Friday, March 14, 2014

The Wheel of Fortune - Life-Death-Life Cycle

 In The Wheel of Fortune, the twelfth card in the Major Arcana, and ruled by Jupiter, it is the planet of expansion. We find of course of sudden fortune, power, movement and positive change . 
There is a cause and effect, as well, there is Karma. The old adage of what goes around comes around, is how I see the definition of Karma. The future depends on that which has gone before, according to the cyclical laws of nature and probability. There is a continuation of an ongoing pattern.
 Not unlike The Tower card there is a reaping of what is sewn, and there is an opening of a new cycle of fortune. The wheel turns, revealing the cycle of nature and life. We see in the Wheel of Fortune, (Fortuna) the three goddesses of Fate called Moirai. They have also been referred to as the mind, body, and spirit, or referring to the of life-death-life cycle. I am not one to believe in fate, or even luck. I do believe, we make our own destiny, though the Creator is always the One under control, if we turn our will over to the God of our own understanding.

Endless Cycle - Life and Deathby G1mm1ck

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