Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer Solstice - The Goddess

Rachel Brice

The Summer Solstice has long held a special meaning to me, but more so now, many years later. I was married on this day to my soul mate. It will also be Father's Day falling on the same date. Both of these men whom I so loved, and will always love very deeply, left this mortal coil, many years ago, but know I will always feel that bond with them spiritually.

This week I have had such a connection with the High Priestess, and is comforting and strengthening to me in a strange way, considering she is the Queen of the Underworld, which is a scarey place, but this connectedness I've been feeling doesn't come as a surprise to me, reflecting on my past week.

Tonight I came across this video of Rachel Brice, my all time favourite Tribal Belly Dancer. She embodies in her dance my idea of the goddess and The High Priestess. In celebration of The Summer Solstice I am sharing this.


Ellen said...

This video is hypnotizing!
Maybe the reason we are both happy to live alone is that we have known the men who really mattered in our life.
I wish you a very happy Summer Solstice too!

Unknown said...

I know she's just incredible. My idol and the best dancer. So glad you enjoyed it Ellen.
I agree with you. I am no longer interested in settling. Besides the goddess does not approve of doing so!

Unknown said...

Wishing you bright Summer Solstice Blessings Ellen. Thank you. <3