Monday, November 2, 2015

Three of Wands - You're Not Finished Yet

The Three of Wands is a card of completion. Today for me it is a card of forgiveness in the form of patience and compassion, toward others and ourselves.

 Sometimes it can be hard to know what to do when people do you wrong. I know I need to be willing to make amends, and to have forgiveness toward others, but perhaps the hardest thing, is to have forgiveness toward myself.

Here we see Jason who has returned from Iolkos. King Pelias is kneeling at his feet, who has usurped Jason's position as King and stole his crown while he was away. He humbly offers back the crown to Jason.

We forgive another for ourselves, not for those who have hurt us in one way or another. Once we do that what then? We are not finished with this process. There will always be someone who personally affronts us, and we will always hurt others whether it's intentional or not, including hurting ourselves.

Forgiveness is a healing process that helps us to keep moving forward in a quest for spiritual and creative growth. We need to put action into our intentions whatever they are, otherwise we will stagnate.

There is no room in my mind for guilt, hatred or resentment. I need to try and right the harm or damage I have done for emotional balance, and peace of mind. I need to sweep off my side of the street, and there will be new doors opened. All this takes courage, honesty and humility.


Ellen said...

"the hardest thing, is to have forgiveness toward myself." I can forgive others a thousand times but myself....I wonder why this is so difficult.

Unknown said...

For me growing up in an alcoholic home Ellen, not being able to forgive myself is directly linked to my self worth and having the core belief I was not lovable. It's the common belief that children grow up with in alcoholic homes and I think in every dysfunctional home. This affected all my relationships, but primarily the one I have with myself. I still have to work at loving my self and believing that I am worthy of love. Patience and compassion, the two things I have to exercise and practice regularly even though it might feel it goes against the grain. It often feels uncomfortable, but eventually comes with time and developing the habit. It's kind of like fake it til you make it, you know?.