Friday, January 6, 2017

Two of Pentacles - Serenity

The Two of Pentacles represents being in balance with our physical world, which I think is an ongoing challenge, no matter how hard we try to hold our extremes in check, it's simply an ongoing situation for human beings.

We had our first real snow fall last night. I woke up to warm temperatures and fluffy newly fallen snow. It's beautiful.

Winter In Apple River

 As I've said before, I'm not a lover of Winter, but I think I'm slowly changing my mind. I'm still haven't completely warmed up to it, but I'm learning to appreciate it, to have a more balanced perspective in seeing Winter's beauty.

 I'm grateful to see the snow today because of the natural beauty, but the critters and the whole natural Eco-system generally will definitely fair much better with snow cover.

Nature is very sensitive, and delicately balanced, that we too often forget, until things get out of balance. Every little incidental thing we do to harm or hinder mother nature's natural balance, contributes to changing our environment. At the same time we can do our part no matter how big or small to preserve, protect and improve our environment if we are mindful in doing so.

I think of  my sweet puss cat Shoshe. She's extremely sensitive, and if I speak to her in anyway that she doesn't recognize, she gets upset. I'm not talking about shouting or anything like that, just making any strange verbalization, or if I make a funny little noise that she's not use to, then she won't approach me, until she regains her serenity. It's kind of funny, but see I have to refrain from doing that because she's so sensitive and it puts our relationship off balance.

 We all have to adapt to whatever our circumstances, but it's also important to know what we can do to maintain our balance in the mist of the duality of life.

For me, the Serenity Prayer helps to remind me, as does my little Shoshe cat, that easy does it, will help me find serenity.

Shoshe's Serenity


Ellen said...

We've had our first snow fall here too,(A tiny little bit)
I love how you've related the Two of Pentacles to eco-friendly living. It is something I should be more mindful of.
"easy does it" I hope you'll have a peaceful weekend my friend

Unknown said...

Lol well my growing "enthusiasm" for Winter is soon to be increased (maybe)as we are getting our first really big snow storm starting tonight with predictions of up to 40cm in some parts of the Province!

I picked a good weekend to make bread and chili to drive the psychological snow out of my mind and I'm getting all Hygge with it!
Thank goodness I don't have to go or be anywhere!

Thank you Ellen and I'm wishing you lots of warm weekend Hygge!
Today is Old Christmas and I usually leave my decorations up until the day after which will help to lift the Winter storm woes! Time to bring out the hot chocolate (again) ;)