Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Three of Cups - Joy

 Cups are the suit connected to emotions, relationships, , community, fellowship, friendship and romance.
In the Three of Cups, Eros and Psyche are portrayed being wedded to one another. A joyous occasion.
Joy is state of mind, and a feeling that is cause to celebrate. In today's world it seems joy can be hard to find.

Having a grateful attitude is a habit that can help us to celebrate joy in our lives. By not minimizing the simple  things, or not taking things for granted, this can greatly increase our feelings of joy. Our happiness is proportional to maintaining this daily habit.

The Three of Cups represents the initial completion of abundance, happiness, love, being loved, and emotional fulfillment. It's time to celebrate.
Relax and take credit for a job well done. There are successful ventures ahead. Life is unfolding and the journey is just beginning.
You may be moving toward retirement.

Along with the joy there can be a certain flush of romance and life that is full of promise and with it comes deeper experience of the heart, that is reached through both happiness and sorrow.

 “All Joy reminds. It is never a possession, always a desire for something longer ago or further away or still 'about to be'.”
                       - C.S Lewis, Surprised by Joy

Monday, April 28, 2014

Three of Wands - Initiative

I've noticed four out of five of the Minor Arcana cards I've drawn over the past week have been all the suit of Wands. This caused me to notice and realize, I am partial to Wands (Rods), as I strongly identify with what they represent, action, energy, ideas, creation and expression of spirit. Being an artist I particularly love that last description , expression of spirit.
Wands symbolize spiritual consciousness, intuition, inspiration, determination, and strength, all characteristics needed to be reflected in the core of your being. They address what motivates and energizes us.

Like all the Threes in the Minor Arcana, represent the beginning stage of completion. Everything is coming together but there is still more hard work ahead, perhaps more work that was first anticipated. In order to take further action, you may have to take a gamble or the idea cannot be realized.

Many folks are great at beginning ideas and projects. They maybe good at endings as well. But they miss all the hard work, and effort required in between the start and finish for a number of reasons. Enthusiasm and creative energy must be applied from start to finish. This is an important lesson to learn and to actualize in your life.

One of the best experiences I had growing up was to have had the opportunity to work voluntarily on a farm. I learned the value of hard work, and got the satisfaction of a job well done. I learned through growing things you reap what you sow. I knew I loved being country, and digging into good earth, but I had to take the initiative, follow through and then the harvest came. I attribute this experience as being the reason I bought my house in the country 20 years ago, and I have never regretted it. This year I am happy to say my mortgage will finally be paid off. It was with a great deal of hard work and sacrifice, but it has been so worth it.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ace of Swords - Success!

Swords represent the intellectual side of life, will and action, where reason prevails over emotion. Swords cuts through muddled thought, and brings clarity. Order and justice rule, leading to abundance and prosperity.
Success in attaining your goals is ahead. An intellectual breakthrough is made. It's an aha moment and there may be a discovery, or even the publication of a book.

Here we see Athene, goddess of Justice, and this Minor Arcana card, like all Aces heralds a burst of raw energy, that gives a new perspective on the world. This new world view and perspective can create conflict. When we change our outlook and behaviour, this often upsets the apple cart where others are concerned, as they may not respond favourably. You may be full of enthusiasm and energy to embrace a new lifestyle, however others may feel their lifestyle, and the old order is going to be affected, and threatened, which creates conflict. Do not loose heart, as there is and can be a resolution with a strong heart, mind and will.

You may have found you want to pursue a change in career, or relationship. Perhaps you are considering moving to a different country, or residence. You might even have decided to return to school at a mature age, but, there may be negative reactions from the very people you love, and that love you.

 One may assume, that you can be confident in thinking, because family and friends love you, and that they would, and should be supportive; this unfortunately is often not the case, in many situations. especially with friends and families. This is the double edged sword, that the Ace of Swords presents, and you better be prepared for some quarrels, and disputes. I will reiterate, success is your's with a strong heart, mind and will.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ten of Wands - Obstacles and Struggles

The Ten of Wands is the card of obstacles and struggles and biting off more than you can chew. The feeling of being burnt out, because of taking on too much responsibility.

 Exercise is an important tool to prevent stress and can release the pressure. Our physical health affects all other aspects of our life, the emotional, mental and spiritual parts of ourselves all come into play here. We need to relax and take time out to care for ourselves. Self-care is not selfish, otherwise we will feel the weight and oppression of being overburdened, which will directly effect our relationships etc. It is impossible to feel creatively inspired or free to express ourselves, when we are in this stifled state.

I've had fridge and oven issues today. I finally figured out my oven problem and managed to get my bread into bake after an hour or so of fiddling with the fuses. Not high up on the grand scale of things that are really stressful, but I felt this way today and this was added to my stress of last night, when I had fallen in my bedroom. I had a large heater that should have been removed, as it was cluttering my bedroom and so I tripped on it and I came crashing down onto the floor. I had a few bumps and abrasions. More than anything, my ego was a little shocked and bruised.

Many of us can cope with the major events and the big struggles of life. It is the little stresses and annoyances of life that can drive us crazy, if we let them. And so it goes.

 A good friend who is an elder, and a lovely woman who has read Tarot Cards for probably 40 years, suggested to me, that if I wanted to clear or cleanse my deck, that I put them in the fridge. This is what she has done over the years, she said. Well, I don't know why, or how she ever decided that this was a good idea, and I am not sure why I thought, what the heck, maybe she knows something I don't, so I'll give it a go.

After my bread had finally baked, I wanted to get busy with posting on my Tarot blog, and thought I'd draw a card from my Mythic Tarot deck to write about. When I went to do this, my deck was no where to be found. I usually keep the cards in a special box wrapped up in a cloth on my kitchen table.When I went retrieve my deck, it was simply no where to be found, and it sure was not where I was certain it would, or should normally be.

It must have been close to two hours I was searching all over the house, looking in the most unlikely places for my cards. I'd even gone outside to look in my car.

I thought I would just forget about finding them. I knew they had to be somewhere. I was beginning to get frustrated, being at a complete loss as to where on earth they could be. I was clueless, and was asking myself, how could this have happened?
It was  now getting close to supper time, and found myself looking into the freezer compartment, only to find my Tarot Cards sitting safely in the freezer, staring back at me. I swear, I could almost imagine them having a good laugh, and mocking me saying, How could you be so dumb as to put us in here! Get us out! We're freezing!
 Of course I immediately realized I'd completely forgotten I had placed them in the freezer compartment of my fridge yesterday. Needless to say, I won't be doing that again! Whether the cards were cleansed or clear, I don't know, but my head was muddled and confused having wondered for hours what could have possibly happened to them. They seemed to have mysteriously disappeared from the house.

Commencing to write this blog post, it got me thinking about superstition and myth surrounding Tarot cards and readings.

I am not a superstitious person at all. There are many superstitions and myths, when it comes to Tarot Cards. For instance, here is a list of some of them I have heard of, and know.

1. The deck you use should be given to you. This is balderdash. I have three decks, two I purchased. It so happens the third was given to me by a friend, because he didn't have any use for the deck, as he didn't read Tarot Cards. I use it because I like it. There is something to be learned I believe by whatever Tarot deck you use. I actually draw on all of my decks for card meanings, and the readings I do for individuals.

2. Stick your Tarot Cards in the freezer to clear or cleanse them from, lets call it past readings residue. I would suggest, this is going to do nothing. I can personally attest, if you choose to put them in the freezer, just don't forget them, or you will spend hours searching the house, top to bottom, looking in the most unlikely, and ridiculous places for them, or you may even suspect someone has entered your house and stolen them! Of course you could report it to the police, but they'd more than likely be of the opinion you were off your nut.

3. Wrap your Tarot Deck in silk and put them in a oak box. This is not important or necessary. I have mine wrapped in a cloth, and in a cloth box, or decorative wire box where I have my regular deck. It is simply important you respect and take good care of your cards, so they don't get dirty and ruined from misuse. It's a good thing to develop a familiar relationship with the cards.

4. No Tarot card reader should be predicting physical death. Many people are fearful of the Death Card. It does not signify death. It does represent going from one phase into another, a transformation, a major change or renewal of sorts. There is a termination of an unendurable situation.
The ethics of Tarot reading  and readers is to " do no harm ".

5. Reading Tarot cards is not fortune telling, nor does it predict the future, and I have no crystal ball!
These are just a few I have come across. I'm sure people have heard of other superstitions and falsehoods about Tarot cards and readings. I would be interested in learning about any that my readers might be familiar with regarding Tarot cards. I'd love to hear from you! Please share your comments.

In the mean time my friends, when you find yourself over whelmed by obstacles and struggles remember this quote.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Knight of Wands - The Explorer

We all need to take risks in life, follow our bliss, and challenge ourselves, as this is what enables us develop our self-confidence. When we challenge ourselves, we can learn what are capacities are, and develop our human potential as human beings, fully engaged in living, and experience personal growth.

When I reflect on taking risks in life, I think of the book I read many years ago by Thomas Merton, Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander. Standing on the sidelines of life,  or simply being a bystander, may seem like a safe and best place to be, but it is not the path to happiness or fulfillment. Having a proactive attitude and being a participator is what leads to living life to the fullest.

 This is the card and sign of the explorer, who is energetic and who yearns for new adventure. A change is as good as a rest it has been said, and the craving for new challenges is indicated. Possibly in the form of a change in residence, or a traveling adventure is likely, due to the feeling of being stifled by one's environment.

A very charming figure is the Knight of Wands, and very attractive to the opposite sex; however don't expect to hold this individual back, when the call of the wild strikes, as they can not be counted on to stay put, and will be moving on. The ability to follow through on ideas and intentions is a weakness. Fickle and hot headed would be adjectives to describe this person, with their head in the clouds instead of reality. This person can be boastful and talk a great story, that people are often ready to believe.

However, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, no matter how loveable, high spirited, naive, and imaginative and well-meaning this individual may be, the ability to follow through on ideas, and intentions are not all actualized into reality.
The Knight of Wands is neither a follower nor a leader.
He or she is self-absorbed, and boredom soon overtakes them, with no interest or desire to be responsible toward another, particularly in a relationship.

Often we can get addicted to excitement and even to crisis, drawn to being in a constant a state of hyper-vigilance. We loose sight of what is important to us, and are carried away by the moment. Then we become bored with our circumstance, and seek another kind of excitement, which can lead to a superficial and rather chaotic lifestyle, that is briefly satisfying, but does not sustain any kind of real happiness.  

Discernment and caution is strongly suggested if you are involved with this person. Although if you are aware and accepting of these character defects, then you are more likely to enjoy them, without having the unrealistic expectations of someone, who either can not, or will not give you what you want. There is nothing that is more crazy making, especially if you are in a love relationship with this kind of person.

The Knight of Wands can signify that these qualities mentioned, are trying to emerge from the self, or the Knight's positive attributes, such as meeting new challenges, need to be developed within one's own personality. The message is get out and explore. Go on a personal pilgrimage and follow your heart. You might unexpectedly find yourself!

“The geographical pilgrimage is the symbolic acting out an inner journey. The inner journey is the interpolation of the meanings and signs of the outer pilgrimage. One can have one without the other. It is best to have both.” - Thomas Merton

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Seven of Wands - Carpe Diem!

 The Seven of Wands is the card of the underdog. A one time or another, most of us have felt like the underdog. It is not a good feeling, especially if you are not confident enough to believe that you can take advantage of the circumstances, feeling are overwhelmed or paralyzed by self-doubt, uncertainty, or hesitate to take  control of your situation.

In contrast, having an over-inflated ego in regards to what you have already achieved is an attitude that can be just a detrimental. Comparing yourself, and being consumed with jealousy simply creates resentment and bitterness, that we cannot afford.

We cannot control any one, but ourselves, it is a waste on energy and time. Putting your ideas and creative energy into action will enable a good outcome, in spite of the brewing trouble ahead.

Enlist the help from those you have confidence in and in whom you trust. Don't be fearful of some stiff competition or envy from others. Value your own ambition, and competitive instinct. Being challenged is an opportunity for growth and to make an idea work.

 Seize the day! Carpe Diem!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Four of Wands - Reward & Harvest

Wands are the suit of action, energy, and growth. Often we can feel overwhelmed by daunting challenges and tasks. But, when we achieve these difficult tasks we feel wonderful, and can celebrate what we have achieved.

Not unlike Jason in the Four of Wands, who pursues and eventually captures the Golden Fleece, along with his trusted friends who help him, we can not do it alone, without the direct or even indirect help and support of others. The saying, " It takes a village to raise a child. " comes to my mind.

We need to find strength, creative vision, intelligence, deep feeling, and empathy; all the individual characteristics of each one of Jason's trusted friends. If not from our real friends, we can draw from our inner resources that are available to us in order to reach our goal. When we discipline ourselves, applying hard effort and work, with these resources, we will reap and harvest the rewards and we will find freedom. However, keep in mind that this is just a stage on our journey, and harder challenges lie ahead , before we reach our final goal.

No matter how big or small the challenge facing you, you can achieve it through faith, and having a belief in yourself. Breaking it down into steps helps a great deal, and the task at hand will not be so overwhelming. Try not to worry about the future, nor regret the past, as there is nothing that will drive you more crazy. Live in the present moment, and do what you need to do with concerted effort, and if you need help or even moral support, ask your trusted friends. They are sure to help you. After all, friends help friends.

Demeter is the goddess of the harvest

Monday, April 21, 2014

Eight of Pentacles - Apprenticeship - The Circle of Courage

 An apprentice must work hard at practicing his or her skill to learn their trade. It helps immeasurably if you are a quick study like the individual in the Eight of Pentacles. Advancement of your craft happens with conscientious effort and old fashioned hard work. The new ventures presented to you, will be rewarded through all your care, effort and dedication. Perfectionism is not the goal, but progress.

We all reach a stage in life often referred to as, a mid-life crisis. This juncture in life can be navigated successfully if we are willing to be open to new challenges, and work hard at learning, to acquire new skills.  
Life long learning accompanied with a positive and optimistic attitude, can not only improve our quality of life but can increase our life span as well. We can learn from one another.

I found out many years ago, the definition of what a skill is. First, someone takes time to demonstrates the skill to us. Then we attempt the skill, and follow this up, by disciplined regular practice, if we want to develop, and master the skill. I believe developing and learning a skill, regardless of our age, can lead us to a greater sense of well being and health as whole human beings.

It takes courage sometimes to change course and take on the challenge of a new skill, particularly one you know nothing about. You are not alone. There are many folks out there that have done or are doing just that. Seek them out, and find others who are like minded in following their passion. You will find a sense of belonging, community and fellowship. You then can in turn, be an example to another and help some one else learn something new,sharing with them what you have learned.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ten of Swords - Resurrection

The Minor Arcana card I drew this morning, the Ten of Sword's, is a very appropriate one for this beautiful and glorious Spring Easter Day. 

Upon first looking at this card it looks ominous as depicted in most renditions. It is a card of perfect desolation, representing an apparent hopeless ending. The darkest hour is just before dawn, but there is major change and transformation on the way.

In fact, it speaks of triumph, conquest and resurrection, in spite of the harrowing and fearful imagery of extreme danger, bloodshed and fear. The man who lies limp and defeated has been tortured and seemingly clings to life by a thread. He is a Christ like figure. However upon closer examination, the emphasis is actually on overcoming, and triumphing over defeat, and on the resurrection of life and rebirth.

 In the distance, the sun is slowly rising in the horizon, heralding a new beginning in the midst of the defeat. The sun is life giving.
Once the crisis is over, the sun shines again. We have been freed of some deep rooted wound and burden within ourselves, that has been released and redeemed but our suffering. It is the final conclusion and the end of a difficult situation. A new life begins, and the sun shines brightly upon us.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Seven of Cups - The Creative Dreamer

The Seven of Cups augers an emotional situation that needs to be tempered and balanced with reality. , Here in this Minor Arcana card Aphrodite confronts Psyche with the tasks she must perform to win back Eros and is pointing to the seven golden cups. The number seven is the number of creativity, and represents the creative dreamer.

It is essential that we have realistic dreams. I believe they come for a divine source. Prioritizing, and learning how to fulfill dreams, is often what counts if we really want something badly enough. We can't achieve our goals having fantasies, pipe dreams or illusions. As well, too many possibilities and options can be problematic, and overwhelming. So, we must decide what it is we want, and don't want.

 I know creative visual imagery is an extremely useful tool, in order to actualize our dreams. I do however have to work hard to eventually lessen the existing gap between fantasy and reality, if I want to succeed in making many of my dreams come true. Being distracted by flights of fancy is not something most of us cannot afford.

Often through difficult and hard lessons learned, there are dreams that may never be able to be realized, and we have to accept this fact. Other dreams however can change along the way, and there is satisfaction and fulfillment that can be found in what remains. There are limitations to reality.

It's vital to believe, and have faith in ourselves, along with our ambitions, hopes and forethought, that enable us to reach our goals through commitment to hard work, and to perform the tasks at hand. Patience, faith, and perseverance are necessary to manifest the potentials and capacities, and will give us structure and direction.

Believe that all things are possible.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ace of Cups - Abundance and Creativity

When I look at the Ace of Cups, I get such a good feeling from this card, the reason being is, that it symbolizes abundance and creativity that is overflowing.
 Cups symbolize emotion and Aces are the spark or seed of raw growth and overwhelming awakening of passion. Aphrodite the Goddess of love rises up out of the foamy ocean.

There now exists an opportunity to accept what is being offered in the cup she holds, in the form of a spiritual gift of creativity, and the beginning of a great journey of the heart. The individual is ready to embark on the journey of love, after a renewed found faith, in a God of your understanding, and in having a belief in the self and in that inner voice we all have.

It could be the bright and heady beginnings of a relationship with another, or with the psyche or soul. You are being given the choice to accept the offer of abundance. Remember it is not without work, commitment, sacrifice, and with a continued faith and belief.

May of us are more comfortable giving to others rather than to ourselves. This card augers a time of faith in one self, knowing and realizing you deserve good things in this life, and in love. It is a matter of acceptance and faith and saying yes to ourselves.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nine of Pentacles - Surviving and Thriving

The cards amaze me, in that, when a card or cards are drawn, they always have a message, leaving me with a sense of wonder, and mystery. Some cards have a stronger, clearer message than others. Nonetheless, they always have a message giving clarity. This morning was no different, when I drew the Nine of Pentacles. It's a timely card.

Wisdom, talent, and knowledge are at the forefront, but alas no love life. Yup that would be me. Wealth is to follow. Really? No more dust sandwiches? Well that certainly would be a relief, but my fear of financial insecurity, I don't see this going to be ending any time soon, but time has a way of flying by, and the good news is, it won't be a long time coming.

 However, wealth is not always about financial gain. It is better to prefer and value wisdom, knowledge, talent, and the personal satisfaction that comes with these attributes; even and especially if obtained through many tribulations and troubles.

 Self-sufficiency and accomplishment come from within oneself, and finding the self-value, embodied in permanence and indestructibility, which is the meaning only reflected, and found in the Nine of Pentacles from the Minor Arcana. It is a card of survival, meeting all of life's challenges and going on to thrive.

There is strong sense of one's own identity here, and knowing what you are made of, understanding the worth of one's life, but it is not a inflated opinion.. This perception of self, is not dependent the validation of others but comes from within the soul, from finding your inner beauty.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Five of Cups - All Is Not Lost!

This card, the Five of Cups can represent some of the most difficult obstacles in our personal life, particularly in regards to our relationships, that are tested over time, and there are often regrets over past actions relating to betrayal. Not intentional betrayal of another necessarily, but toward one's self, and being honest.

It feels like we have lost absolutely everything we love, dreams have been unfulfilled, our hearts are completely broken, and we wear the cloak of mourning, as if there has been a death.
We say to ourselves " If only..."

The Five of Cups can look like a very bleak card, full of despair. Psyche who has betrayed Eros, desperately runs after her. The four cups are spilled on to the floor, but the fifth cup remains full and standing. But Psyche takes no notice. The full cup represents, all is not lost, if we take up the challenge and commit to making a brighter future.

Depending on our attitude towards our circumstances, struggles and difficulties we find ourselves in at present, it can feel impossible to see the lessons, to be gleaned from the situation. We can become myopic, and can't see the forest for the trees. We may find ourselves in denial about what has happened, getting caught up in our sadness, and trouble hearts. We don't see what there is to be grateful for, and there is to be learned. The cup isn't half full, it is full.

We can rise from the ashes as a stronger individual, having an attitude of gratitude. This make all the difference in our happiness.

Loss, tragedy, and heartbreak can give us insight, and even epiphanies. These can give us experience, strength and hope, that we can share with to others. Solutions hide in our obstacles. This has truly been my own experience.

Today all too frequently, people are either rushing into relationships or trying to get out by running away. We often don't slow down, and reflect on our lives long enough, to take an inventory of ourselves, to figure out what it is we really want, or need. Too often we want what we can't have, or don't want what we have, and then wonder why happiness seems to elude us, instead of appreciating and accepting, what we do have. Certainly if I am not happy within myself, we will never be happy with another, regardless of my circumstance.

We all experience loss in our lives. Some people experience more than their fair share of loss, but they are able to overcome, and they inspire others through their example, turning their weakness into strength.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Knight of Cups - Love, Beauty, and Truth

Romanticism may seem foolish to a world that appears jaded and cynical in it's perspective, and some might possibly question, if such a thing even exists today. The Knight of Cups is seated on a elegant white horse, carries a golden cup much like the Holy Grail, and is crossing  a stream teaming with fish and life. As mentioned in previous posts, the Suit of Cups are connected with the emotion, relationships, friendship and romance. Also associated with the element of water, and the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The suit can also refer to those with an artistic temperament.

The Knight of Cups is an earnest, positive, persuasive, and an attractive individual, who is on a quest, perhaps a quest that is romantic or of a spiritual nature. The individual has a vision of what life should look like in the mind's eye, and in their heart of hearts.

 This card in the Minor Arcana, I am personally very fond and identify with, because this is a portrayal of an individual on a mission to find what it is he seeks in life. Some what of a heroic figure, he believes in holy love conjoined with earthly love, in beauty and in truth. Without this kind of individual, the world would be bleak, colourless, and full of despair.

Some can find many loves in life, either in a committed and meaningful relationship with another, or we find a passion for something that becomes our vocation, that gives us another purpose in life. The fish is a spiritual symbol.

I have always been a great admirer of Pre-Raphealite art work, because it is full of romanticism, and it tells a story. The painting entitled, The Lady of Shallot, by John William Waterhouse, though he was a Neo-Classic painter, he was influenced by many of the Pre-Raphealites, and romantic poets. His subject matter was often based on Mythology.

The story behind the painting depicts Lord Tennyson's poem, that is tragic, but beautiful, none the less. Loreena McKennit put Tennyson's poem to music.

Romanticism inspires the imagination and feeds the soul. Artists are often moved to produce great art because of romanticism, as it we longingly aspire to be transported to an ethereal and spiritual world. I believe the world needs to experience romanticism that deepens, nurtures the spirit, and this can be found not only in our imagination but in love, beauty and in truth. This is the message of the Knight of Cups.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Page of Wands - Let Your Voice Be Heard!

The Page of Wands in the Minor Arcana makes me think of the old proverb, don't hide your lamp under a bushel.

This card indicates that you should let your voice be heard, don't be shy and speak up! Don't allow others put out your fire, your creativity, ideas, and efforts. Surround yourself with those who nurture, and are supportive of your imagination.

You may find that yourself at odds with some folks, as they could interpret your restlessness and irritability as nothing but notions, when it is simply the fragile beginnings of an emerging creative spirit.

 Pages are messengers and the Suit of Wands ( Rods) symbolize action, energy, growth, ideas, creation and expression of spirit.

The card can represent a young, lively person, full of ideas, who may be an intern or an apprentice. This card shouts the message that good news is on the way, and let your light shine!

Too many of us often have our imagination and creative spirit squelched at a young age and even into our adult life. This not only happens within families, but it happens in our educational system, which makes the world and society a poorer place to live.

We are all born with a creative spirit and imagination. It is a God given gift, and we should all do whatever we can, to develop and nurture it within ourselves, and others, and especially with and for our children.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Two of Pentacles - Balance

This Minor Arcana card, the Two of Pentacles that I drew today is appropriate, and something I find useful for me right now. It's the card that signifies balance; juggling things and the matters of life, and not loosing sight of other areas, that are in need of attention and care. We can't take on more than we can handle.

Material matters may be disrupted in some way.
Daedalus is portrayed here at the table where all the tools of his trade are spread before him. This represents if we take on too much we can loose our way. If we are to put our money and energy to work, we must be firmly grounded, in order to do so with patience and hard work, one step at a time.

Many years ago I learned to juggle with those hard rubber balls. It's not an easy skill to learn. Many folks, when they decide they want to learn how to juggle, or any other skill, think they can skip the steps needed to learn. We start with one ball at a time, one step at a time. Once we can conquer the first skill, we can move on to the next and work our way through each steps.
In a similar way, the concerns we have that pertain to our lives, like juggling this requires us to first have our feet securely planted on the ground, we need to be relaxed, so we can focus, and concentrate on the task at hand. We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted, thwarted by storms, or chaos that are going on around us. Our priorities and goals need to be clear, set in our minds, and built upon on sure footing but being light footed simultaneously.

We learn to develop a skill by watching another who is skilled. Then we are shown the skill, and we follow up with practice, which leads to mastery of the skill. It is important to have mentors, that we can learn from. But it is ultimately up to us to do the leg work necessary for us to accomplish our goals, and we can ask for help.

The key to keeping your balance is knowing when you've lost it. Anonymous

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

King of Pentacles - Quality Over Quantity

Among all of the Minor Arcana Court Cards, the King of Pentacles is the " General Manager " of the Universe at least this is the individual's intention. The attitude is to take charge and to be in charge.
The individual is very good at being successful,, putting ahead of anything else, the priorities of material gain, via one's organizational skills, the ability to make money, and climbing the ladder of success.

However, the warning is, that a vulnerability exists, in spite of the person's self-confidence, self-image as being powerful, and in control of their life. The higher one climbs the ladder, the further, and harder the fall.

Shortsightedness in seeing what is truly important in life, such as family life, and relationships, will hurt not only those you love, and those who love you, this will leave only loneliness, discontentment, and ultimately unhappiness, if you do not get your priorities straight. Putting material and monetary gain over relationships, will lead to disappointment, disillusion and heartache.

The warning is, we need to be careful what we wish for. Having a quality of life style, as opposed to having quantity is requires using discernment when it comes to ambition, desire for recognition, and need for material security. Power, money and our ego can corrupt. It's the choice we have to make between what is right and wrong, good and bad.

That's the bad news. The good news is, the King is mature man, at the peak of his career, successful and wealthy in a worldly position and achievement. He is a leader, a devoted husband, has the " Midas Touch ", and the gift of actualizing, and manifesting creative ideas in the world, and everything he touches turns to gold! 

King Midas

Monday, April 7, 2014

Nine of Cups - The Wish Card

The card I pulled this morning from the Minor Arcana, the Nine of Cups is a very appropriate one today after hearing very early of someone I love is very near death. I have a specific wish and a prayer for him and his family.

Commonly referred to as the ' Wish Card '. Usually indicated that the Questioner, or Seeker will be granted their wish, often in the form of a material nature, however it can also indicate the fulfillment of an emotional dream. Like the previous card I drew yesterday, the Ten of Cups signifies, peace, contentment and fulfillment.

Here, the Nine of Cups, Psyche and Eros stand face to face. There is celebration of their restored, honest and the forgiving reunion of love for one another. Aphrodite raises a cup, blessing their union.

This card represents an inner journey toward a validated commitment to, and through one's efforts of being true to values, and beliefs within and outside ourselves, come what may.

We all have wishes and dreams. Dreams are important to have in life, and we must have the firm belief in our selves to realistically actualize, and to achieve them, regardless of the struggles and obstacles, that lay ahead on the road. Some dreams, wishes and even prayers are fulfilled and answered, some are not, and they can change along the way and often have to, when there comes a realization, that we must accept, and let go of certain dreams.

Continued commitment to trust and to be loyal to our own feelings, allows us to still believe in our dreams and wishes and that our prayers will in fact be answered.

The message here is relationships and life are not about living happily ever after, whether it be with our siblings, friends, or significant other.

Life is far from perfect, nor are human beings. We make mistakes, and need to find in our heart of hearts forgiveness, toward ourselves, toward others, and toward life itself, which can seem cruel and very unfair.

We need to forgive for ourselves in order to restore our relationships, with ourselves, with others, and with the God of our understanding, in order to find peace, contentment, fulfillment and happiness.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ten of Cups - Happiness

The suit of Cups represents feelings and the emotions. Out of all the cards in the Minor Arcana, The Ten of Cups is one of my favourites, as it is a card  of happiness, ongoing peaceful and permanent contentment in a united family, and within the realm of the heart.

Statistically the data is not so positive, reflected in our society, regarding relationships. The majority of folks are single. The divorce rates are very high, and chances of divorce, apparently become even greater, the more times we marry. It is easy to feel somewhat cynical, pessimistic and even jaded about relationships within the existing state of affairs between the sexes.

If the facts are correct, those who are married are supposedly happier than single folk. I then ask, if this is the case, why then are there not more people married?
I digress, but that said, it does not mean we can not achieve a very happy harmonious state, we definitely can, but not without work on ourselves and within our relationships.

Happiness is an inside job. No person, place, or thing makes us happy. We are responsible for our own happiness. Happiness is directly dependent on a daily practice and proportionate to being grateful, and having an attitude of gratitude, choosing to not allow the ego to get in the way. Happiness is a choice.

The Ten of Cups points specifically to a spiritual foundation, and connectedness with the Divine. The couple portrayed in the card has that divine foundation, which includes the God of their own understanding. Upon this firm foundation, they have built a deep love, giving their relationship a sustained, continued contentment, and permanence. The couple are winged, as angels, and like angels, are spiritual beings having a human experience.

 It has been said, that when we open our hearts to another, we can see the reflection of God. We pass through many tests, tribulations, trials and difficulties; life is always full of them. Honesty, humility, and acceptance, can connect us to our own souls and then, deeply to another. 

A very holy man once said, when two individuals choose to love one another, they become like two whole intersected circles, or both join one another, within one circle. This circle should expand to be inclusive and outreaching to others. The circle should not decrease, or become smaller, but should increase in size to include others in our lives, as a reflection and example of God's love.

Gretchen Rubin has a great site,  The Happiness Project that I love. I have posted one of her videos below.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Six of Pentacles - Harmony

As you can see, the fellow sitting in the chair is about to generously give his coins away to the man at his feet.

The Sixth of Pentacles in the Minor Arcana, is a harmonious card of philanthropy, generosity and the renewal of faith in one's capacities.

There is reward to be found in the giving of oneself. Benevolence toward another, and toward ourselves restores and renews our faith in the human race, and we are given a belief in who we are, and in our ability. We can be given a hand up when someone demonstrates kindness, and generosity. They believe in us, and we then can begin to believe in ourselves. We need not only to be charitable to others, but to ourselves as well.

 Often we are more ready to always give to others, and forget about taking care of our own needs. It's all about balance and being respectful toward everyone, including ourselves. We can't give away what we don't have.

We can happily accept generosity, but it is essential that we do not take advantage, thinking that we can now relax, sit on our laurels, and do nothing. We need to continue to do our part, and work hard at what it is we can do, figure out and accept what we cannot do, in a way that demonstrates our own personal integrity. Never underestimate the value and importance of small kindnesses.

The slogan that says, by giving it away, you keep what you have, is a good philosophy. At the same time it does not mean that we can expect to be rewarded for our generosity, but we need to believe that things will work out, if we have faith, in spite of our losses and struggles. We discover we can give unconditionally, which makes us better people, we can be an example to others and change lives, including our own.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ten of Pentacles - Permanence

My apologies to my readers for having no posts as of late. My internet had been up and down, but mostly down the past few weeks, the result of power outages due to Spring snow storms, and problems with my new devices for my internet settings. Thankfully it's all good now!

In spite of nothing in this life being permanent, the internet appears to be, unless it doesn't work! One can get the impression that the internet, and our online presence will live on forever, even after we leave this mortal coil.

Ironically, the card I picked today from the Minor Arcana is, the Ten of Pentacles, the card of permanence, signifying what outlasts us, and the legacy we leave. It can be in the form of material possessions, and life achievements, that are passed on to others and the ones we love. This legacy can also be the creative ideas that endure through the example we have imparted, through our values and beliefs. These creative ideas can  also be in those tangible ways through a book, writing, a painting or other artistic achievements. What is passed on to us or to others matters greatly. What we have achieved , whether it be in material inheritance is something not to be squandered or misused. It can give us not only a feeling of security and contentment, but perhaps more importantly, it gives a deep sense of belonging, and the knowledge that we are loved.

There is a lesson that can be gleaned here, in that we need to pass along, or pay it forward, what is so freely given to us.

Today I saw the return of the Canada geese on my frozen over salt marsh. They come every Spring, and that seems also to be permanent. I hope for their return always year after year.

The one thing that is always permanent is hope, which really does spring eternal, in spite of the storms of life that come our way. It is my hope that Spring will always come again.