Friday, November 13, 2015

The Chariot - Do I Have a Discerning Balance?

I can't remember the last time I drew The Chariot. This is a card of balance, power, energy and discernment.

 Lately I have been doing a lot of praying for others, and for myself. I think many times the best prayers are for others, and prayers of thanksgiving. I know too I need to say prayers for myself. Mostly that my will be aligned with the God of my understanding. But sometimes I have to ask for help when I am up against it, and I have done all that I can do, and so I pray.

 The Chariot reminds me that when we are being pulled and pushed in different directions, we have to decide what we can and cannot do. Maintaining our focus on keeping our balance is perhaps all we can do even though we may feel and know that anything can happen. This is the way life is, and many of us try to simply keep our heads above water, or the struggles and hardships we have endured can give us strength to rise above, becoming better people, and we can help others in return, for what has been so freely given to us.

 I know that more often than not I can't often control what happens, but I can control how I respond to it. These days gratitude and having a sense of humour, is I think my default in life, and it really does help to keep things in perspective whatever else happens or is going on around me, and that doesn't have to dictate my behaviour and I can use discernment.


Ellen said...

Although this card is all about control ,for me it is also about letting go what you can't control
"can't often control what happens, but I can control how I respond to it" A very helpful thought. I try not to cling to my worrying mind but to stay in the present moment where it is so much more peaceful. :)

Unknown said...

For sure Ellen I agree, and your comment resonates with me very much. Once I can really let go I am more in control, in knowing that I'm not in control, that's the irony. I can relax and have acceptance.