Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Four of Wands - Harvest & Reward

 Here we see Jason is celebrating with his sailing buddies, after the building of their great ship, the Argo. The group will set sail, and the ship will carry them on their voyage, in search of the Golden Fleece.

This is a very positive card, in that on a divinatory level, it augers a time for reward, and success. A creative idea has come to fruition, and it implies there is something worth celebrating. That said, this is the beginning of a hopeful journey, and there is still hard work ahead, before the goal is reached.

We never get to harvest and reward without the help of others. We can be very humbled, and often in amazement of how others can be so kind, and generous toward us. I believe these people are doing so, because someone was kind and generous to them, and they are simply paying it forward, as they say.

Having gratitude for the things received, and seemed not to deserve, hopefully will foster a humble attitude, in order to make us want to pass on to others, that, which was so freely given to us.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Queen of Cups - ' Drinking Deeply From The Cup of Life '

Relying on her intuition before her intellect, The Queen of Cups ' drinks deeply from the cup of life. '
I identify strongly with this Queen, because of her capacity for deep feeling emotion. She embodies an open heart, intense passion, and heralds the deepening and the development of the inner life.

I have never been much interested in intelligence quotient, as I have come to believe that an emotional quotient is far more important in life. I say this because I had a living problem, living life on life's terms. From the early age of five I learned to suppress, and then repress my emotion. In doing so, resulted in developing what I'll call, a disease of the emotion, and my heart was closed up tight.

Being hurt was the very thing I feared, which inevitably, happened over and over again, and it became a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy.

After twenty years of hard learned lessons, I now have an open heart and I've  learned balance it with wisdom, which has enabled me, like the Queen of Cups, to drink deeply from cup of life, and for that, I am deeply grateful.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Two of Cups - Relationship With Your Self

The Two of Cups is about relationship and love.
 I was visiting a friend tonight and when I got back home I drew this card. My friend and I had been having a real heart to heart talk about relationships and being single. We discussed what it is like to be in a bad relationship, that we had stayed in, because we didn't want to be alone. We agreed when you reach the point when you are so miserable with little to no happiness, contentment or peace of mind, it is time to get out.

This scenario makes me think of that jumping off point, many an alcoholic experiences, and that we talk about.You can't live without the booze, and you can't live with it. It's a very desperate state of mind.

It isn't always easy to be alone, but it is far harder to be alone, and lonely in a relationship, that is unhappy, and unhealthy. What I have learned, the hard way, over the years is, there are far worse things than being alone and single. The other important thing I learned, is that I had to have a good relationship with myself, to be happy with who I am, to be comfortable in my own skin, and love myself enough to know, I am the only person responsible for my own happiness; that I deserve to be happy, whether I am in a relationship or on my own, as a single person.

Another person can hopefully add to our happiness, but they can not make us happy.
Here in the Minor Arcana card, the Two of Cups, Eros and Psyche have become whole people within themselves, and they bring this to their relationship. They are complete, and happy individuals, prior to being united as a couple. They don't complete each other, and have their eyes wide open.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Nine of Pentacles - Wisdom, Knowledge & Talent

What the Nine of Pentacles represents, I don't think I could ask for more in life, wisdom, knowledge and talent. I can find wisdom in many spiritual writings, and experience, it provides me with much instruction and knowledge.

Talent is something a little different in that we are not all equal in having the same talents. But we all have the capacity to develop skills, if we have the passion, and we work at practicing those skills to be learned. I think having a passion is more important than concerning yourself with talent.
Of course, being an artist, when I hear the word talent, I immediately relate it to creativity, which I believe everyone is born with, in some way or another, regardless if you consider yourself an artist or not.

I am very fond of the Nine of Pentacles, because it is a very positive and encouraging card, that speaks of achievement, recognition and reward for real efforts made.

The Nine of Pentacles is a very appropriate, and timely card for me today, for a number of reasons.
I'm finally, very soon, reaching the end of a twenty year mortgage, that I will be free of next month!
I have submitted two paintings for art exhibits coming up within the next two weeks.
Lastly, I am very excited, and encouraged about the beginnings of a new business I've started this year.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Ace of Swords - New World View

A new world view that the Ace of Swords represents, is a burst of raw creative energy like all Aces symbolize. This  new perception can create conflict as it threatens the old order. This is the double edge of the Ace of Swords. Regardless, the message is, the awakening of mental powers, means a change in one's life, in spite of ensuing struggle.

I believe this struggle is not always coming from others, and it may be arising out of our own protests, because as the old adages says, "old habits die hard." Most of us don't like change, but we can learn to let go, go with the flow, and even invite change into our lives. We all have a story, and we can change our own story and that, can change the world.

Change is always daunting because of the possible uncertainties ahead. The 'what ifs,' the why, when and what, can get to us. This is all more reason to love and live in the present moment. It's a useless endeavour, projecting into the future or regretting the past, as it robs us of our happiness.

To practice and to have mindfulness is a great new world view.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Four of Swords - It's Time To Take A Break

The Four of Swords speaks of rest and repose, urges us to seek serenity amidst the storm. It's time to chill, chill-ax and relax. It sounds good, and I do try to do this especially under stress. That's not so easy, but it is the best time to make effort to relax. Often for many of us, we might think, well that's a luxury we can't afford. But I say, I don't think we can afford not to indulge, because as it is known, stress increases our cortisol levels, which increase the risk of disease, and illnesses of every kind.

I have to say, I think of Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, that states we have to have our basic needs met first, before we can move forward; needs such as food, safety, love, and self-esteem. I think this is an important consideration, before we are too quick to judge, either ourselves or another, because they don't have the juice to keep going, when the show that must go on! 
Without having our basic needs met, taking the time to recoup and withdraw in stillness and solitude, we cannot 'marshal one's thoughts and order one life. '

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Invocation of The Orchard

 Here's a photo of my alter in my art studio.

  The old antique Buddha has been in my family before I was born. The story is, my father won it from a Chinese man he was playing poker with, many years ago. The Buddha was I expect, part of my father's cache from the game. He was a good poker player.When I look at this Buddha it always sparks the memory of my father and family. They have all left this earthly coil now, and I miss them very much every day.

Ganesh, the Hindu elephant God, of new beginnings, he is the destroyer vanity, selfishness, and removes obstacles, and he symbolizes abundance. I picked this up from a friend at our local market, and it has a small sandalwood candle, my favourite scent. I have a deep love of elephants. I have a vivid memory of going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, and how in absolute awe I was, when seeing an ancient statue of Gamesh. I left him a few coins like everyone does.

 The singing bowl, that invokes meditation, 'Singing bowls (also known as Himalayan or Tibetan singing bowls) are widely used form of bells.' In Buddhist practice, singing bowls are used as a support for meditation, when you tap it with the small stick. It was a gift from a friend who picked it up at a Buddhist retreat in Arizona. She gave it to me when she left, returning to Colorado.

 The box covered in silk, holds my Tarot cards, and was also given to me by a childhood friend. It is very special to me, as is my friend. 

The copper angel candle holder I picked up from somewhere I don't remember, from a second hand store I think. I love and believe strongly in angels in our lives.

My alter reflects my eclectic interests in different paths to spirituality.

 When I first began to learn and study the Tarot, I was very drawn and interested in Kabbalah, Jewish Mysticism. I've always loved learning about mysticism and different Mystics, like Rumi, Julian of Norwich, Saint John of The Cross etc. Because of my family name being  Jewish Germanic, which I knew very little about, as my great grandfather came for Poland before WW11 and was an orphan, and so I felt a strong connection to Judaism.

 I spent a long time learning about Kabbalah and how it was related to Tarot. I became very absorbed, and it became a part of my artwork, particularly when I was exploring different sacred trees that represented The Tree of Life, and I was fascinated to learn as much as I could. All of this study brought me to where I am now with the Tarot, and it has opened up the world to me in so many ways.

Kabbalah Tree of Life - Catherine Meyers

 I found this prayer which I often say before I begin my readings. It helps to focus my heart on the God of my understanding. I find it comforting, in that I imagine walking through this great forest, The Orchard.

Invocation of The Orchard
 "I pass through this orchard remembering that what I may learn, and what may pass before my 
eyes will be for the purpose of healing the world, and bringing Unity into this dimension, into the plane of human awareness. This orchard is the transition point between the transcendant and the imminent - the abstract and the concrete.
My personal path can adapt and absorb this forest slowly, and as it sees fit. My basic personhood remains intact, while sampling the myriad forms and concepts in the grove. Drinking from the river of delights of the Creator's house, my own specific root into the infinite is a path of emanation along which I can safely and respectfully traverse.
"All the world is a very narrow bridge - but the point is to be fearless."
Sepher Malchus is the grounding point, where I am centered, and where I will return after contemplating the trees, springs, fragrances, and many-faceted gems in the enclosure. Sepher Malchus is the point of connection and return to my personal concrete reality and viewpoint, to my ideal stability."

*  Sepher Malchhus relates to the Earth.

Tree of Life - Catherine Meyers

Eight of Wands - Confidence

This card always takes me back when first seeing it, because of the ship in the turbulent sea. Then when I see the dolphins, it gives me the feeling of joy that freedom gives.

 It's always surprising to me when I draw my daily Tarot card. I look at the card, and often think, what the heck can that card possibly mean? This can't make any relevant sense? But the cards always make sense, regardless if initially, I think that they don't. This morning is no different.

The Eight of Wands brings the message of having confidence, and hope in forward progress, after struggle.

When we go through hard times, and struggle with burdens for so long it is an indescribable, wonderful feeling when we are released from them. Old habits, routines, and ways of living under duress, abuse or whatever our burdens, are hard to let go of sometimes, because they become entrenched in our personalities, we get used to doing without, and just trying to keep our head above water, to survive. It can be hard to trust life again.

This kind of circumstance makes me think of something I heard about today on CBC Radio. The story of Raju the elephant, and how he was rescued from his abusers in India, by an organization called Wildlife SOS. It's a very painful story to learn about, but at the same time a happy one, to know he has been released from being abused and in captivity after 50 years in chains.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Seven of Pentacles - Difficult Decisions and Patience

The Seven of Pentacles speaks of hard work, but more consistent effort is needed. Well I've been told! But it is also a card about patience, things will happen, just not now. Oh how I do know about that today, all to well!

A difficult decision is evident in this card, care and forethought are needed, if the decision is the continue to develop what has already been constructed or to put energy into a new project. New project for me!!!

This card makes me reflect about the Autumnal Equinox, and changes in the weather, in the environment, and being a season full of contradiction. I always feel happy and sad at the same time in the Fall. It has always been this way for me. It is a time of nostalgia, bitter and sweet. The smells of wood smoke, and dying leaves are intoxicating. The sights of the Autumn are so sensual, and at the same time almost psychologically threatening, because I know Winter is coming, and it's hard to let go of the Summer. All the challenges ahead of going through those cold, dark and long days are hard to embrace. The changes of the season can speak of finite ending, even though intellectually I know this isn't true.

In many ways it is actually a hopeful time, of new beginnings. But one thing for certain is, it is about change. We reflect on making decisions, and prepare for the season, or at least we need to, and this can seem overwhelming in many ways. We would never be able to appreciate the Spring without the Winter, which has it's own on deep beauty. Just like we can't really appreciate the sweet without the bitter.
Pentacles represent the element of earth and the Winter season. Oh boy I'm getting anxious just thinking about it! Breath in, breath out.

Seven, being a creative number, signifies the opportunity for intelligent, creative, unique action and is associated with perfection. I always think of the seven gifts of the spirit. It signifies waiting for the thing we most want, the unexpected delivery, and represents the waiting for a miracle. That happened today,  another tarot reading client, and my blog reached over 6,000  views, and I have an exciting upcoming art exhibit! Even though it might appear to be a minor thing to someone else, it isn't for me, and I am very grateful!

However being the optimist I am, and having had many years of practicing, and developing the virtue of patience, and thanks to the reminder forever embedded in my brain, from Mrs. Samara, my good natured, grade nine geography teacher, who would always say out loud enough for only me to hear, " Patience is a virtue " and I am still practicing.The poor woman I'm sure our class drove her to the edge. She must have had a lot of patience, as having lived into her late nineties!

And so here's to letting go of endings, embracing beginnings, the change of seasons, difficult decisions,  miracles and patience!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Two of Wands - Courage

In drawing the Two of Wands this morning, courage is the subject.

In this Minor Arcana card, we find Chiron the healer, astrologer, teacher, and tutor with a youth nurturing nature, and as Jason's life long protector. Chiron played very important roll in Jason's life from birth, and into his adulthood. Without Chiron to help and protect Jason, there would be no Golden Fleece. Not unlike those in our own lives, who act as our own courageous mentors, champions, and personal heroes, they inspire, enable our visions to come into fruition, help us to achieve our goals, and without them, we would not be able to realize or forge our dreams.

To live a life of courage is not necessarily manifested in heroic events, like saving the lives of the drowning, rescuing others from burning buildings etc. These events, and heroes should be held in very high esteem, and revered.

There are also those heroes who persevere, living everyday lives, performing acts of courage, and simply living their daily lives. So many mothers, fathers and families and mentors, strive to impart loving values to children, protecting and lifting up others who are discouraged, frightened or without hope in a world filled with so much strife, poverty, disease, and violence. These heroes are more often unsung, but are the protectors of the vulnerable and of truth.

Brazilian lyricist and writer Paulo Coelho describes, "An act of courage is always an act of love."

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The World - Transcendence

Wow, I drew the World this morning! This card always makes me feel good. It gives a great sense of wholeness, represents spiritual rebirth, and transcendence. I believe we are always transcending in one way or another. Some of us are moving at a faster pace, some slower, and at varying times, and stages. It's not a competition, thank God for that.

Achievement and integrating our mind, body, and heart  is what connects us to the Divine, enabling us to  experience life as being fully alive.

The World is an ideal goal rather than something that we can completely possess. This card brings us back to the bond and connection with the Fool's journey of discovery, through the opposing forces of one's human nature, the conscious and unconscious.

The great cycle ends where it begins, like the World Snake, completing the circle. Just when we think we have arrived, another challenge along our life journey arises, and we continue to grow and change.

The world and what is happening in it, can weigh us down, if we let it, depending on our perception and our attitude. I am most fond of this quote that I am happy to share with you.

" Wearing the world as a loose garment means not being upset by the surface wrongness of things but feeling deeply secure in the fundamental goodness and purpose of the universe"

Friday, September 19, 2014

Two of Cups - Relationship

I spent a good part of the afternoon doing an online Tarot reading for a client. She has actually become a friend, as we have corresponded through email and phone calls. I didn't have a chance to draw my daily Tarot card, and get my post online, as I was preoccupied, allowing myself to become rather anxious, over nothing, as per usual, prior to really getting involved with my reading for my friend. After this was completed, I was happy to call, and tell her reading was completed and I'd sent it off to her in an email.

After supper, I did my other blog post on my other blog http://catherinemeyersartist.blogspot.com and then decided I would do a my usual daily card draw. My immediate question was something entirely different, but decided against that, and asked a question unrelated to my first question which I think was an intuitive because it was what was really in my my heart of hearts. I asked the second question anyway. What came up was the Two of Cups a card representing relationships, personal and business, which was directly related to my the first question.

Once I realized the card was addressing my first question, this caused me to reflect on what it is I love most about reading Tarot cards for people. There are many things, but mostly I greatly appreciate that it gets my focus off of myself, and on to relationship with others. I think this is one of, if not the most important aspect of being a Tarot Card Reader. It builds relationship with others, in an intimate confidential way, that allows the questioner and the reader to open their heart, mind, and soul to another human being, and to themselves.
Tarot allows me to learn something every day, about others, about myself and about life. It's a beautiful thing really.

In the mean time, only I know what my initial question was, and I have got my answer, but that's only for me to know.

Crescent Moon Bear - Catherine Meyers

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Magician - The Guide -The Trickster

When I drew the Magician this morning, I was pretty excited, as had never happened in a daily drawn card.
Here we meet the God Hermes, often called the Trickster, the child born of spiritual light, and primordial darkness. He is a mixture of earthly passion and spiritual clarity. He may give us answers to some of our questions, but they may not always be the right answers for us, and so we need to draw from our discerning insight.

Being the master of the four elements, he guides the traveler, the wanderer and the homeless, and is the inner guide of the unconscious and offers us wisdom often when we most need it, at critical and difficult moments. His wisdom is manifested through our intellectual, imaginative, emotional and physical selves. He directs us toward our undeveloped potential skills and creative capacities.

The Magician is a spiritual teacher and the protector of the Fool who is blind, but when he meets up with Hermes, the journey becomes possible.

the Trickster by gluki-goroda

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Seven of Cups - Reality and Fantasy

The Seven of Cups speaks of an emotional situation with the potential of a positive outcome. This is a card of fantasy and reality.

Here Psyche is confronted by Aphrodite, who points to the seven golden cups in the air, which symbolize 'castles in the air'. Psyche fantasizes about the future, which cannot be realized without the acceptance of the reality of hard work and sacrifice.

I think there was a show on television once, called "Reality Bites." It does much of the time. Sometimes we are faced with situations were we become painfully aware that we can't go on in denial or fantasy. It is a difficult decision we are sometimes faced with in our day to day lives, and this can result in a very heavy heart, because it may appear we are damned if we do, and damned if we don't.We can feel like we are between a rock and a hard place, because of the limitations that reality offers, in spite of our hope for a better future circumstance.

It is essential that we carefully consider our decisions, however we must make decisions. Whatever the outcome, we will have to accept, but it is necessary that we decide in order to move forward.
We will always face difficult choices in our lives, and like Psyche we must learn to have patience, faith and perseverance in order to have the strength to make our choices based on reality, not fantasy. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Nine of Cups - The Wish Card

The Wish Card. Who could wish for more? My wish is for world peace, for an end of poverty, the elimination of disease and to live in a world free from pollution. That's a lot of wishes I know, perhaps too many. This card causes me I think about the previous card I drew yesterday, The Star, the card of hope.

I'm not one to believe in luck, nor am I superstitious. I do believe in hope, and in the power of faith, hope and prayer because this is what tangibly works for me, not wishing for luck.

The Wish Card is about joy, restoration, fulfillment and blessings that come after heartache, struggle and great disappointment.

The Nine of Cups signifies an inner journey of honesty, that we decide to embark upon, a validation of our commitment and loyalty to our feelings, emotional dreams, and our values, regardless of what has gone before, what is happening presently, and what may come to pass. This is hope. Perhaps The Wish Card should be called the Hope Card, and maybe wishes could be prayers.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Star - Hope

The Star is always a welcome card to draw, full of inspiration, possibility, creativity, insight, understanding, and new ideas.

It's lovely to have drawn such a hopeful positive Major Arcana card today.

As I reflect on what hope means and where I have found it, I conclude that hope means everything to me, because there have been many times in my life, when I felt like there was no hope. No hope for happiness. It was for others, but was elusive to me.

In 1994 I finally came to the realization that I was responsible for my own happiness. This gave me hope. Fortunately, I had a belief in the God of my understanding, that also gave me a lot hope, and after learning to care for myself, it I was able to care for others, and to understand hope, which I believe is a spiritual gift given through Grace.

Humility, humour and having a love for all humanity gives me hope.

The great hope I see, that others possess, in spite of having been through so much suffering and adversity, gives me hope.

Appreciating and being grateful for the little things, helps me to maintain hope.

Mostly hope is about trust, persistence, and prayer.

I would love to hear what hope means to you, and what gives you hope.

 “But let us not put our sights too high. We do not have to be saviours of the world! We are simply human beings, enfolded in weakness and in hope, called together to change our world one heart at a time.”
― Jean Vanier, Becoming Human 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Page of Wands - Self-Reliance

The main message here in the Page of Wands, that represents the element of Fire which embodies action and energy. This card urges us to express ourselves, and let our voices be heard, and not to hold back.

Expressing ourselves in a clear, precise, and assertive manner, is a way to feel good about ourselves. There is a confidence that comes from knowing, valuing, relying, and believing in yourself.

We let go of what others think, this may be risky in one way or another, as others may not approve or agree. They may even think that you've lost you mind all together, dismissing your ideas as silly or fantastical, especially if you have a particular goal, adventure or quest in mind.

I have been reading a wonderful book by Chris Guillebeau, The Happiness of Pursuit. In Chapter 5 entitled, Self-Reliance. There is something said here, that I think is very interesting, a very important point to consider when on a quest, and is at the heart of the Page of Wands, as it speaks of the need to be self-reliant, regardless of what others think or how they dismiss or judge you.


 Successful Outcome: brave, courageous, confident
 Failed Outcome: stupid, risky, naive, arrogant

Life is risky but nothing worth pursuing is risk free.

We need to be our own heroine or hero, having a deep sense of self-reliance and purpose, in expressing our creative voice. If not, we can experience a restlessness and unease, in unrealized hopes and dreams, possibly resulting in not having a sense of knowing who we really are, and what we can achieve through all the action and energy that the suit of Wands has to offer.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Six of Swords - More Than Ready

Well I must say, the Six of Swords is a much welcomed card that I drew this morning. Good news indeed, to see calmer seas ahead, and leaving the turbulent waters behind!

 In this card one comes to terms with their limitations,  possessing a tranquil mind regardless of their circumstance. This is not always easy, and takes practice. What is easy, is to forget that our lives have a pattern of hills and valleys, turmoil and serenity.

What is paramount, is striving to have a deep understanding of the meaning and cycle of life, of human behaviour and how this all relates to us, in order to move ahead into the future. Knowing what road we are on, and why, along with understanding how we got there, makes all the difference. We will be  more than ready for a peaceful passage with self-knowledge and insight, keeping our dignity and self-respect intact.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Page of Pentacles - Stay Calm, Be Brave, Watch For The SIgns

This morning drawing the Page of Pentacles I reflected on my day yesterday. The day was a succession of  things that went wrong it seemed. Very annoying, most inconvenient, and anxiety producing incidences which happened from the time I left the house until I returned. I was dealing with issues like car problems, money issues, and not being able to contact people I needed to. I know I am just venting but that said, there were also many things that went very right.

Human nature being what it is, we habitually look at the negative when  life does not go our way. This was me yesterday. But I am grateful nonetheless.

Today I am going to resolve not to do this awefulizing, I don't think this is an actual word but it works in describing what I am trying to say.

Not unlike all of the Pages that represent the young novice, or inexperienced individuals and beginnings, I see the Page of Pentacles as that young immature part of ourselves that can't quite get a handle on how to cope with the material world,and what happens. He thirsts for knowledge and works hard to obtain it.

The Page of Pentacles has a message as a framework for living life. The card urges us to take care of ourselves, mind, body and spirit, through exercise, relaxation and interests  doing so with care, gentleness and time.

The Page of Pentacles needs steady order without surprises that create an instability.  This springs from a fear of not being in control, and we feel we are loosing our focus. Yup that's me. The only thing I can control, is myself, and I have a hard enough time doing this, let alone anyone or anything else. It's all about fear really.

I am reminded of the saying on one of my very favourite CBC Radio shows, that is no longer on, but I remember it fondly, The Dead Dog Cafe. At the end of the show they would say, " Stay Calm, Be brave, Watch for the Signs." Though it was a comedy show, there was always an underlining serious and wise message. This was the one I especially liked, and have used it to help me through those days like yesterday, and now will continue to use it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Devil - Bondage

When the Devil card comes up in Tarot readings people generally get into an state of anxiety. I could be the same if I didn't know better, and besides I've been experiencing enough anxiety the past few days, without heaping more upon myself.

 There are positive and negative aspects of this card. I understand the negative very well, as a person in recovery and a member of a 12 step program for over 20 years. The positive is that I became honest, open minded, and willing enough to accept my shadow self and I have been recovering ever since.

Pan is the great god represented here, once worshiped by the Greeks, as the Great All. He roams and haunts the woods and pastures of Arcadia. His nature is characterized as being wild, fertile and untamed.
In Greek myth, Pan was not considered evil, but simply being in his natural state, untamed, and amoral.

Not surprisingly his name is derived from the word 'panic' and he likes to give folks sudden frights. Whenever this card comes up in readings I do, though it seldom does, the thought that comes immediately to mind, is one who is in some kind of inner bondage.

As human beings, we are all aware of our shadow self. The saying. " we are only as sick as our secrets" is very true. It takes humility and honesty to face the truth, to confront our shadow side, and the most shameful parts of ourselves, and to look into the face of Pan, in acceptance. The acceptance that Pan is merely natural not evil, enables us to release our creative power when we face our own darkness.

 If Pan does not face his shameful secrets, he will only exhibit a sense of superiority, projecting the worst of his character on to others,  manifested in the form of prejudice, bigotry, discrimination and persecution toward others, whom he considers 'evil.'

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Four of Wands - Friends

 In this card we see Jason gathered with his friends and shipmates, about to set off for their great adventure to find the Golden Fleece. This adventure of sailing to the ends of the earth is not only daunting, but it is something that cannot be done by Jason alone, and he knows it. This is why Jason gathers his friends around him. Each friend has different strengths, skills and inner resources upon which he can draw.
The Four of Wands like Jason's friends reminds me of the Four Elements, each one bringing it's particular nature.

Drawing the Four of Wands this morning made me wonder, what does this card have to say to me. Then I saw clearly, it speaks about the importance of having friendship with those we can trust. No one is an island, and we all need friends and we need to know how to be a good friend to others, to all God's creatures, and to the earth.

My mother, the very wise woman she was, would say, we can have many acquaintances, but if a person has a few close friends in life, they are very blessed. I have also found this to be very true. We can have long time friends and we can meet new friends that we feel close to, even though we may never meet them face to face, particularly in the age of the internet, meeting people from all over, the world. Many of our old friends we may not see for years but when we are reunited we pick up just where we left off, like we had never been apart, because we are bonded.

As I age I am  more and more grateful for my friends, as they have been and are like family to me, as I would be lost without them, and may never have survived the things I faced.
We have chosen one another. We cannot choose our families, and sometimes we are not as close to our biological family as the friends we choose as family. Friendship is precious.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Five of Wands - Awakened

I haven't been able to get to my blog the past few days. I've been busy battling the dragon like Jason. It felt like the dragon was winning. This card describes exactly what I have being experiencing. But the dragon-fight is with myself. Fighting ourselves can be the worst kind of battle when " the powers of the earth resist change "

I have been experiencing  'regressive inertia'. It has been more than a rut, but a combination of things that have resulted in me avoiding, procrastinating, and resisting reality. All this has collided with my creative energy, but now it's come to an apex and I am ready to accommodate reality and my imagination.

The Feminine energy of the High Priestess helped Jason and I must trust my intuition and my instincts and allow them to help me do the right thing, so I can grow and achieve my goals.

I have heard it said, and have experienced myself, in various situations, using the metaphor, of how the last mile of the race is the hardest, because you are exhausted, feeling overwhelmed, and want to give up. This is were faith, courage, trust, persistence and prayer come in for me. No one said a good life would be easy, but it is worth fighting for. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Six of Pentacles - Generousity

Although the Six of Pentacles has to do with the monetary generousity, I have to say, if we do not have a generousity of spirit our physical gifts are rather empty. There is a way of thinking of generousity that is making allowances for another's behaviour because of their intent. We can easily 'take' offense to what another does to us and we allow their behaviour to dictate how we behave. Instead of response we react but wanting to lash out, or start spinning our psychological wheels, feeling wronged or hurt, and maybe even feeling a little sorry for ourselves.

The Six of Pentacles is the perfect card for me at present. It is a good reminder for me not to take things personally, and be generous of spirit. God only knows there have been and are many folks being generous  with me.

It is very important for me to really know and understand, I am not perfect nor is anyone else, and so we need to be forgiving of one another in the generousity of spirit.

Hindu deity Lakshmi - the goddess of prosperity, wealth, purity, generosity, and the embodiment of beauty, grace and charm.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

' The Feminine Face of God '

La Loba /Wolf Woman - Catherine Meyers
Yesterday I posted the about the Empress, which was the card I drew from my Mythic Tarot deck.
The Empress (Demeter) is the Earth Mother. Her daughter is The High Priestess (Persephone) queen of the underworld, link to the inner world or ' the unconscious ', and guardian of the secrets of the dead.

I am posting today about these two particular cards because they directly relate to the amazing book I am reading that I have mentioned in my posts a number of times, The Heroine's Journey, by Maureen Murdock. There is so much more I would love to share about this book and why I think it is a very important book to read, but suffice to say I highly recommend it to anyone, but especially to those who are tarot readers. It is a book that enables a deep understanding of our feminine and masculine identity and how there needs to be a balance between the two within ourselves for wholeness.

The High Priestess is our guide to all that is mysterious and mystical. I have read that this card, more than any other in the tarot deck, embodies and symbolizes the tarot reader, which I agree with, because the High Priestess represents the knowledge of intuition, supernatural, instinct, secret and self knowledge, and I believe it is the reason why individuals become tarot readers, male or female.

Here are some excerpts from The Heroine's  Journey that I hope will provide for you  food for thought, that I think clarifies ideas about the feminine, masculine, and about mother and daughter.

 " The nature of the mother/daughter split is also determined by how a woman integrates the archetypal Mother into her psyche, which includes Mother Earth and the cultural view of the feminine.

Our collective psyche fears the power of Mother and does everything it can to destroy it. We take her nurturance for granted; we use, abuse, and dominate matter (mater) every time we get a chance. Every barrel of oil that pours into Prince William Sound, every ton of nuclear waste that is stored in the New Mexican desert, every tree that is suffocated by acid rain shows our enormous arrogance and disregard for her.

Our churches have pushed the feminine face of God underground for centuries, destroying her image and usurping her power for the male gods. How can we feel connected to the feminine when culture around us does everything in its power to make us forget? We bow before the gods of greed, domination, and ignorance and scoff at the feminine images of nurturance, balance, and generousity. We rape, plunder, and destroy the earth and expect her to give to us endlessly. This mother/daughter wound runs deep; it will take much to heal it. "

" Your inner man and woman
   have been at war
   they are both wounded
   and in need of care it is time
   to put down the sword
   that divides them in two "

" The Masculine is an archetypal force; it is not a gender. Like the feminine, it is a creative force that lives within all women and men. When it becomes unbalanced and unrelated to life it becomes combative, critical, and destructive. This unrelated archetypal masculine can be cold and inhuman; it does not take into account out human limitations. Its machismo tells us to forge ahead no matter what the cost. It demands perfection, control, and domination; nothing is ever enough. Our masculine nature is wounded. "

" It is the job of the heroine to enlighten the world by loving it-starting with herself. "

I have to say I was initially not clear about what is meant by the masculine not being a gender. Upon more reflection. I believe what is meant, is that masculine and feminine are archetypal forces, not gender. That makes sense to me. I found more information from this site.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Empress - Beauty and Bounty

Embracing the feminine is embodied in the Empress card. She is the epitome and symbol of motherhood, possesses the wisdom of nature, and she lives life with creative abundance, imagination and luxury. The Great Mother sets the standard for honouring and nurturing ourselves, imparting an understanding of living in our physical bodies and knowing that we are both creatures of the spirit, but also of the earth. She asks us to nourish life.

Embracing our light and dark instinctual nature is encountered in meeting the Empress. Our bodies are both valuable and precious which are worthy of being cared for as being part of nature, rooted and in natural life.

Without the Empress we cannot appreciate our physical selves, living in a purely intellectual world without being grounded in reality. She provides for us a connection to safety and a trust in life.

Monday, September 1, 2014

King of Cups - Emotional Intellect

The King of Cups is all about emotional balance, creativity, control, and the unconscious. It is a very clarifying and affirming card for me today, as I can occasionally feel overwhelmed, and confused by emotion.

I have learned through the Mythic Tarot that emotion and feelings are different.  " Emotion is a visceral reaction while and feeling is an active, intelligent faculty of choice. " Feelings need to be in sync with the intellect, and the intellect should be in conjunction with the heart, if we are to be in a balanced state. If we do not control our emotions, they will control us or often come out sideways. This does not mean we repress feelings and sentiment but our emotion and intellect together allow us to have relationships based on temperance, and understanding.

The King of Cups represents having a deep understanding of what it means to actualize our compassion toward  others and toward ourselves. This card encourages us to consider our dealings with others, and how we interact with them.

 Needing to exercise our emotional maturity when others are exhibiting negative energy is an essential strength and skill.

We must be clear about our boundaries, and know what is acceptable, and what is not, on an emotional level. Developing our unconscious and compassion are the skills that will help us to define these boundaries, they create balance and enable us, like the King of Cups, to be the master of our own feelings and to have an emotional intellect.