Thursday, November 13, 2014

Brains Versus Brawn - Seven of Swords

The saying, 'You attract more with honey, than with vinegar ', comes to mind when I think about the Seven of Swords. It's brains vs brawn. The card urges us to apply our mental energy, which needs to be used in a cautious way. What I am talking about is not simply using our intellect, but using our emotional intelligence.  We can't get the desired end by taking the heavy handed approach. Bullying, using intimidation, or any kind of force will never result in a positive outcome.

This card makes me seriously reflect on the recent events in Canada, the discussion and media coverage that has been happening lately regarding abuse, the rampant violence against women, and against others in general. This discussion though  difficult, is a long overdue and necessary one. I am glad it is happening and I hope it continues to enable proactive change. The whole world could greatly benefit from emotional intelligence.

 I think this card can warn against this behaviour, that can become a continuum and a cycle of abuse, about power and control, in order to get what we want. It will never enable us to get what we want, and will leave nothing, but deep misery, a sense of hopelessness and loss.

Discretion, tact, diplomacy, and a willingness to make compromises is always the best approach when interacting with another, though it may not make one feel good. But this is what life requires and at it's foundation should always be kindness and an emotional generosity toward others, including and extending toward ourselves.

The Seven of Swords is not all dark, as the Moon is lighting the way urging us to use, and to trust our intuition.


Ellen said...

This post also minds me also of the five of Swords which can represent the cycle of abuse. E.I is required of both parties: the bully and the victim. They both keep the cycle going. So often we here :"But he does love me..."

Ellen said...

I am so sorry to hear you've experienced this yourself my friend. And at the same time I feel relieved you freed yourself from this cycle. How much can a person bear,I wonder. You are a very strong woman Cath.
Big Hug

Unknown said...

Thank you Ellen for your kind words. Yes thank goodness I was only in this relationship for two and a half years. It seems in some ways it was a life time away. I almost don't recognize the person I was then. I've forgiven and moved forward, and am a happy women these days!

Thank you Ellen.

Unknown said...

Thank you Ellen for being so sensitive to this topic. It has been on my mind a lot especially because of so much sexual harassment happening, recent violent attack, in our Canadian Parliament , which certainly does not surprise me. What is disturbing is how so many women do not report, because of the way the justice system and how our society blames the victim and are not believed.

I was one of those women who didn't go to the police and report, which I do regret to this day. I spent many years in counselling, learning about the cycle of abuse and understanding how most people still love the abuser, if it is a partner, which was my situation. Most of those in a relationship just want the abuse to stop, and still care and love their partner. There was too much water under the bridge, for us and we were not suited.