Friday, April 13, 2018

Ace of Pentacles - Motivation

Have you ever felt like you're so unmotivated you can't get out of your own way? I think we can all feel this way at some point, for a myriad of reasons, and we all have to find ways to deal with it, hopefully in a positive way.

As a soon to be 65 year old Crone and happy to be one, I've learned a lot about motivation. This isn't as a result of being wise. It's simply because of experience, and learning a number of hard lessons along my path and finding the balance between being overdoing it like an workaholic and trying not to be a sloth. I must say I do love sloths, they're just so darn cute.

I'm an admitted coffee addict. I probably drink too much of it, but it helps me get my mojo workin' first thing in the morning. I'm so grateful at this point in life that I have the luxury of not having to face the work world every day with long hours of highway driving to get there like I did in the past.

I can afford to spend time writing, meditating, contemplating my belly button and involving myself in the creative process everyday while drinking copious cups of coffee.  But all this takes energy, and action and so I have to find ways to keep motivated, especially when I just don't feel like doing what I need to do to live a healthy, creative life.

Sometimes when I don't feel like exercising I fight with myself. Then I simply have to ignore that negative Debbie Downer part of my personality, kick her to the curb and just do it any way. This is probably one of the biggest struggles I have these days, but it's getting better and maybe just a little easier.

Debbie Downer - Rachel Dratch - SNL

So when I draw the Ace of Pentacles that embodies raw energy that all Aces represent and the earth shaking force of nature that the god of Poseidon embodies in the Ace of Pentacles, it's a motivating card to draw for the day and I'm happy that I picked it from my deck.

Ultimately, coffee and sitting around waiting for motivation just ain't gonna cut it. I just have get to it and at it, and that's when the motivation happens and where it comes from.


Ellen said...

Such an easy relatable post! The most battles in life are fought within ourselves.

Unknown said...

Thank you sweet friend <3 Just working on my mojo this Saturday morning with a hot cuppa java!

Yup for sure lots of battles going on between the ears! ;)