Sunday, March 23, 2014

Queen of Pentacles - Perspective and Understanding

The secure, simple, and stable life is what motivates the Queen of Pentacles. One of the four court cards in Minor Arcana from the Tarot Mythic Deck, she represents the mother figure, and adult women  in our lives, or can be symbolic of this aspect of our own personality. She takes care of herself, avoids change, and does not want to take chances in life, but prefers  things to stay consistently familiar, and predictable. Life however, is not always predictable.

The message here, is to go with the flow, live life as a loose garment, accepting change and listening closely to that still quite voice, is what the lesson is here, to be learned. It's about getting the right kind of perspective and understanding  of what is really important in life and that is, your relationships, not only with yourself, but with those you love. Life is short, so it is important to get your priorities right. Life is not all about working to get the things we want.

It is a very pleasurable thing to enjoy abundance, and to share it with others. However the tendency to focus too much attention on material things, and establishing a solid foundation in all areas of life, can be a negative preoccupation. There is a need to let go, and to sacrifice some things, that take too much time, effort and work. Simplicity and practicality are the order of the day, but not at the expense of developing an emotional life.

We are asked here to listen to our gut, and to improve our relationship with ourselves, and with our loved ones. Embrace change, follow and listen to your heart, get your priorities straight.

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