Sunday, January 1, 2017

Ace of Pentacles - Choosing Hope Over Fear

Entering this New Year of 2017 like many others I'm sure, my thoughts turn to the state of of world. 2016 seemed full of sadness and pain, that seemed prevalent throughout the world. So with this in mind today, I was happy to draw the Ace of Pentacles a very positive card, full of potential and manifestation. This is a card of great creative energy, tremendous growth and material achievement, and it leaves me feeling very hopeful.

The plague of terrorism, refugees fleeing civil war and the rise of the alt-right is very disturbing, and sometimes leaves a person with feelings of hopelessness. But there have in fact been many positive things that have happened in 2016, in spite of the media coverage and barrage of negative stories that sell copy and ratings but only perpetuate an already existing climate of fear and division.

I also felt hopeful finding an email from Ricken Patel, the Canadian/British founding President and Executive AVVAZ with messages of why 2016 has been a great year for humanity. My immediate visceral and cynical reaction was, you've got to be kidding?! Given more thought I came to conclude that we must have hope, the opposite of fear. Hope is not simply a feeling, it's a choice. I choose hope over fear and division for 2017 and beyond. My hope for 2017 is that you will too.


Ellen said...

I am totally with you on this subject. My word for this year is Trust: In myself but also in my fellow man. Without hope (and trust) life is about surviving instead of living
I wish you an abundant and joyful New Year!

Unknown said...

For sure Ellen life affirming choices are all about a life of trust, hope and joy. These give us the ability to thrive. Thank you for your wisdom Ellen and lets look forward to the New Year ahead!