Sunday, July 19, 2015

Page of Cups - Tenderheart

When I was little, and a teenaged girl, I was very much this kind of Page of Cups, and exhibited all the page's qualities, emotional, intuitive, inquisitive, naive and innocent. I was pretty regularly getting myself into some kind of pickle from an early age, prone to getting my fingers, arms or feet stuck in some kind of contraption. When I was four I stuck a candy in my ear, and at ten shaved my eyebrow off, and at 14 climbed the Guelph water tower because I thought I was in love with the boy who climbed the tower with me. All of which was mostly out of curiosity that I did these things, and because I thought with my heart, which left me blind sighted. I had no foresight. This carried on into my own relationships, and in the matters of the heart, resulting in a lot of heart ache, because of having a too trusting and a naive nature. I continued to make bad choices and life decisions, but I did manage at least to keep both my eyebrows on my face at this point, although I did give myself some really bizarre haircuts!

As a typical Gemini with my moon in Pisces, and being a water person in every way, I certainly relate to the Page of Cups. The page's negative experiences in life can make them jaded and cynical. If we can find away to hold onto the positive personality traits of the Page of Cups, within ourselves, and learn to temper our emotion with the more prudent,  logical, and intellectual aspects of our nature, we can come into more of a balanced state of being between or head and heart. I have spent many years doing just that.

 I am thankful through the Grace of God that the hurts, difficulties, and even tragedies have enabled me to keep my heart open. This has happened only through discernment, and wisdom that has come with experience, knowledge, understanding and healing the split between love and spirit.

When you are a tender heart, like this Page of Cups, it can be a blessing and a liability, in that this can leave your open heart vulnerable to being hurt and broken. This is the major pitfall of this Page. There is an honesty here, that is not always appreciated by everyone. The Page of Cups is as ready to cry, as to laugh, and there can be those that love these very transparent qualities present in the Page's nature, but some will simply take advantage, see them as a fool, and believe they deserve what they get for being so stupid and naive.

The balance between giving others the benefit of the doubt along with magical thinking, or not seeing reality as it is, can be a precarious tight rope walk for the Page of Cups in today's world, that seems full of unscrupulous individuals, who have hidden agendas, and are only looking out selfishly for number one.

The Page of Cups is a card of love and the world is in need of the loving hopeful idealist that sees the good in people, perhaps when we can't see it in ourselves.


Ellen said...

I think you are the perfect woman to describe this Page. You write so open an vulnerable about this court card that I see this as a privilege to read

Unknown said...

Awww thank you so much Ellen for your kindness. <3