Thursday, July 16, 2015

King of Wands - The Blueprint of Life

With the New Moon in Cancer, indicating emotional fulfillment. It is the astrological sign of the Great Mother, signifying intuition and emotion, brings with it on this day of the new moon, the King of Wands. It also brings to mind creative vocation and purpose, with lots of energy and growth.  It's rather like, finding  blue print of life in our life's journey.

The King of Wands is the Hero, a counterpart to the Heroine, embodied in the Queen of Cups. There is one very significant difference between Hero and Heroine. The Hero is looking back. The Heroine is looking forward.

According to Jungian, Maureen Murdoch, author of The Heroine's Journey, didn't feel that Joseph Campbell's book, The Hero's Journey addressed "the specific psycho-spiritual journey of contemporary women ."


Rose said...

Your post puts me in mind of Marion Woodman's work. Have you read her? Fabulous, empowering, gritty material.

Unknown said...

Oh thank you for saying Rose. Sorry to say I havn't read any of her books. I know she is a renowned Jungian, who studied with Carl Jung, and a Canadian! I have looked at her site in the past and watched a few of her videos.

I will have to find some of her books! Thank you for a great suggestion!

Ellen said...

I think I am going to have to put this book in my shopping cart. :D

Unknown said...

:) Well there now, we both have new books to put in our shoppin' carts! You'll not be sorry Ellen.

I am blessed to have a friend that gave me my own copy after having borrowed hers! It's one of those books that becomes part of you, a big part. I'm certain you can easily get it very cheaply online as it is over ten years old.