Monday, June 22, 2015

12 Things I Love About Being a Tarot Reader

I unintentionally wrote this blog post differently today. I first completed the post and then drew my Tarot card. It's always the other way round, but I was wanting to get my thoughts down quickly before they completely left me, because I was feeling so great about a Tarot reading experience I had most recently.

The Three of Wands I have only drawn once from my daily card, other than today, and I must say it's the perfect card for my post. It's about laying a good foundation, having come to the initial completion of a creative project, with enthusiasm accompanied by feelings of satisfaction and optimism about the future potential of the project. There's more work ahead, new plans to come, that need to be actualized for the fulfillment of goals and dreams.

If someone had told me only just a few years back, that I would become a Tarot reader, I'd never believed them. We can make our plans but sometimes life has something different in store, that comes as a complete surprise. Whether it be positive or negative, I believe we have to turn the negative into positive, the dark into the light. If we want the positive to happen in our lives, following a passion is essential, and we need to have the commitment to follow our vision, our dreams and goals, come what may, including the dark night of the soul.

 I did a reading for an special individual over the past two days. I felt so good afterwards, that I got thinking about how learning, studying, and finally actively doing Tarot readings, and how it's enriched and changed my life so much over the short period of the past seven years. I thought I'd attempt to get it down in writing in the form of a list, and share this in my blog post.

Regardless of our vocation, I think it's beneficial to sit down and get it into the written word, why you do what you do. It helps me clarify my vision, and to deepen my connection with why I continue as an Tarot reader and as a creative person.

I think vocations mostly choose us, because they come from following a passion. A vocation brings a deep satisfaction and happiness, in being of service to your fellow human beings.  A vocation is not simply work, or a job, it's a higher purpose, a calling if you like.

Here's my list of 12 things I love about being a Tarot reader.

1. I always feel better after doing a reading, often I feel on top of the world, happy and energized.

2. I feel a bond and a connection with the person for whom I'm doing the reading.

3. Like Forrest Gump said about life in the movie, it's the same as Tarot, each reading's ' like a box o' chocolates, you never know what you're goin' get.'

4. I always find that the exchange between myself, and my client is mutually beneficial.We both learn.

5. The level of personal exchange and communication may vary with each client, but I feel very privileged and honoured when  I am asked and trusted to do a reading, as it is opens a shared window into our humanity, and provides a kind of intimate and sacred insight into our life's journey.

6. Becoming a Tarot reader has given be a great sense of purpose to help others, and it is a humbling experience.

7. Tarot reading has become my vocation.

8. Providing Tarot readings enables me to be more empathetic, and compassionate toward others.

9. Studying and reading the Tarot has helped me to understand my relationship with myself, with others, and   with the God of my understanding.

10. Tarot has deepened my faith and clarified my spiritual beliefs.

11. Tarot has helped me to be a better human being.

12. Tarot has enabled me to be more confident, to honour my creativity, intuition, and to believe in myself.

I meant to ask this question to my fellow Tarot  readers and forgot so I am adding this question.

What is it you love about being a Tarot reader? Do you have a list of 12 things you love about being a Tarot reader? 


Ellen said...

Thank you for sharing these personal thoughts about your experience as a tarot reader. I loved nr 3 :D
Making lists is a great tool to to find some clarity about any subject and writing things down can even create miracles.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your feedback Ellen. I am going to add an addendum that I forgot to put it, and that was to ask others why they have become Tarot readers, including yourself!

Forrest might have been a few fries short of a Happy Meal but he had something more important in my opinion...wisdom. <3 ;)