Tuesday, May 20, 2014

King of Swords - Leadership

There is much discussion in the media about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as of late in the media. It makes me wonder statistically, just how common place this condition is presented in soldiers, leaders and with many of us who grow up suffering a certain amount of it, due to some kind of trauma. I also suspect this is why the King of Swords, although is greatly associated with leadership, kindness, decency, fairness, and ethical behaviour, he is can be disconnected between what he values and believes in, and what is shown and manifested emotionally toward others, especially toward those that he cares about. This lack of emotional connection with others is very frustrating to those who love him. It has been best described as having an inner homelessness. He has great difficulty showing emotion, leaving him isolated, and often alone.

I learned at a young age through a wonderful mentor, who was a director of our local hole in the wall, YMCA, that being a good leader is one who truly knows and understands, how to serve. He helped so many of us troubled teenagers by his example and service. He taught us about leadership.

If we are leaders and we want to serve, we need to be able to connect emotionally with others, and to know to take good care of ourselves, like we would take good care of others. If we don't know and understand this, we will eventually, sooner or later burn out, expecting to be all things, to all people, while neglecting ourselves.

The King of Swords shows that there is an abundance of positive characteristics in strength, that is demonstrated in inspired ideas, with a very strong intellect, great compassion and ethics. These qualities can be applied to future ideas and goals, that can be accomplished, and easily achieved.

If we do find ourselves disconnected from what we believe in, and suffer from that inner homelessness, we need to find a way to reach out, and seek help. False pride is useless, when we cut our noses off, to spite our face. No man or woman, is an island.


Ellen said...

"to take good care of ourselves, like we would take good care of others" My pitfall:D
I guess the combination of the four kings will create that excellent leader. I don't think the King of Pentacles will forget to take care of himself:)

Unknown said...

Thank you Ellen for your feedback.
In my opinion not being emotionally available to those we love is not talking care of yourself. It's all about balance. Being a " care taker " in the stereo typical unhealthy way is not what I am referencing. You can't be a real leader, and be of service to another, if you are emotionally disconnected. You can't away what you don't have.