Friday, October 17, 2014

Death - How Death Can Save Your Life

I drew the Death card this morning, and I was glad, because in spite of it's dark foreboding appearance, and looking like Darth Vader, it is an affirming card, that reminds me to be willing to accept change as being a huge part of life, a card representing acceptance of change, transition or transformation, so that rebirth can occur. The little folk beneath, seem welcoming, one even offers a flower, and they are not running away.

Change is not a walk in the park, as there are always varying degrees of trepidation, and some real anxiety when things happen, as we can feel everything is out of control. With acceptance, making the decision to let go, realizing I am not in control, along with the choices I make, this is what can alter my life for the better.

My whole attitude, and outlook changed twenty years ago, after I chose to live a sober life, and I have been in transition ever since. Letting go of the old self, is a kind of death, because of this willingness to change, letting go of the old life, and embracing my new life, that was what saved me from a dead end road. You don't have to be physically dead, to not be fully alive.

There is much to be learned through this card, and through actual physical death, which contemporary society keeps at arms length. Death has much to teach us about life and it can even save our lives.


Ellen said...

A beautiful death card: How I love the colors of the rising sun in the background. "You don't have to be physically dead, to not be fully alive." How true is that! Although I am more aware of my restrictions and losses, I feel more alive than ever before. Being brave enough to start feeling is what made the difference and I guess that is what everyone needs to do if you want to live fully

Unknown said...

Thank you for your very thoughtful comments Ellen.
From what I see, I believe it appears to be a common feeling when we have been through much loss, life becomes even more precious in it's fragility and we seize and savour the moment.