Thursday, November 5, 2015

Page of Pentacles - Finding Emotional Security

This young Page of Pentacles is gently holding one very large golden pentacle in his hands, depicting a hopeful future and represents all good things of the earth.

We all are in search for emotional security and we need to have hope in our lives, with the realization we can make our own destiny in finding happiness in life. In doing so, it doesn't mean we naively go through life with blinders over our eyes, without taking into serious consideration the struggles and difficulties in life. We all know times in our lives when we experience the dark night of the soul, until the light comes.

The message this young page brings is the encouragement to care and nurture ourselves in a gentle manner and to have a patient approach. It's often referred to as learning to re-parent ourselves.

People, places and the accumulation things outside ourselves does not bring us emotional security or happiness. If we can have our basic needs met, then we have much to be grateful for, and having an attitude of gratitude is what brings a deep, true, and lasting emotional security and happiness. If we need help, we need to ask. This is all part of caring for ourselves.


Ellen said...

It is often tempting to buy stuff in order to feel happy but that kind of happiness will last only for a while and then you have to hunt for the next quick fix. That long lasting happiness is what we need to embrace, just like the the page is gratefully holding his pentacle close oto his heart

Unknown said...

Yes Ellen that quick fix is just that. I am grateful I grew up in a family that didn't have much money, and my mother gave me an appreciation for the little things that I hold close to my heart, like the page. That however was a hard lesson learned for me, because I got myself into trouble feeling that ever present fear financial insecurity. My fear has lessened over the years, and I've worked at replacing it with focusing on gratitude and trust. Mostly this fear is based on a deep seated sense of self worth, worry and anxiety over being able to pay my bills.

I love what you said about the page holding the pentacle close to his heart. <3

Ellen said...

I am so glad this fear has lessened for you.I know how paralyzing fear can be
Hugs to you my friend

Unknown said...

Thank you Ellen <3 Big Hugs to you <3