Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Magician - Conjures Creative Ideas

Ruled by Mercury who the messenger of the gods The Magician conjures up ideas and is the inner guide pointing to our creative capacities within our, mind, imagination, body, and heart

Having an imagination and being able to express creative ideas in tangible ways is the ultimate form of communication in my opinion, a language in and of itself. Here, lying at Hermes feet are all the tools necessary to do this, and are at The Magician's disposal, and at ours as well.

We see the Cup of Fortune, as Hermes is wise in matters of the heart. The cutting edge of the sword represents the clarity and power of the mind. Pentacles signify a stroke of good luck, and relates to all things involving business matters. Finally, the wand of magic with two snakes entwined that symbolize all things opposite: male and female, dark and light.

The Magician is a card full of hope signifying that the Fool's journey is clearly possible, and there are capacities that are yet to be developed.


Ellen said...

Every time I see the Magician I am reminded of my inner strength and power and of how few things I need to manifest my dreams. The next tarot deck isn't going to make me the best reader ever nor will that new set of paintbrushes conquer my Inner Critic.:D

Unknown said...

Very true Ellen! I feel much the same. The Magician is a real grounding and affirming card reminding me of how I need to look inward for those resources to find our strength.