Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Lovers - Love, Friendship, Partnership

The Lovers is the sixth card in the Major Arcana. I am drawn to this card especially because it is associated
with the sign of Gemini which is my Sun sign ruled by Mercury.

The card suggests love, friendship, and partnership. Also it represents the duality of earthly and divine love, or true love. It also augers a time to make a crucial choice. There is temptation. A decision based on instinct and intuition rather than the intellect and there is a flash of insight. There is a moral choice based on maturity and integrity. The dilemma of choosing is reflected in our values, because our choices mirror back to us the kind of person we wish to be. Our choices affect all levels of life. We cannot be driven blindly but must look carefully at the implications before considering the choices we make.

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