Monday, May 5, 2014

Knight of Pentacles - Persistance

The love and appreciation of the natural world, taking responsibilities seriously and persistence in finishing what is started , all attributes symbolized by this card.

Pentacles concern our physical selves, and all things connected to the earth; property, work, money and practical matters. Pentacles are also associated with the earth signs of the Zodiac: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. 
The Knight is both honourable, dependable, loyal, thorough, and ambitious. The Knight is a lover of the countryside, loves all animals and the wild creatures. He/she is humble and realistic in all they do.

To some, this individual may seem dull and boring, lacking in imagination, as there is nothing really heroic or a glamorous about them. This is not so. Being anchored in steadfastness, having a strong sense of responsibility, exhibiting diligence, being gentle and kind, are all desirable and wise leadership skills and virtues to possess, that are an example for all. We have much to learn from this individual.

I have learned three important things in life that anchor me in good times and bad. Knowing there is power in persistence, prayer and in trust.


Ellen said...

He you've got a tarot blog too!
This picture reminds me of "Courage"(Strength) from the Osho Zen tarot

Unknown said...

Haa haaaa! I do!!! I just started it in February this year! I've been reading for about five years new. Still a newbee! It's one of my passions!!! So much to learn and I love that!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness you are right!
SO neat!!! Thank you Ellen for your comment and for visiting!!!

Anonymous said...

I pulled this card for myself lastnight, and since you were as close as I could get to finding insight I came to you tarot blog! Thanks, I do believe it is a good card!

Unknown said...

Great that you dropped by and I'm very happy to hear this card was a positive one for you too! Thanks for your positive comment, and I hope you'll come by again.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is very suiting of an answer for the question I had in mind! Thank You

Unknown said...

You are most welcome :)