Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Ten of Swords - Do You Need a Reprieve?

Lately I can't seem to get away from Swords in my daily draw of Tarot cards. This card makes sense to me today because I had a bit of a reprieve from my nagging problems, like the Furies that have almost done poor Orestes in.

There's not a human being alive that hasn't been through low points in life and sometimes there's nothing else left to be done except a divine intervention of sorts. Some people might consider it luck that changes, or somehow turns around. It could be a change in attitude toward one of optimism and hope, in spite of what negative events are happening. This isn't easy, being hopeful in the midst of crisis when we feel despair.

For me, it's been a habit of having hope that I've tried hard to work at over the years, to keep my sense of humour, and to remember I'm human. I've also needed to see things from a perspective in knowing that things could always be much worse, and to be truly grateful. Living one day, one hour, and sometimes one minute at a time, has made a big difference in how I approach problems.

For many, especially those under violence and persecution throughout the world, who are imprisoned for their beliefs, often times some how find the strength to rise above it all and are able see the beauty in life, in spite of their circumstance. 

I heard one such beautiful 50 year old woman by the name Marina Nemat yesterday, on the CBC Radio Ideas program entitled, Hope Within Horror who talked about how she'd come to see the beauty of life after being imprisoned and tortured in the most notorious Iranian Evin prison, when she was only 16 years old.  It was remarkably inspiring and moving to hear her speak, and sure put life into clear perspective.

Marina Nemat

 "That is humanity -- when we love despite evil, when we care despite evil, when we stand against evil with what can fight it the best. Evil cannot fight evil. My friends taught me that even in a place like Evin Prison, there is a clear road to humanity. And I will never ever forget that"
- Marina Nemat


Ellen said...

We both are showered with Swords then. Yes, often all we need is that change of perspective to turn around how we feel.
Praying comes more naturally for me lately so that helps a lot :)

Unknown said...

That's curious Ellen. Not being a Sword person this can annoy me but I have faith and know there is always a message and a lesson for me, regardless of which card I draw. However when I first draw yet another swords I say to myself oh boy here we go again! lol

Yes prayer is powerful and strengthening. I'd be dead in the water a long time ago without prayer!