Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Queen of Cups - ' This Is Love Not Fear '

The second Queen that has come up for me this week. The Queen of Cups is a very special one, because she is the Queen who represents the emotional life.

I am no intellectual. I do however have a deep thirst for knowledge, and life long learning, essential to my intellectual intelligence. Because I am person who has a stronger emotional intelligence, rather than intellectual intelligence, my emotional life is of great import to me.

 The workings of the inner life isn't about always wearing my emotion on my sleeve, but being able to know, understand and feel compassion, vulnerability and peace. I believe living a creative life is also manifested through emotional intelligence.

Today I saw this beautiful interview, done by Marie Forleo, with her mentor and Yoga teacher, Colleen Saidman. What she spoke about truly struck a deep a chord within me. I realized what she conveyed, was all that the Queen of Cups embodies and inspires, like the Queen of Cups, 'she allows beauty and sadness to touch her, as she knows this is love not fear.'


Ellen said...

Queens are everywhere! Maybe a sign of the rising of the Feminine? :D
I relate to this queen too: to her light and shadow aspect, which we are both familiar with. With her I feel I have to always be mindful of how far I can go. Maybe that is why I have my Queen of Swords on the lookout.

Unknown said...

Yeah! Feminine fecundity force is on the rise! Don't you just love the word 'fecundity'! Love all those Queens!

Ellen said...

Yes I do!