Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Judgement - Gratitude-Joy-Generousity


I rarely draw the Major Arcana card of Judgement. In the six months and seven days I have had this blog, today is the third time the Judgement card has come up. In is consistent with the theme of my recent posts and what I have been thinking about lately, transformation, forgiveness, and thriving.

Transformation is change yes, and it is also about growth, and becoming a new creature, much like the chrysalis. Transformation can be painful, and often is. It can be slow or fast. Sometimes we don't realize we have been transformed until it has happened, or we can know immediately, deep within our being when some event has happened, that we will never be the same person again.

There have been a number of trans-formative points and periods in my life. Some left me feeling so devastated and full of sorrow, I thought I'd never recovery from, and I wanted to give up. I did recover, I didn't give up, and eventually I became a stronger person.

 Other transforming situations were so challenging and scarey, they tested my limitations, that mostly existed in my mind. I found out how badly I really wanted something, and how hard I was willing to work at getting it. I also learned what I was really capable of when I applied myself, and this gave me the courage, determination, and persistence to continue.

Transformation is a powerful event. How it plays out is directly proportional to my attitude. These three things are what helped me to transform my life, and will continue to do so..
  • Gratitude, and focusing my attention on what I have, as opposed to what I do not have.
  • Altruistic joy, fixing my attention on the happiness and success of others, because inflicting unhappiness on others will never bring me happiness
  • Abundance or generousity, and sharing with others no matter how much or how little I have.



Ellen said...

These three guidelines are beautiful Catherine. I think they are part of a universal truth which so many religions and philosophies share.

Unknown said...

Thank's Ellen for your comment.
Yes and they sure aren't original! They are ancient truths that are shared universally. If human beings can see with the inner vision, they find them. We too often forget them. <3