Monday, July 20, 2015

Four of Wands - Thriving Versus Surviving

Before I drew the Four of Wands today, I felt I was being drawn in the direction of love, loving others, and loving the self. I was also reflecting on the difference between surviving and thriving. This was confirmed when I saw this card.

The Four of Wands reflects the joining of forces in order to support one another. Jason could never have achieved his quest for the Golden Fleece had his companions not supported, believed, and joined him in this bold and dangerous journey. Jason also did the same for his companions, he had their backs, and they all not only survived this journey, but they thrived.

Often we are so ready to help, forgive or recognize the beauty in another, and have difficulty accepting help, forgiving or recognizing the beauty within ourselves. Loving others, but not loving ourselves, is to survive. But when we can love ourselves, is to thrive. Thriving extends beyond to include to every aspect and every area of our lives whether is be personal and professional development.


Ellen said...

This is a very timely post, Catherine since I am thinking a lot about how I keep subverting myself creatively. I love the quote!

Unknown said...

I'm glad to hear that Ellen. I think we post things that we are struggling within our selves. I struggling with trying to not subvert myself creatively too!

Rabbi Brian sent me that quote today! Of course I so love Rumi but it was timely too!