Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Hermit - Solitude and Silence

The Hermit is the last of the moral lessons the Fool must learn. The lesson of time and the limitations of mortality, and to know and accept that human beings are all ultimately alone. It might sound cynical to say, but there is no 'happily ever after', and there is no one to rescue us to 'make it all better.'

Living in a very rural, coastal and rather isolated place lends itself to really getting in touch with my 'inner hermit'. If I didn't know and accept, deep within myself that this was true, I would've never decided to live here. The silence would be deafening, and the solitude would feel like a kind of confinement. and I'd have to leave.
 It's a conscious decision to self-impose solitude and silence, no matter where we are. If a person isn't comfortable in their own skin, such a psychological introspective location of the mind will never do.

The Hermit is a card I rarely draw, but I am reminded that for me today, it's arrived at just the right time. Regardless if one is alone or in a relationship, it's essential be comfortable, and to even want to spend time alone. It is during this alone time when and where we renew ourselves, and can be quiet enough to hear that quiet voice that has important things to say to us, gives insight, wisdom and discernment in making decisions. 

Taking the time to make solitude and silence a priority in our busy lives enriches our relationship with spirit, with others, and with the God of our own understanding.


Ellen said...

Isn't it funny: We, both hermity ladies almost never draw the is card??
Maybe because we have embraced its qualities and challenges already :D

Unknown said...

That is funny Ellen. I never really gave it any thought in that way. But you are right!

Having grown up spending so much of my time feeling alone and lonely,I had to learn how adapt and I think it made the transition to actually being single most all of my life, much easier, and I think in so many ways I prefer it now!