Monday, October 13, 2014

Three of Cups - Early Joy

The three water nymphs, or ondines rise from the waters, and are each holding up a golden cup toasting in celebration of the marriage between Eros and Psyche.
Psyche holds white lilies, symbolic of innocence, hope, transitioning, becoming, chastity, purity, among other meanings.

I love this short explanation of the Three of Cups as being ' early joy.' I think we are all familiar the flush, the rush and romance of a new love, or the excitement and perhaps trepidation of a new job. I compare it to starting a new art project, finding a blank canvas in front of you. It all looks so perfect, and a little daunting too, because you don't know what the out come is going to be, but are hopeful and excited with anticipation.

We can approach our new circumstance with hope and optimism or with fear and reluctance. But without risk, and hope we may never know what the gain will be. It is wise to approach new experiences with our eyes open, and not fall into a a blind naivety, as we can set ourselves up for disappointment or failure, with unrealistic expectations.

 Early joy is a wonderful feeling, like when we start a new exercise, a hobby, or when we begin a quest. This heady feeling, when the endorphins kick in, can be addictive. What really needs to be remembered, realized, and understood, is that this feeling of enchantment will not always last.

 There needs to be serious consideration for the effort, time and work, necessary to create, transform and actualize this new found passion into becoming something constant, and sustainable and real in the future.

Joy is the best make up - Anne Lamott


Ellen said...

Yes the infatuation can transform in deep felt love when the time and effort is put in it. It is not always easy so Ithink it is important to celebrate the commitment regularly. If only to remember what is was what made you fall for it/him/her in the first place :)

Unknown said...

Definitely agree with your comment Ellen. If there were more folks that knew and understood this perhaps there wouldn't be such a high rate of divorce. <3

thesycamoretree said...

For some reason this image makes me think of a meeting where a topic for discussion is brought up by someone who needs help, and others offer up their cups of experience, strength and hope. :)
By the way, I used the phrase you left on Kerry's blog (Not my circus, not my monkeys.) at a meeting yesterday, and everyone loved it - full of humor but it made the point perfectly! Thank you for that one. :)

Unknown said...

Oh that's a good comparison Bev.
Great that you got to share that proverb at a meeting! <3