning our feelings of frustration, disappointment, and burden into a positive experience, enables personal growth, if we are determined to be propelled forward in doing so.

Yesterday I was given the opportunity to do something I really didn't think I wanted to take on as I wasn't certain I was qualified. Part of me felt I could do this because I've had enough life experience, but my fear of failure and responsibility made me rather hesitant, so I said initially no, when asked. But I decided to step up and do the right thing for myself and for everyone else concerned. I'm happy I accepted the challenge, and I'm looking forward to it, determined with confidence and optimism.

Now this takes me to today, when I spent a good part of the morning and afternoon rug wrasslin' with this huge rug I spot cleaned clean by hand, using baking soda, vinegar and dish soap and then rinsed with my garden hose. Then i tried drying it over the railing of my deck. I had to drag it into the house, because it was giving rain later tonight.

The thing was way too big, heavy, and cumbersome trying to hang it over the banister in the hall. So then I again dragged it back outside thinking I'd attempt to hang it on my clothes line. Nope, clothes broke. I fixed the clothes line with a handy new mini-winch gizmo I've had in my junk drawer forever. The reason I'd never replaced it, was because I was doubting I'd be able to replace the antique rusted winch, after all don't you need a man to fix this, so I never bothered. But now I had to fix my clothes line regardless, cause a single country gal can't live with out her clothes line and there's no man to be found!

When you live alone, you end up having to do it yourself much of the time. It can create a lot of anxiety. You can feel burdened, mostly by over whelming negative feelings of self-doubt, that can translate into wanting to just through in the towel. Some folks might say that's strength, but for me I think it has a lot to do with my stubborn nature.

So long story. I have a enviable clothes line, a clean rug hung over my perfect Maple tree! No sign of rain with a beautiful breeze.

What I continue to learn is, I never know what I can accomplish, big and small, if I just  bravely embrace and open myself to new experiences. This makes me stronger when I take responsibility to complete the tasks at hand, and unburden myself. And coffee always helps!