Sunday, August 19, 2018

The World - Self-Worth - Transcendence

The World card is the mythic image for both God and nature, embodied in one symbol. We see the four symbols presiding over the realms, water, fire, air and earth which await development in the reborn personality.

Lately I came into some extra money. Actually more money than I've ever had. I'm not referring to winning the lottery kind of money or a big inheritance. But simply talking about reaching the age of 65 years which has resulted in modest pensions and then finally managing to sell some of my land.

This has got me thinking today about economic insecurity. There exists 12 Promises in Alcoholics Anonymous. All of these promises with the exception of one, have all been fulfilled in my life. The one that seemed to elude me, was this promise.

Promise 10
Fear of people and of economic insecurity will leave us.

I'll tell you I'm not afraid of people so much any more, especially authority figures and bill collectors and my fear of economic insecurity thankfully has definitely subsided. Being able to effectively pay my bills, no longer having to rob Peter to pay Paul, and now actually be able to put money aside into modest savings, let me tell you it's a huge stress relief. 
That said, when reflecting on where fear of economic and financial insecurity originates from, I've learned that it isn't a net worth problem, but a self-worth problem. Understanding this is life changing. I've now begun to free myself from my fear of economic insecurity.

Believing that we're not enough translates into believing that you don't or won't have enough in this world. We are all programed by our parents program of insecurity, that's learned in our early childhood, regardless if we can recall this or not.

Worldly success, freedom and wholeness is attained through spiritual rebirth, not through an accumulation of money, things, fame or an unrealistic image. Although we'll never reach the ideal, found in the last Major Arcana card, The World, as we're imperfect as human beings.

We may glimpse this state when there is inner healing, which provides a resolution of inner peace through the journey of discovery, restoring belief in living awareness of the True Self.

Friday, August 17, 2018


There's a cosmic, astrological, and terrestrial event that began August 14th  to follow through the remaining days of August, where Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are all going to be in alignment. These planets are pertinent to The Mythic Tarot, in that each planet is associated with a Major Arcana card in the deck.

This is a good time to get our lives in alignment, and here is my interpretation. It strengthens my faith giving me a deep sense of affirming clarity. I hope you will find meaning strength in this interpretation. 

Venus rules the Roman goddess of love and is symbolic of The Empress, the Great Mother, who is beautiful and bountiful suggesting luxury and abundance. We are reminded without this Great Mother within us, we can bring nothing to fruition.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion represents the Wheel of Fortune, meaning fortune, power, movement, sudden change and reminding us of the cyclical nature of life. Jupiter also connected with the Hierophant, the Higher mind, philosophy, and the wise teacher, that reflects an individual vision of the spirit.

Saturn the planet of time, age, decay, death, finance and also represents the goddess of fertility, Aphrodite. The Devil is the Major Arcana card associated with Capricorn, the goat, representing emotional, spiritual and physical bondage. Saturn serves as a model of discipline structure and commitment. It reminds us to work hard and reap the rewards, and to know we can be released from bondage and know freedom through love.

Mars the Roman god of war rules the Major Arcana card, The Tower, which signifies radical transformation.

Here's the down low, from the Old Farmer's Almanac about the alignment of the planets, using the moon as your guide, so you can witness this rainbow of of planets and brilliant stars.

  • Starting with Venus in the southwestern sky, go left and a bit higher and you’ll see the blue star Spica. 
  • Continue left and slightly upward to the brilliant white Jupiter, the highest point of the rainbow. (It’s not quite as bright as Venus.)
  • Go farther left and a bit lower from Jupiter to the bright orange Antares. 
  • Continue left and the next bright star is the colorless Saturn, which is actually a bit higher than Antares, spoiling the perfect rainbow arc. (Saturn is dimmer than the other three planets. Antares twinkles, while Saturn shines with a steadier golden light.)
  • Now continue left and lower from Saturn to finish up with the very brilliant orange Mars, near the horizon in the southeastern sky, shining brighter than Jupiter.
If you counted six “stars,” you’ve succeeded, with four of them being planets, and three (Venus, Jupiter, and Mars) being super-bright. They’re each separated by roughly the same distance from each other. The only challenge is finding a site with an open, unobstructed view halfway around the sky from the southwest through to the southeast.

Follow the Moon as a Guide

From August 14 to August 23, the Moon passes all four planets in the evening sky, one after the other, following the same path!
  • From August 14 to 16, the Moon passes Venus and moves toward Jupiter. 
  • On August 17, the bright object nearest the Moon is Jupiter.
  • The First Quarter Moon falls in the early morning hours of August 18.
  • Around August 18/19, the waxing Moon passes red super giant star Antares.
  • From August 20 to 22 look for the Moon to come very very close to planet Saturn.
  • Finally, on August 23, 2018, the Moon is right next to brilliant red planet Mars. The two pair up all night from dusk to dawn.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Ace of Wands - Pursuit of a Creative Vision

The Ace of Wands is a hope filled, powerful card that hearkens raw creative energy, a force of nature, signifying that there's an adventure to embark upon, in pursuit of a creative vision.

Drawing this card today strengthens, is life affirming, and it's message I need to hear right now. The Ace of Wands instills in me confidence, knowing that concrete limitations can always be challenged and overcome. It's message is a simple, but a powerful one.

"Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light. I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night."
                                                        - Sarah Williams