Monday, January 23, 2017

The High Priestess - Proserpina

 I had a reassuring and pleasant dream about my late big brother Ralph last night, whom I miss very much. The welcome appearance of The High Priestess that I drew this morning was also reassuring, because I've been missing him and he's been in my thoughts so much lately. In our dreams, is often where we  find comfort from or the answers to our questions, if we pay close attention to them.

 Persephone who is embodied in the High Priestess, ruled by the Moon, and is the queen of the underworld or of the unconscious. She's also the daughter of the Earth Mother Demeter and she is the guardian of the secrets of the dead. Although Persephone would never reveal  or speak of these secrets, I think dreams can give us some sense and glimpse into this hidden world. Personally, I've had number of experiences involving the people I love, that have died, who've visited me in my dreams, which can sometimes be disturbing or comforting.

 The depth of the soul, the secret of our real purpose is revealed through our intuition and the wisdom of  patience. In particular, because I speak from the perspective as a woman, our inner Mother reveals to us our own identity through the creative womb of unconscious and it's a beautiful thing.

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