Thursday, June 11, 2015

King of Cups - A Man of Emotion

It has been said, that if you don't deal with your emotions, your emotions will deal with you. I understand this very well, being an alcoholic in recovery for 21 years, because alcoholism is a disease of the emotions.

If you have learned in your family of origin, that expression of difficult emotion is unacceptable, you learn to suppress and then repress the most painful feelings, and if you do this long enough, it can be very toxic in so many ways, and the emotion comes out sideways, affecting health and happiness.

The stiff under lip only leaves you miserable, sick and unattractive.

If the King of Cups could only open up, accept, and verbalize his feelings, life would be much more manageable. Music soothes his soul, and is for him, the language of the heart, but there is nothing that compares to the healing power of emotionally connecting with the verbal expression of words, through language, that is only found within the complex human brain, as we are the only species that speaks language. In other words really speaking the truth from you heart.

When we can describe, and put names to what we are feeling, it helps us to understand ourselves, and puts order into our world. If we can share our burden with another, our problems are lightened. We also give ourselves the opportunity to listen to another's experience, strength, and hope, that can give us a different perspective, to learn, and realize, that we are not alone. Over time and in turn, we can do the same for another, but first we have to save ourselves from ourselves.


Ellen said...

Dealing with emotions has always been tricky for me. I was taught that every problem should always be solved as soon as possible so thing would be "normal again" No arguments, no anger, no screaming. no crying. Just talking quietely and finding solutions, No wonder I am such a Swordy person

Unknown said...

I empathize with you Ellen. It takes a heck of a lot of mental energy to stuff all that emotional crap down. Wore me down and wore me out. Thank God I don't live like this any more but it can still cause me problems by times in my relationships with myself, with others and with the God of my understanding. I like to do things my way on my own. But sometimes that just doesn't work!