Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Temperance - Mind, Body, Spirit Balance

This auspicious card brings good health. Temperance is the ninth card of the Major Arcana linked to the sign of Sagittarius. The angel is blending essences and the card represents a mixing of elements within oneself, and within relationships. Continuity can be found by reaching into the past, and this can be brought forth into the future.

Of course moderation and control in all our affairs is what Temperance embodies. It enables us to adapt to new circumstances. Diplomacy is present as is harmony of the psychic and material worlds. Temperance gives us balance of mind, body, and spirit which enables healing.

 Temperance is Iris, the goddess of the rainbow, with a kind and loving nature. She has one foot on dry land, the other in the water. reflecting her ability to unite the opposing forces. This is a hopeful card as the rainbow symbolizes, and the bridge between the heavenly and earthly realms, both the masculine and the feminine.

Learning to have a balanced heart is important, and an essential lesson, but there are always more lessons ahead as Iris can be ambivalent, and Temperance cannot exist without Justice or she becomes stagnant.

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