Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Three of Pentacles - Completion

I've drawn Pentacles again today, the Three of Pentacles is spot on, in relation to what I am preoccupied with lately.

Professional development is important and a wonderful thing. but it is necessary to be put into a balanced perspective  regarding personal boundaries, taking care of relationships and personal well being, mind, body and spirit.

This preoccupation ruined Daedalus, as was indicated in yesterday's, Five of Pentacles. Here, in the Three of Pentacles we see him at the beginnings of his career. Unfortunately he eventually lost sight of his own limitations and capacities, because he took on more than he could handle, and lost everything, including his self-value and faith in himself.

Daedalus is seen here in the Three of Pentacles, reaping the rewards for the completion of the first stages of his initial work efforts. This project is not finished, and there will be further hard work ahead, difficulty and risk, which will hopefully lead to a permanent reward. This card indicates celebration for a job well done, although it is essential to have full awareness of the work ahead, both professionally and personally.

I see this card as a simple and straight forward message. For me it is the confirmation to have a mindfulness,  to make a conscious effort, in order to apply some necessary changes that are needed to actualize and bring to completion, future goals and projects.


Ellen said...

I guess it is a real challenge when you are self employed as an artist to balance and sometimes separate work and personal life. Boundaries will be always shifting and it is so tempting to work too long "after hours" :) The plus side must be to have no boss but yourself!
I wish you good luck with the reorganization and completion of your projects

Unknown said...

Yes Ellen, it can be a challenge in lots of ways. It can be a roller coaster of emotions too. But I would never trade it for the world. I love the creative life, and most things about the art world. I especially appreciate and love interacting with other creatives, like yourself. Living in a very rural area, it is sometimes more solitary than I would like, as you really have to make the effort to find other artists to interact with. I am so grateful for the internet but it doesn't replace face to face interaction of course.

Yes I love being my own boss but you still work for your clients if you are working on particular projects.

I'm working on a project right now, paintings for my own Tarot deck!

Thank you for your feedback Ellen <3

Ellen said...

OMG that's 78 paintings!!!
I am so curious!
Are you willing to share them? (with huge watermarks of course)

Neopagan Priestess said...

Oh, exciting to hear you're working on a tarot deck, Catherine! Can't wait to see the finished cards :)

Unknown said...

OMG...I never thought of it like I crapin' myself! LOL Not really. Just one painting at a time starting with the Major Arcana first. Oh of course I'd share them!!! It's what art is all about!

Unknown said...

Thank you NP. I love working on a series, so this is a natural draw for me. It's a little daunting, but I already have some preliminary painting ideas done. So I'm feeling encouraged.

Las Magas said...

HI Catherine! I totally agree with you about the balance and I think relationships are key element for all activities, and specially in the world of Art. By the way, I like very much your Blog of Art and I enjoy it. I love the post of the Teachers!
what a good new! I suppose La Loba will be a Major Arcana! :) She's so beautiful! A kiss and Muchas Estrellas for your deck!!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you LM for reading my art blog! La Loba and a few others will make up a number of the Major Arcana!

Blessings to you and thank you for you kind encouraging words!

Las Magas said...

It's very interesting! and I love Art. I'll suscribe for not missing a post :) and please hurry up! for sure will be a wonderful masterpiece!

Unknown said...

Awww well thank you so much LM!!! Can't hurry creativity but I will do my best! Thank you for the good nudge! <3