Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Lovers - " The Age of Loneliness "

The Lovers

Every time this card comes up my heart gives a little flutter immediately followed by a reality check. So many of us are in love with love. We've bought into that romantic ideal that isn't reality based, but comes from the rhetoric and myth making.

Truth being, this card doesn't represent this kind of relationship, but represents and is in reference to companion-ability, respect, and love based on the hard work of being whole interdependent people, not co-dependent. This kind of interdependent relationship is rare.

The Lovers, a Major Arcana card embodies choice, earthly and divine love and reminds me of Psyche and Eros who have been through what is often referred to as being the Dark Night of the Soul and have come out the other side stronger and secure within themselves now having  a relationship built on a solid foundation, because they have chosen to invite into their lives the God of their understanding and they share this in common with one another. We all have the choice to make. I have chosen solitude but not loneliness.

George Monbiot says our society is living in what he calls, " The age of  loneliness. "
It is my experience that if I do not choose to maintain conscious contact with the God of my understanding, the result in my own isolation, loneliness, and unhappiness. If this is what I bring to other relationships I will continue to be lonely, which is some ways is worse in my opinion. We can be alone but not suffer unbearable damaging loneliness. Being involved in relationship with someone who either cannot or will not give you what you want or need is completely crazy making.


Ellen said...

"I have chosen solitude but not loneliness".So did I. I agree with you that without a relationship with the Divine loneliness is almost inevitable. I have been feeling rather lonely the last few days and I came to the conclusion this was not solely because I missed my partner but also because in my grief I've shut out God.
Thanks you for reminding me this because when we feel better this is so soon forgotten until then next sadness comes along

Unknown said...

I will never be able to say I never get lonely. I think it's part of our shared human condition, because we are so social. We live in different times now so we have a lot to adjust to. But it's all how we adapt and adjust. All in our attitude I know. Some times my attitude sucks, but I just keep on trying to make progress not in spite of myself but because of myself. If God can put up with me I can too.

Ellen said...

Or If God loves me I can too!

Unknown said...

That's exactly what I was saying Ellen and important for me to remember! Sometimes I think wow, how does God cope with all our imperfection etc.

Ellen said...

I thought "put up with" is more like "tolerate" which didn't sound that loving to me :D

Unknown said...

You are right Ellen! Just goes to show how language often can define our attitudes. I've come to really dislike that word tolerate, because like you say it really translates into "putting up with". Compassion is what I need to replace it with in my words and in my heart.