Monday, July 27, 2015

Knight of Pentacles - Steadfast

I've been writing a lot lately, I'm back to work after two weeks off, and trying to get ready for an art exhibit next month and so I feel a little pressed for time and could easily get my underwear in a big knot, if I let myself.

And so it's nice to see the Knight of Pentacles that stands placidly and steadfastly, seated bareback upon his loyal companion, his horse, and appears to be if in a meditative, mindful state taking in the beauty, sights, sounds and smells, all around him, that he loves so much. He takes pleasure in the simple things of life, and  has faith, trusting the Earth Mother will supply his needs. On a mission of sorts, he persists in living a full balanced life, is forward looking, focusing on his goal.

 The Pentacle he holds is confirmation and assurance to me that the physical demands of daily life are best managed and tempered in the context of that calm, mindful state. This is what helps us to get done, what we need to do, every day.

I have to remind myself, that I can't control the goings on around me. I can control myself and my attitude and perception toward them. It's a simple message but a vital one. I need to appreciate the menial everyday tasks and to persevere in getting them done. At the same time I need to do all I can to foster that connection with all of my environment, including my relationships and friendship with other living beings, in the natural world, be they creatures or human.


Ellen said...

Love the quote.
This is the Knight I admire the most. He has no need for flashy bravado He is sometimes a bit boring but so trustworthy and committed to the task at hand. I would love to have him as a companion while preparing for such a great event
Good luck with the hard work and maintaining you"cool"!:D

Unknown said...

I agree Ellen. If you find him ask if he has a brother? lol

Thanks Ellen <3