Sunday, January 29, 2017

Page of Wands - What's Your Modes-Operandi?

What I love about seeing this Page of Wands that I've drawn today, is the moving forward with creative energy and action that is embodied in this card. It signifies and encourages us to enthusiastically discover our creative capacity within ourselves.

I've been thinking about how I come to terms with my own frustration and concerns about what is happening within our world since the election of Donald Trump. I am loath to call him president. Indeed it's most disturbing for the U.S., but also for the whole world in general. Not simply because of Trump, he's a very bad symptom and outcome of how the wheels of democracy have been going of the rails for a long time.

I've been listening, reading and talking to some friends about political ideology, the meaning of populism and where it's all gone wrong. But this is nothing new really. It's kind of back to the future in that the lack of the ability or will to exercise discernment with kindness, I think are are always directly related to the divisiveness that's happening world wide, based on race and religion. Many bust themselves reacting as opposed to responding in a mindful and wise manner.

I can't help but feel it's history repeating itself however I'm not wanting to go off on some political diatribe, or worse, as tempting as it is sometimes. So what can we do about it? How does this relate to the Page of Wands?

Wands being all about creative growth, combined with the youthful energy of the Page, represents action and enthusiastic energy to move forward in creativity ways. It's not about reacting, but urges us to respond in mindful ways, with discernment. This is certainly a challenge right now, considering the reactionary times and milieu we are living in.

We do need to make our voices heard, and to know and believe that there's good news on the way, in spite of lies, half truths, gossip or "alternative facts'. We need to stand and strive for truth in peace.

 Being an artist it's my modes-operandi to use art to respond to life's events. This can be a powerful way to enable change. My friend Stephen Fearing has done just this is his song Blowhard Nation and I wanted  to share it with you.  Please share if you are so inclined!

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