Thursday, March 3, 2016

Three of Wands - The Humus Pile

Humility is the main theme of the Three of Wands. I'll call it the humus pile, because the three aspects of this pile comprise of three things, like the three wands, humility, humour and being human. The root word of all these words is humus.

We see here King Pelias who usurped Jason's position as King while he was gone, and now Pelias humbly returns to Jason his rightful crown that he stole and now willingly abdicates.

Jason appears to be almost handing Pelias the wands he is holding. 
 Pelias might not find this all so funny right now, but hopefully after learning this lesson he will be able to see the humour of this situation in the future, learning to laugh and forgive himself for being human.

The Three of Pentacles card is such a good reminder.
There is still much room for the development of creative ideas. Hard work lies ahead. Although there is initial completion with strides made, one can't get complacent, self-satisfied, arrogant, deciding this is as good as it gets, having attained a level of accomplishment.

True humility and open mindedness are essential in life. They act as motivators and antecedents to growth to ensure the continuation of creativity. We are always learning lessons, if we are passionate about what we are doing. At the same time, acknowledgement and respect for others accomplishments allows for humility and responsibility.


Ellen said...

For me the Three of Wands is like taking a step back from the painting and taking it all in and considering what is the next thing to do...

Unknown said...

That's a good analogy Ellen. Yes it's an inventory and an evaluation of sorts.