Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ten of Cups - Happiness

The suit of Cups represents feelings and the emotions. Out of all the cards in the Minor Arcana, The Ten of Cups is one of my favourites, as it is a card  of happiness, ongoing peaceful and permanent contentment in a united family, and within the realm of the heart.

Statistically the data is not so positive, reflected in our society, regarding relationships. The majority of folks are single. The divorce rates are very high, and chances of divorce, apparently become even greater, the more times we marry. It is easy to feel somewhat cynical, pessimistic and even jaded about relationships within the existing state of affairs between the sexes.

If the facts are correct, those who are married are supposedly happier than single folk. I then ask, if this is the case, why then are there not more people married?
I digress, but that said, it does not mean we can not achieve a very happy harmonious state, we definitely can, but not without work on ourselves and within our relationships.

Happiness is an inside job. No person, place, or thing makes us happy. We are responsible for our own happiness. Happiness is directly dependent on a daily practice and proportionate to being grateful, and having an attitude of gratitude, choosing to not allow the ego to get in the way. Happiness is a choice.

The Ten of Cups points specifically to a spiritual foundation, and connectedness with the Divine. The couple portrayed in the card has that divine foundation, which includes the God of their own understanding. Upon this firm foundation, they have built a deep love, giving their relationship a sustained, continued contentment, and permanence. The couple are winged, as angels, and like angels, are spiritual beings having a human experience.

 It has been said, that when we open our hearts to another, we can see the reflection of God. We pass through many tests, tribulations, trials and difficulties; life is always full of them. Honesty, humility, and acceptance, can connect us to our own souls and then, deeply to another. 

A very holy man once said, when two individuals choose to love one another, they become like two whole intersected circles, or both join one another, within one circle. This circle should expand to be inclusive and outreaching to others. The circle should not decrease, or become smaller, but should increase in size to include others in our lives, as a reflection and example of God's love.

Gretchen Rubin has a great site,  The Happiness Project that I love. I have posted one of her videos below.

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