Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ace of Cups - Abundance and Creativity

When I look at the Ace of Cups, I get such a good feeling from this card, the reason being is, that it symbolizes abundance and creativity that is overflowing.
 Cups symbolize emotion and Aces are the spark or seed of raw growth and overwhelming awakening of passion. Aphrodite the Goddess of love rises up out of the foamy ocean.

There now exists an opportunity to accept what is being offered in the cup she holds, in the form of a spiritual gift of creativity, and the beginning of a great journey of the heart. The individual is ready to embark on the journey of love, after a renewed found faith, in a God of your understanding, and in having a belief in the self and in that inner voice we all have.

It could be the bright and heady beginnings of a relationship with another, or with the psyche or soul. You are being given the choice to accept the offer of abundance. Remember it is not without work, commitment, sacrifice, and with a continued faith and belief.

May of us are more comfortable giving to others rather than to ourselves. This card augers a time of faith in one self, knowing and realizing you deserve good things in this life, and in love. It is a matter of acceptance and faith and saying yes to ourselves.

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