Saturday, July 11, 2015

Nine of Pentacles - The Blessing - The Gift

Today I had a lovely visit with two friends and the conversation came round to caring about ourselves and what a gift it is to be able to get to the point in life, were you truly care for yourself, and we share the creative gifts we have been given to with other women. These gifts are not necessarily monetary but are really gifts of experience, hope, and strength. These are lasting, bring great satisfaction, a sense of wholeness, and happiness.

In the Nine of Pentacles we find Daedalus with all his "gifts" that he has acquired in the form of pentacles and monetary success. The fruit of his labour has paid off in more ways than one. We see also that he has switched up his work clothes for fancier duds and has reached a point in his life were he feels a level of personal self-satisfaction and has found some success by unconventional means.

It is important to acknowledge our ability to be self-sufficient and recognize what we have accomplished. That said, we also need to keep in mind that never achieve our goals, nor fulfill our dreams without the help, encouragement and support of others, in combination with our own efforts and persistence to succeed.

This is why it is essential we surround ourselves with kindred spirits, with those who share a like mindedness, in order to keep us on track. I am not talking about privileged group of individuals who share in the motto, "You scratch my back and I'll scratch your back." No, I am referring to those who genuinely want the best for us. They are generous in spirit, pay it forward, because someone has helped them in the past to get, not a hand out, but a hand up. They care about their fellow human beings in a benevolent way, with empathy and compassion. These people celebrate and are happy about their own success, and are also celebrate and are happy about success of others.

As women we have the ability to share our gift of creativity and these truly are great blessings.
My mother was the blessing to me and she shared her gift of creativity, which became my blessing and gift to share.
Share a blessing, be a blessing.

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Ellen said...

I am glad you've had such a lovely time with your friends
Often the most precious gifts are the ones that are priceless!
It is a pity most women have to grow older before they grasp the true value of self care