Sunday, November 8, 2015

Ace of Swords - It's A Movement


Yesterday I was sent a link to watch a movie free of charge from The Red Temple. I watched Things We Don't Talk About, which is about The Red Tent/Red Temple movement. I was thrilled, because I had really wanted to see it, but had no way of doing so. It was both very moving and inspiring.

And so, it was fitting that I drew the Ace of Swords today illustrating Athena, the goddess of Justice, with her sword cutting through muddled thought and the mercurial air, with the raw energy of change. 

Athena, being a warrior, gained her power not through violence, but through her intelligence and wisdom. There is now an awakening of our mental powers. She was once considered the mother goddess, and some how got relegated to the virgin goddess. I prefer to think of her as the mother goddess of Justice, with her scales being equally balanced between wisdom and intelligence.
The Ace of Swords augers change in one's life, that can often threaten the old order. We are however urged to let go of old habits, and to invite change in spite of ensuing struggle.

Like Athena The Red Tent or The Red Temple, encourages us to reclaim our inherent power, via a " state of mind ". It is the way of the woman warrior, on the front lines of a grass roots movement, that has always seen women gather from the beginnings of time.  And with this new state of mind comes freedom, and with freedom, comes responsibility.

“The ‘Red Tent’ is many things to many people. It is a womb-like red fabric space, it is a place where women gather, it is an icon, and it is a state of mind—all concepts inspired by Diamant's book.” –Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost, PhD.

 “A circle of women may be the most powerful force known to humanity. If you have one, embrace it. If you need one, seek it. If you find one, for the love of all that is good and holy, Dive in. Hold on. Love it up. Get naked. Let them see you. Let them hold you. Let your reluctant tears fall. Let yourself rise fierce and love great. You will be changed. The very fabric of your Being will be altered by this. If you allow it. Please, Allow it.” ~ Author Unknown


Ellen said...

I've read the book "the red tent" but I haven't seen the documentary. I do know about he movement though and I applaud it
Wisdom and intelligence they compliment eachother beautifully

Unknown said...

I think what touched me most was a grandmother would attended the first time and had no intention of sharing and next thing she knew she did. Sure was so loving and caring to everyone else in her life and hadn't been toward herself ,like so many women.

The love she was shown was so moving, beautiful and healing. What I so love about this movement is it is so inter-generational.

If you get a chance to watch you will love it. I hope I get the opportunity to attend in the future and Red Tent gathering soon.. They are popping up everywhere.