Friday, January 20, 2017

Eight of Cups - The Darkest Hour

When I drew this card this morning, I thought, not the Eight of Cups again? I just drew this card of change, disappointment and escapism, three days ago.Why? Then I thought, there's a message here, so I'll dig in to finding out what it is.

Like so many others right now, especially those committed to human rights, I'm preoccupied with the reality of the situation in the US and what it all means to the future of our world. It can be daunting to think about it, but hope will always bring unity overcoming fear and divisiveness.

I'm by nature an optimist and hopeful, but I'm a realist. There is nothing that can drive you mad more that worrying about the past and projecting in the future. So I try hard to refrain from doing either and live in the present, with the decision to change whatever I can.

I heard a song today by Arcade Fire and Mavis Staples which emboldened me with hope in spite of not knowing what the future holds, like Psyche who had fearful feelings of dread and hopelessness. We can not turn back, but we have to walk forward in the power of faith, because we are not alone, and we cannot walk alone.

This may feel like the darkest hour to many, but I do believe in my heart, and soul that the darkest hour is always before dawn.


Ellen said...

I hope you are right!!

Unknown said...

Faith, Hope and Charity will always prevail over hate, fear, and divisiveness.