Monday, July 13, 2015

Ask Your Dentist, Mechanic Or Plumber If They Give Free Service

There is often discussion around giving free Tarot readings, and it once again has come to my attention.

It sounds generous to offer a free reading, and it is. As an artist it is like giving a painting away. I have done both in the past, given free readings, and free paintings. Don't misunderstand, no one forced me to do this, but it can become a trap and a slippery slope, if you allow yourself to be used by those who take advantage.

One that artists, tarot readers, or women can easily and quickly slide down. Perhaps we are wanting to people please, we want them to like us, we want to be kind, or perhaps we just don’t value our own worth either.

Tarot readers are creative compassionate individuals, they love people, many are artists, and many design their own decks. The woman who designed the most popular Tarot deck, the Rider-Waite-Coleman Smith,  was artist Pamela-Colman-Smith, who sadly died penniless, in spite of her talent and education. She was paid next to nothing for the deck she created. I think more than anything, she wanted to be recognized for the creative work she produced. We all have the basic human need for recognition for the work we do, and we also need it in the form of monetary remuneration, and need to understand the business of business, like any other profession.

There is a common attitude prevailing within our culture that undervalues women, their work, or anything that others perceive, to be your “hobby." Oh people want what you have to offer, they just don’t want to pay for it, because of this attitude.

There is nothing wrong with having a hobby, I have several, but it is very different than having and wanting a life and a business that you love, as the vocation you want to thrive through professional development.

I now rarely ‘give’ away my work. If this becomes the norm, giving your services away, you are not only devaluing your worth and value, you are also contributing to this very attitude, and do a disservice to other artists, tarot readers and women. I do believe you teach people how to treat you.

Now go ask your local dentist, mechanic or plumber if he gives 'free service'. If you do, let me know how you make out with that. And perhaps you will then come to the decision whether or not you  " Should You Give Free Tarot Readings? "

Here is one of my very favourite artists Gwen Rosewater, who created this fantastic Nine of Wands.

Nine of Wands - Gwen Rosewater - Artist

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