Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Sun - Good Orderly Direction

I am always uplifted when I draw the Major Arcana card, The Sun, Apollo the Sun god, dispells fear, the enemy of darkness who is casting away shadow. Drawing this card, especially today for personal reasons, gives a deep sense of solace, strength,  the consciousness of a striving spirit, clarity of hope, and that all is right with the universe. The Sun card indicates growth, transformation, and the life giving force, for which all living things upon the earth depend.

Traversing through the journey of our lives with optimism, trust, purpose, and faith help us to lessen any burden, and can change our body chemistry. Thinking positively may lower our stress hormone cortisol, directly affecting our health.

I am a person who isn't so much of a worrier, but truth is, I am prone to panic and anxiety attacks on occasion. My stress levels can increase rapidly. I know this is somewhat normal for everyone, under certain circumstances.  I react like many who are experiencing stress or a crisis, whether real or imagined. I have to work at keeping worry and unhealthy stress at bay, and in check. Sometimes I am just not very good at actualizing this when the hammer comes down, but I continue .

It is a very positive activity studying the Tarot as a daily routine and habit. It reminds me to keep things in perspective, to remember to live in the present and not to project into the future or regret the past. These are the two crazy making attitudes.

The Sun urges and encourages me to not depend solely upon my own human resources and to direct my strong will in the right direction. I know I must honestly accept my own limitations, and turn to the Creator's guidance. Then my worst faults, become my greatest assets

Many things can upset us, and it is very easy to get off course. These situations are not a matter of weakness, or being weak-willed, but one of direction.

 I pray to see with a clarity of vision and discernment in order to steer a straight course, and accept good orderly direction in my life's journey, the direction that the Creator has for me.

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