Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nine of Pentacles - Surviving and Thriving

The cards amaze me, in that, when a card or cards are drawn, they always have a message, leaving me with a sense of wonder, and mystery. Some cards have a stronger, clearer message than others. Nonetheless, they always have a message giving clarity. This morning was no different, when I drew the Nine of Pentacles. It's a timely card.

Wisdom, talent, and knowledge are at the forefront, but alas no love life. Yup that would be me. Wealth is to follow. Really? No more dust sandwiches? Well that certainly would be a relief, but my fear of financial insecurity, I don't see this going to be ending any time soon, but time has a way of flying by, and the good news is, it won't be a long time coming.

 However, wealth is not always about financial gain. It is better to prefer and value wisdom, knowledge, talent, and the personal satisfaction that comes with these attributes; even and especially if obtained through many tribulations and troubles.

 Self-sufficiency and accomplishment come from within oneself, and finding the self-value, embodied in permanence and indestructibility, which is the meaning only reflected, and found in the Nine of Pentacles from the Minor Arcana. It is a card of survival, meeting all of life's challenges and going on to thrive.

There is strong sense of one's own identity here, and knowing what you are made of, understanding the worth of one's life, but it is not a inflated opinion.. This perception of self, is not dependent the validation of others but comes from within the soul, from finding your inner beauty.

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