Monday, March 24, 2014

The Knight of Swords - Our Knight In Shining Armour!

The Knight of Swords is a court card in the Minor Arcana. Knights represent young men, usually single or older men, those of us who are young at heart, or emotionally dynamic. He is that knight in shining armor! The skilled warrior charging into battle, and like Sir Lancelot, is the defender of chivalry!

Being the hopeful romantic I am, when I see this card come up, I tend to get a little excited, and my heart does a turn around jump up and down, because I think for one second, oh, maybe there's a good guy on the horizon for this person, for whom I am reading.
This is not the case, but it is a lovely romantic thought nonetheless.
 I don't mean to burst every one's bubble, and I am not saying there aren't any men that are warriors, and our own personal kind of heroes, there certainly are.

This knight has a charming nature, that gives him an ability to get himself out of scrapes, and somehow always appears, just when you need him! However, often he doesn't weigh the consequences, and charges in like the proverbial bull in a china shop. Oh no! Now there's a problem, in spite of his good intentions. He may be good guy generally, but he also may be dangerous, so be forewarned,  proceed with caution. His arrogance and head strong attitude guises as confidence, but don't be fooled, you need to use discernment and good judgement. He could be a Don Juan like, romantic figure, and not the best choice for having an intimate committed relationship with, as he is emotionally immature, and could break a heart or two, or three!

Being of a great mercurial mental energy, which describes the Knight of Swords, often no feelings are taken into account, due to his preoccupation with a particular thought or idea without regard or thought of anyone else, which results in the hurting of another.
The Knight of Swords embodies the impulse of the eternal youth and may have problem growing old gracefully!

The Knight of Swords also heralds a time for the seeker to be prepared for sudden changes, disrupting and upsetting the normal patterns of our lives.

To conclude on a positive note, the gift of the Knight of Swords, is the ability to adapt, and to move with change, and with turbulence can bring forth a clearer vision of life, our horizons are expanded and, when one door closes, another is now opened.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Queen of Pentacles - Perspective and Understanding

The secure, simple, and stable life is what motivates the Queen of Pentacles. One of the four court cards in Minor Arcana from the Tarot Mythic Deck, she represents the mother figure, and adult women  in our lives, or can be symbolic of this aspect of our own personality. She takes care of herself, avoids change, and does not want to take chances in life, but prefers  things to stay consistently familiar, and predictable. Life however, is not always predictable.

The message here, is to go with the flow, live life as a loose garment, accepting change and listening closely to that still quite voice, is what the lesson is here, to be learned. It's about getting the right kind of perspective and understanding  of what is really important in life and that is, your relationships, not only with yourself, but with those you love. Life is short, so it is important to get your priorities right. Life is not all about working to get the things we want.

It is a very pleasurable thing to enjoy abundance, and to share it with others. However the tendency to focus too much attention on material things, and establishing a solid foundation in all areas of life, can be a negative preoccupation. There is a need to let go, and to sacrifice some things, that take too much time, effort and work. Simplicity and practicality are the order of the day, but not at the expense of developing an emotional life.

We are asked here to listen to our gut, and to improve our relationship with ourselves, and with our loved ones. Embrace change, follow and listen to your heart, get your priorities straight.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Three of Pentacles - The Blue Bird of Happiness?

Today I drew The Suit of Pentacles. The gold coin represents the earthly plain, the ancient element of the earth, which is both, our beginning and our end. Pentacles relate to the all things within the material world , be it issues surrounding the physical self, the home, or financial matters.

The Three of Pentacles are being offered to the man at the top of the stairs, by the three men at the foot of the steps. The gold coins indicate a particular task completed, and here is the reward for his labours.

People look up to, and admire this individual as a mentor, and  a good example, who has achieved success in business and is at the pinnacle of a profession, though there is still work ahead. Consideration is needed, for the future,the work to come, the capacity to handle it, all dependent on one's character. This is a stage within the process, that will hopefully lead to more permanent rewards.

Although we certainly need to have our basic needs met, the material world alone, and things are not the Blue Bird of Happiness . These cannot truly bring us a fulfilling life, and we cannot loose site of this fact.

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Minor Arcana and Creative Donkeys

I have been drawing a card a day in order to help me to learn about, and to get familiar with the cards. Today's drawn card was very appropriate for me, and I definitely got the message!

In the days to come, each day, I will be going through and posting each of the remaining 56 cards, which are called the Minor Arcana, these 56 cards, out of the 78, from the Mythic Tarot Deck  and workbook written by Liz Greene and Juliet Sharman-Burke, tell of the common events in our lives - the people, events and forces we encounter every day.

As you can see, working with 78 cards in a deck, there is a lot to remember! It's essential to study, and become familiar with the cards, however it's not about memorizing each card, and meaning. I am pretty hopeless when it comes to memorizing, and have always been this way, so I can't blame it on my age! You could memorize each card and meaning, but a good reader, this does not make, nor does it make for a good reading necessarily.

There is an intuitive relationship with the cards, that happens over time, with experience, encountering each  card, and with regular reading, as often as possible.  Giving a reading with too much information, is overwhelming for the seeker, and for the reader as well I believe, so I want try to keep it simple, succinct and hopefully we will learn together.

Today's drawn card was very appropriate for me, and I definitely got the message!

The Six of Wands is a card that symbolizes reaching a goal worked toward with great effort, and finally it has been achieved. It's vital not rest on your laurels, because there is still lots of work to do!

The suit of Wands represents growth, creative energy, action, ideas and expression of spirit. Creatively moving forward, results in fruitful rewards and benefits.

I won't get too personal here, suffice to say, I know there is an important message here for me to internalize and actualize. I will to pay attention, listen and apply the suggested message given!
I'm a creative donkey!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Ace of Pentacles - The Card of Spring

The Ace of Pentacles is the card of Spring. Pentacles or coins represent rewards for past efforts. Here come pennies from Heaven. This is the time of new and tremendous growth. It augers the season for renewal after a long hard Winter. Spring brings with it new energy, and a fresh start. New opportunities and the fruit of your labour is manifested through continuation the life force and cycle, through a new beginning.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Zodiac Signs and the Tarot

Aries (March 21 - April 19) 

The Emperor, represents your sign, demonstrating a great sense of loyalty, commitment and resolve to always be there for you when you are in need of help.  Like the royal figure, your authority and powers to analyze people, places, and things enables you to help others and to accomplish your objectives and goals.


Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

The Hierophant, represents learning from wise and knowledgeable mentors, those who can help you seek the path of enlightenment through traditional means and insights. These learned souls and teachers will direct you, and reveal profound  important life lessons, for your heart and for your soul.



Gemini (May 21 - June 20 ) 

The Lovers embody and represent of the dualistic nature of Gemini. Often you find yourself torn between taking one path or another, being at the crossroads at different points in life, which means you must make a moral choice. This card augers a time for you to weigh carefully, all options available to you, both pro and con, that are be based on your own personal integrity.



Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

 The Chariot is driven by you with a steady balanced hand and life's conflicts are being handled intuitively with strength and power, rising above it all the obstacles the life throws at you. Security is important to Cancers, but they also love the freedom that enables them to use their intuition in order to be victorious.




Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Strength is representative of your physical strength, like that of the Lion, on your card . As well your strength of body, mind, and spirit is very evident, which is giving great courage to rise above, and overcome  whatever difficulties you face.


Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)

The Hermit, signifies you often you need  to take an inventory and the time to withdraw, and to introspectively focus on your life's purpose and vocation. Like the old wise man on the Hermit card, you are wearisome of the world, and seek the inner path, the road less traveled. When you become meditative and reflective, a transformation results in openness and innocence, after having explored the inner path and mysteries of the spirit. This transformation leads to great healing, self-knowledge, and awareness.


Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22) 

Justice asks you to understand and objectively consider, what you want, and what it is you need, in order to come to a fair outcome, as it is only you who holds the scales. Once indecisiveness is overcome with clarity, and discernment, you will  be enabled to do the right thing, to help yourself and others.



Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)

Death, welcomes transformation, as do you. Like the snake that sheds it's skin, and becomes anew, you  search for renewal, release and rebirth. Letting go of attachments it easy for you, that can often keep others bound and captive. You easily change your mind, and who you are, in terms of your identity. This makes you a very mysterious enigma to others, and they want to understand you and your behaviour.



Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

Temperance, is the mediator, and your share this gift, in having the ability to find tangible, real understanding, balance, and finding the middle ground between often opposing forces which is achieved in this way.
The old adage, slow and steady wins the race, applies to you as you work through whatever obstacles you come across obstructing your way along the road.



Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)

The Devil card is about spiritual transformation. Here you are encouraged you to embrace what Carl Jung refers to, as being the shadow-self to gain knowledge by taking a realistic, personal self-inventory; both the positive and negative personality characteristics, in order to spiritually transform. That said, the suggestion is to not dwell on the negative, but to have confidence, and a strong belief in yourself, to fulfill all of your capacities, and potential, as a whole and complete human being.


Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

The Star, is all about your optimism. You have great confidence, and belief in fulfilling your inner most desires and wishes. Your vocation in the world is instilling and giving hope to others to believe in their dreams, and their own ability to achieve them. You optimistically impart this to others, through by your spiritual example, and sensibility..



Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20)

 The Moon, like you, is always changing moods, and you are always attuned to nature's cycles. The Moon rules the emotions, and so you naturally and very easily use your you intuitive powers, and emotions to help others with great compassion.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

History, Origins and Myths of The Tarot

Before I began to learn about Tarot cards, I had some preconceived notions. Notions about the implications of being a reader, the meanings of the cards, how their meanings were relative to my life, and to the life of others.

In the late 1960s, was the first time I had gone to a reader, in my teens, many years ago, close to my neighbouring, small, Nova Scotian town. My friends and me, nervously anticipated meeting the woman we'd heard about, and whom we thought, was going to " tell our fortune ". She was a very sweet old woman, living all alone in a very old house, a top a steep hill we had slowly and persistently trodden, then to finally reach and enter with trepidation, into her old, dimly lite home, that had that old wood smell.

 We had decided to go and see her, just before leaving for a big road adventure, hitchhiking to visit one my friend's sisters, who lived in the city Ottawa, Ontario. It was going to be a very long trip. I remember only two things about the reading. Sure enough, she first did tell me, I would be going on a trip, which is often the proverbial thing people say they would hear, when going to a so called "fortune teller".  Then next thing she said I thought was ridiculous . She added, "And you are not the world's best packer." I laughed and pondered for this for a minute. I was confused and I couldn't figure out why in the world she would say such a thing.

Finally reaching Ottawa, and once over the initial excitement upon our arrival, now in the big city, I promptly began to unpack the contents of my backpack, only to find very little in the way of everyday clothes, that I should have brought with me. I did bring probably twenty pairs of socks.Why I did that I still haven't figured out. I still have a laugh about this now and again, but I am a much better packer now a days!

I just thought I'd share that little story, however what I really wanted to do is to let you know some of the misconceptions, history and the origins of Tarot.
The link Villa Revak is a great site that does provide a great deal of clarification. It will help you to discern and better understand some of the many preconceived ideas, accuracies and inaccuracies, about Tarot. It is very educational, has a plethora of information, and references to explore.
And if you're going on a trip, just a word to the wise, don't take too many socks.

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Wheel of Fortune - Life-Death-Life Cycle

 In The Wheel of Fortune, the twelfth card in the Major Arcana, and ruled by Jupiter, it is the planet of expansion. We find of course of sudden fortune, power, movement and positive change . 
There is a cause and effect, as well, there is Karma. The old adage of what goes around comes around, is how I see the definition of Karma. The future depends on that which has gone before, according to the cyclical laws of nature and probability. There is a continuation of an ongoing pattern.
 Not unlike The Tower card there is a reaping of what is sewn, and there is an opening of a new cycle of fortune. The wheel turns, revealing the cycle of nature and life. We see in the Wheel of Fortune, (Fortuna) the three goddesses of Fate called Moirai. They have also been referred to as the mind, body, and spirit, or referring to the of life-death-life cycle. I am not one to believe in fate, or even luck. I do believe, we make our own destiny, though the Creator is always the One under control, if we turn our will over to the God of our own understanding.

Endless Cycle - Life and Deathby G1mm1ck

The Tower - Radical Transformation

The sixteenth card in the Major Arcana, the Tower, ruled by Mars, the Roman god of war. Lightening hits the Tower and there is a bolt that knocks the golden crown to the ground. It augers outmoded structures, inner and outer, being smashed cleanly away, leaving the way for complete change. Radical transformation is at hand. The Tower is symbolic of false or outgrown values, which must fall away. Out of this destruction comes the creation of a new structure. Possibly a dissolved partnership, or the structure of your home is problematic, or in jeopardy.

The bolt of lightening represents inspiration and realization. Change as a result of trauma, brings growth and clarity of perception, depending on the attitude of the individual and how painful the situation.

We can often become complacent in the familiar and can have some sort of shocking event that happens place and it shakes the very foundation of our values  our beliefs, and what we thought was normal. This can be a positive opportunity, the heralds change, and positive growth, depending on our attitude. Introspection  with humility, honesty and definitely having a sense of humour is essential. Getting real with ourselves, and with others, is the only way we can move forward with integrity. But regardless of what we do, the Tower is sure to fall away.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Temperance - Mind, Body, Spirit Balance

This auspicious card brings good health. Temperance is the ninth card of the Major Arcana linked to the sign of Sagittarius. The angel is blending essences and the card represents a mixing of elements within oneself, and within relationships. Continuity can be found by reaching into the past, and this can be brought forth into the future.

Of course moderation and control in all our affairs is what Temperance embodies. It enables us to adapt to new circumstances. Diplomacy is present as is harmony of the psychic and material worlds. Temperance gives us balance of mind, body, and spirit which enables healing.

 Temperance is Iris, the goddess of the rainbow, with a kind and loving nature. She has one foot on dry land, the other in the water. reflecting her ability to unite the opposing forces. This is a hopeful card as the rainbow symbolizes, and the bridge between the heavenly and earthly realms, both the masculine and the feminine.

Learning to have a balanced heart is important, and an essential lesson, but there are always more lessons ahead as Iris can be ambivalent, and Temperance cannot exist without Justice or she becomes stagnant.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Judgement - Becoming Our Own Judge

Most folks when the Judgement card appears in a spread they get rather alarmed seeing mummies rising from their coffins. Judgement is the twentieth card in the Major Arcana and is ruled by Jupiter, the god of the underworld and the card is suggestive of the final judgement. It is a card of transformation and a fresh start is possible. It's time for forgiveness and a need for some soul searching.
Unlike the Death card, mourning is not implied, but a clarity of vision, dependent on how true to ourselves we are, becoming our own judge, and we are called to take responsibility for our own actions and accountability. We will be rewarded according to our efforts. In other words, we reap what we sow.

There could be a spiritual awakening, being released and liberated into a new fulfilled life, a healing and a kind of resurrection or new birth of the individual. Judgement also heralds at the same time, the end of a chapter in life and The Guide of Souls, Hermes summons souls back to life.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Strength - Courage and Internal Fortitude

The tenth card in the Major Arcana is Strength, linked to the sign of Leo. The loin is a sexual animal, but his base instincts are checked and subdued by a hero's caress, ( Hercules). The message here is to use reason, your head, not your heart. Exercised restraint is called for, and to hold your power in reserve. Courage and  internal fortitude will bring success. It signifies possible healing qualities.

Collision with the inner lion is implied and inevitable. The creative handling of one's rage and senseless pride are greatly needed in order to handle the situation.

Trust in one's self and be a person that has integrity and humility, when interacting toward others, and this emerges through such an experience with the lion, which is Strength.

Strength is the next step in the Fool's journey, where through his great challenges and struggles he's learned to direct and harness aggression. His ego is channeled and transformed in a creative way. Through Strength there is reconciliation with forces outside or within the self.

The lion can represents the creative and unique Self  enabling us to stand the criticisms and opinions of others. When we have a strong sense of self, mentally and physically, there is an ability to cultivate latent potential to a higher state.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tree of Life - Invocation of The Orchard

Kabbalah Tree of Life

 I thought I'd take a break from the discussion of the Major Arcana cards today and share a bit about when I first became interested in the Tarot. I learned how directly related Kabbalah was to understanding the cards. I found the explanation of Kabbalah  to be very complex and full of deep meaning that can be very overwhelming, because there is so much information to be learned. I have been very drawn to Judaism and Mysticism from a young age, and so I was keen to find out as much as I could. I do not pretend to begin to understand the Kabbalah, as it is a life long study. It has been described as being a system of thought, and the Tree of Life is a map of personal energies and thought. It is a way to describe or a way of describing God.

It has been long held, and believed, that the Tarot has it's origins in Kabbalah. I take what I have learned, and adapt this information when I am doing readings or studying the Tarot cards.

A particular invocation and prayer I like to say prior to my readings is the Invocation of The Orchard. It makes me feel grounded and connected to the earth and connected in ancient tradition.

"I pass through this orchard remembering that what I may learn, and what may pass before my eyes will be for the purpose of healing the world, and bringing Unity into this dimension, into the plane of human awareness. This orchard is the transition point between the transcendent and the imminent - the abstract and the concrete.
My personal path can adapt and absorb this forest slowly, and as it sees fit. My basic person hood remains intact, while sampling the myriad forms and concepts in the grove. Drinking from the river of delights of the Creator's house, my own specific root into the infinite is a path of emanation along which I can safely and respectfully traverse.
"All the world is a very narrow bridge - but the point is to be fearless."
"Sepher Malchus is also called "Kingdom," and is the realm of the earth, of the body, and immediate physical sensations."
Sepher Malchus is the grounding point, where I am centered, and where I will return after contemplating the trees, springs, fragrances, and many-faceted gems in the enclosure. Sepher Malchus is the point of connection and return to my personal concrete reality and viewpoint, to my ideal stability."

The Kabbalah Tree of Life

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Emperor - Earthly Father

The Emperor, the fourth card in the Major Arcana is associated with Aries the ram, and represents the earthly father. His is the compliment to the Empress and is the personification of temporal power suggested the accumulation of material wealth. Although he is disciplined and visionary he keeps his emotion in check. A desire for independence can be indicated as well leadership, dominance, authority, governance and control. There is knowledge through experience and power is exercised for good. He is Zeus and King of the Gods. In Greek Mythology he is called All-Father. Zeus was the father of Athene (goddess of justice).

The father embodies our spiritual values and ideals, determining our ability to be self-sufficient. Domination by the inner father can be a tyrannical force and so we cannot allow ourselves and our beliefs to be crushed by inflexibility and rigid control that interferes with our life and personal growth. At some point we need to find our own inner authority that we believe in, balanced with self-respect and humility, to meet the challenges in life regardless if we have a temporal father present or not.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Justice - Clarity of Vision

Here we meet Athene, the Goddess of Justice, and the eleventh card in the Major Arcana, and associated with the sign of Libra. Relating to decisions being made fairly with fair outcomes, that set a confused life into a successful order. Divine or social justice where truth  triumphs, and success is achieved through negotiation in legal matters. Her double edged sword signifies impartiality and Athene's white owl, sitting on her shoulder reflects her clarity of vision.

We are reminded of the consequences of our actions spiritually. The often seen purple cloth in some cards is symbolic of compassion, and the pillars indicate confines and limits of the physical world. Meditation and attention to something in particular is needed in order to find a solution.

Meditation, contemplation and attention to something in particular is needed in order to find solutions. Consider if there is deceptive behaviour, justice will prevail regardless and responsibility for your actions must be taken.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Empress - The Power of Motherhood

I love the Empress card, the third Card in the Major Arcana and ruled by the Roman goddess of love, Venus. She symbolizes the the power of motherhood, the earth, and practical wisdom.
Having a past vocation as a Youth Care Worker for over twenty years I feel I have been mothered many and I understand what my own mother sacrificed and what she so freely imparted to me was invaluable for living a life grounded in love , and practical wisdom. She embodied an inner beauty and generosity that a of a mother freely and unconditionally gives.

The Empress is beautiful and bountiful. The stars in her crown represent all the signs in the Zodiac, indicating she is the mother of all. Here we find fertility, creativity and imagination. There is pregnancy of the body, the mind or the spirit. There is great ability to create a warm and productive environment. The harvest is good and abundant. Luxury and material gain, productivity and protectiveness are present and reflects the experience of mothering. Not only in the physical body but the experience of the Great Mother and her wisdom of nature. She understands that all things move in cycles and come to fruition at the appropriate time. Without her we cannot appreciate our bodies and the is a disconnect. We risk living in our heads intellectually, without being grounded in the real world.

The Empress makes be immediately think of Mother Mary. I was always very drawn to her, and still am. When I was a troubled adolescent my family lived in Guelph, Ontario. There was a beautiful Catholic Church a top the highest hill overlooking the city. I would often find solace there, in front of the icon of Mary in times of trouble.

I still have a picture of her from my teenaged years, like the one below. Notice the twelve stars around her head, and the Moon under her feet. She is clothed in radiant sunlight. The Sun, the Moon and the Stars all surround her in glory.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Lovers - Love, Friendship, Partnership

The Lovers is the sixth card in the Major Arcana. I am drawn to this card especially because it is associated
with the sign of Gemini which is my Sun sign ruled by Mercury.

The card suggests love, friendship, and partnership. Also it represents the duality of earthly and divine love, or true love. It also augers a time to make a crucial choice. There is temptation. A decision based on instinct and intuition rather than the intellect and there is a flash of insight. There is a moral choice based on maturity and integrity. The dilemma of choosing is reflected in our values, because our choices mirror back to us the kind of person we wish to be. Our choices affect all levels of life. We cannot be driven blindly but must look carefully at the implications before considering the choices we make.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Hierophant - The Wounded Healer

The fifth card in the Major Arcana is the Hierophant , the spiritual father, the wise sage, the teacher of wisdom, or is representing the trinity - mind, body and spirit. It also represents religion or orthodox ideas; unconditional mercy and compassion, perhaps toward the self; having a need for approval and conformity and having humility in facing authority.

Many folks have "issues " surrounding authority figures, often for good reason as there has been, or can be abuse of this authority, which often will leave emotional, physical and mental scars. We often become  The Wounded Healer and through our own pain, we can appreciate the pain and suffering of another. This can  result in our choosing a career or vocation as a counselor, doctor, or some kind of worker in the service of others and we are good at it, because we have walked that walk.

That said, the Hierophant represents silence, hearing the voice within and listening to the heart. We  try to understand what the Creator's will for us is, in our lives.
Symbolic of actively seeking answers of a philosophical kind, a study of particular philosophy or belief system or a deep commitment to a quest for the meaning of life manifested in formulating our own vision of spirit which will guide us, leaving childhood behind, and now facing life's challenges.

I have heard it said religion is some else's experience, spirituality is an individual's experience. In the end we must come to terms and find our own values, morals and spiritual beliefs. The Hierophant asks us to do just that through meditation and listening to the still quiet voice within our heart of hearts.

Chiron The Wounded healer

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Hermit - The Inner World

The Hermit is the ninth card in the Major Arcana. he was was once the Magician, is now the wise old man. He withdraws from the world, to find an inner world. His grey robe, a mix of black and white, represents consciousness and the unconscious. Scythe in left hand represents the nature of the life cycle and impermanence. He is often also seen carrying the patriarch’s staff, a symbol of the narrow path of initiation and an emblem of power and authority. It represents the Hermit’s ability to use his isolation and the knowledge he has gained as a tool upon his path to reach even higher levels of awareness.

The Hermit also is carrying a lantern in the other hand where a six-pointed star shines symbolic of the elements fire and, water, and of wisdom. The merging of opposites, both masculine and feminine are intertwined.
The Hermit retreats in solitude, into his inner world, and his will begins to unite with will of the Divine, in order to understand the self, and to seek spiritual wisdom, discernment and improvement of self.
The adage if you cannot live with yourself, and be comfortable in your own skin, it is very unlikely you will be able to live with or appreciate another.We must accept ourselves and the situation we find ourselves in, finding contentment and peace within our soul.

 Although there is power in creativity and skill, these do not lead to a spiritual awakening or enlightenment. Happiness is only found within, not in the material world. The Hermit asks us to meditate and to turn our attention inward, so as to find our own truth and understanding.
He is a solitary figure on top of the mountain, which symbolizes achievement, accomplishment and growth. The Hermit is now willing to share what he has learned with others, with love and compassion, with those who are open, who seek and honour the inner wisdom to be found within themselves.
On The Hermit shoulder sits a raven associated with Apollo, the god of prophecy, the symbol of good luck and were the god's messengers in the mortal world.

Dr. Carl Jung deemed raven symbolism to represent the shadow self, or the dark side of the psyche. By acknowledging this dark side, we can effectively communicate with both halves of ourselves. This offers liberating balance, and facilitates tremendous wisdom.