Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Emperor - Gratitude For Independence

This Thanksgiving, I am so grateful to be an independent woman. Independence has always been very important to me, and I learned this through the example of my mother. No one gets to an independent state through their own effort. Help, encouragement, the support of family, friends and even those who dissuade and discourage you, can make a person feel even more determined to do it your way, and to stand even more upright, planting your two feet, on solid terra firma. Interdependence is at the heart of independence I believe.

Having had an absentee father for much of my life, my mother, was both mother and father, in many ways. She provided that ethical code the Emperor, that inner father gives, and she imparted spiritual beliefs to me,  fostering a deep self-respect, even though I was years actualizing this in my own personal life, due to my alcohol addiction issues.

The Emperor is an image that symbolizes the experience of fathering, representing our ethical, and spiritual beliefs. We can have material wealth, and success of the Emperor, but it is all in vain if not founded on ethical values of right and wrong, embodied in having an understanding of what it means to have deep sense of humility, and gratitude to those who have generously given to us along our path.


Neopagan Priestess said...

"Interdependence is at the heart of independence" So beautifully put, Catherine. I know what you mean, I feel I am very independent, and yet I couldn't be so without the support of so many others :) Gratitude, and supporting others in our turn, that's so key!

Unknown said...

Thank you Kerry.
If I can pay it forward, and give to others, in whatever way, what was so freely given to me, is what life is about in my opinion.


Ellen said...

I like to think of myself as an independent woman but interdependent is more accurate for my situation. Without the love of my family and friends and the social security system of our country my life would be so much more different. After having been a teacher for many years I was considered incapacitated. so no independence for me in that area anymore. But I am very grateful for my life how it is now. I am content and regularly happy :)
A beautiful post Catherine. It emphasizes what is really important

Unknown said...

No one is completely independent. We all find our way the best we can, with the help of others. If I am afraid to ask for help, afraid to show my feelings and my vulnerability then I deny my own humanity. That's not being independent, that's just false pride, and leaves you alone and isolated. Like I said in my post, I believe interdependence is at the heart of independence.

Love and Hugs!

Thank you Ellen. <3

thesycamoretree said...

Also having an absentee father (then later a sociopathic stepfather), I've always had a little trouble with this card. It was hard for me to see his "firm but loving hand of guidance" as anything other than a fist or slapping hand. For a long time, I painted all men with the same brush. But my grandfather and uncle were kind and loving men, so I eventually had to rethink my opinion of men. If not for them and others, I'm not sure I could have embraced my inner Emperor. :)

Unknown said...

I certainly empathize with what your say Bev. I also was blessed to have found some men, older father figures I was able to get some great examples from and guidance. They set the bar and I sure am grateful for them!