Friday, October 10, 2014

Eight of Wands- Motivation

Oh boy, would I ever love to be swimming with the dolphins, like those we see here in the Eight of Wands.
With full sails set, Jason has safely escaped the wrath of King Aeetes. He has faced and triumphed  the over the obstacles, that are now behind him, and he is homeward bound.

I've always been very fond of Wands, but being the 'awefulizer' I am from time to time, this card tends to concern me when it comes up, the sea look rough and it indicates that everything is moving along rapidly, and that if I don't keep up, I could be left behind! Nonetheless, we are urged to be confident in our forward progress, and for me, the Eight of Wands is really a card of motivation.

 An outpouring, and a release of creative activity is implied, after overcoming tension, anxiety and difficulties. Well that's darn good news, and now, play with the dolphins!

Traveling could be ahead, but this is not necessarily a physical journey, but perhaps a kind of inner travel of the psyche, where we are given challenges that enable personal growth. Personal growth often comes to us through difficulty, meeting the challenge of competition and self-doubt. There is a correlation between conflict and creativity, and this stimulates the imagination. As a result our weakness can become our strength, and transform into further motivation, with buoyancy and the confidence to continue the journey.


Ellen said...

This is a very good card for this new project you are embarking for: I think creating a tarot deck is not only about painting a lot of pictures but perhaps even more about an inward journey to discover which symbolism speaks to you when and how: so you can first develop the idea behind the picture before you will actually paint it
You will perhaps not swim with the dolphins but I wish you to feel like a fish in the water while painting your soul on the canvas
Big Hug

Unknown said...

Awww thank you so much Ellen for your encouraging words!
As I was writing this post I was thinking the same thing.:) Definitely an inward journey! I know water is my element, so though I might not ever swim with the dolphins, I'll be immersing myself into the deep end! <3

Las Magas said...

Hi Catherine!!! The dolphins represent faithfulness (I mean fidelity), so I think, that, faith in yourself, in your creativity and in your project are the winds impulsing you. And faith is so strong that will support and encourage you every day. No matter the high waves, you will be safe! :) Have a weekend full of Muchas Estrellas!!!

Unknown said...

Oh that's very affirming to learn this LM! Your comments will help to sustain me! I wrote down what you said about dolphins in my journal. Thank you!

About the Instagram thing. I think I'll take a pass on that. All my work I put on my blog. :) <3