Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What To Do With Nostalgia - Six of Cups

Sitting on a rock, where she first met Eros, and surrounded by the calm sea, Psyche holds the golden cup, which she pensively stares into. In her other hand, she holds her wilting bridle bouquet. She has been abandoned by her husband Eros, and left with nothing, but nostalgic memories. However, not all things are as they appear to be, and this is not an unhappy card.

To be able to learn something about yourself through loss, can be a very positive experience. It can bring peace of mind, a sense of harmony, and contentment. A new found strength through our loss brings serenity, and after the storm comes the calm.

If we can take a realistic inventory of our past, this can transform our future through what we have lost, and gained from our experience. Learning from these lessons is essential, otherwise we may be repeat the same mistakes, which will lead to a state of confusion and chaos.

Living in and longing nostalgically for the past, is a useless exercise. Acceptance and gratitude are always the key to having a happy life in the present.


Las Magas said...

Hi Catherine! Thank you for so beautiful, deep and positive words! Excellent idea The Memory Box, I love it! A kiss and Muchas Estrellas from Buenos Aires!!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you for you encouraging and kind words Las Magas. Yes a memory box is a lovely thing to have.
<3 Love and blessings to you!

Neopagan Priestess said...

What a lovely description of how the Six of Cups moves us on from the sorrow of the Five of Cups! I like the idea of the Memory Box, too :)

Ellen said...

So true again Catherine. I feel like I am in a good and calm place now. Inside their is a deep sense of gratitude for what my life as it is right now. Just recently I've managed to look at pictures from before my husbands stroke which is now ten years ago. I think we both know there is no expiration date on grief and accepting

Unknown said...

I am happy to know you are in a peaceful place Ellen. It feels so good to be there I know.
Oh boy no truer words were spoken. Grief has no expiration date and we all grieve according to our own way and timeline. <3

Unknown said...

Thank you Kerry.
Funny how some cards can appear bleak and sad when you first see them, but, there is always a bright side to everything and a lesson to be learned. Who wants to be a sour puss like the Five of Cups! Lol